Chu Yunfan thought of Zhang Wuji, the chancellor of Federation University.
He could feel how wise Zhang Wuji was just by looking at this system.
Regardless of whether they were rich or not, they were all his students.

Zhang Wuji did his best to give his students a better cultivation environment.
He tried his best to have the rich students and the poor students cultivate on equal ground.

Of course, it was impossible to be completely fair and just in this world, but to be able to achieve such a degree was impressive indeed.

“But how do we obtain points?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“There are many ways.
You can earn points by completing the missions issued by Federation University.
You can exchange for points by handing over artifacts from the relics of the Ancient Zenith Civilization, martial skills that Federation University doesn’t have, monsters, and so on,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

After hearing Jeang Yuanbin’s words, Chu Yunfan had a deeper understanding of Federation University’s points system.
One could exchange all sorts of contributions for points.
And through these points, one could obtain all sorts of things to increase their strength.

This was a win-win process.
Through this process, students could obtain resources to strengthen themselves, and Federation University could obtain the help of many students.
Both parties could obtain benefits and bolster their strength.

If it was just one party investing or one party harvesting, it would create an unbalanced situation.
That sort of method would not be able to continue for long.
Only this win-win situation could be continued.

“But according to the rules of Federation University, items which have been exchanged for using points are not allowed to be sold outside.
This is because there are many restricted technologies that are unique to the university.
If they were to be given to the outside world, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Of course, with your current level, it’s impossible for you to exchange for some truly restricted technology,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “You must be strict about this.
If someone catches you, even I won’t be able to protect you.”

Chu Yunfan saw the extremely solemn expression on Jeang Yuanbin’s face and immediately understood.
This was Federation University’s bottom line.
The university’s management of students was very lax, but that did not mean that there was no bottom line.
Once the bottom line was crossed, it would be difficult to escape punishment.

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“Go ahead and rest it.” Jeang Yuanbin then crossed his arms behind his back and did not say anything further.


Chu Yunfan opened up the encyclopedia and instantly felt his horizons broaden.
He had memories of the Alchemy Emperor, so he was very familiar with the medicinal pills in the book.
However, the other parts were far beyond what he knew.

The memories of the Alchemy Emperor were from the Ancient Zenith Civilization many, many years ago.
Who knew how many years had passed since then.
A lot of the memories could no longer be used as reference

For example, the geographical conditions in the Kunlun Realm.
As time passed, the stars changed.
Many things were different.
They were generally still the same, but many small details were now different.

As Chu Yunfan continued to read, he felt that the book was a real eye-opener.
If he were to compile The Encyclopedia of Cultivation, he did not know how many years it would take to complete it.
It might not even be possible.

The strength of Federation University was simply unimaginable!

Chu Yunfan noticed that this encyclopedia contained many records about modern hot weapons, such as mechas, battleships, and the legendary Star Destroyer.
It even supplied the even parameters.
Of course, they were just parameters.
There was nothing more specific.

But even so, this was still unimaginable to Chu Yunfan.
Especially the legendary Star Destroyer.
Chu Yunfan’s knowledge of such a legendary battleship that had been built with the goal of destroying hostile forces on the planetary level was limited.

It was the pinnacle of humanity’s combat strength.
The Star Destroyer was undoubtedly very useful for humans to be able to stand firm in the face of surprise attacks from countless monsters.

In the encyclopedia, there were some records of the Star Destroyer’s parameters, including its length and speed.
Although it was just basic data, those alone were already extremely shocking.

It was simply impossible for ordinary people to come into contact with this information.
According to what Jeang Yuanbin had said, if Chu Yunfan could gather enough points, he could obtain more specific parameters, including the weapon system used by the Star Destroyer and so forth.

Chu Yunfan now understood the concept of Federation University.
This was the cradle of the true elites of humanity.
These people were the future elites of humanity, and the treatment they received was completely different from ordinary people.

Only now did Chu Yunfan truly understand this!

The Encyclopedia of Cultivation was only a small catalog of a bigger library.
There were too many things in cultivation for everything to be included in it.
If Chu Yunfan wanted to read the encyclopedia in its entirety, it would take him a very long time.
Fortunately, it had been sent to his terminal and he could check it at any time.

Only after Chu Yunfan finished reading the whole book would he truly be an elite student of Federation University who was fully prepared.
Astronomy, geography, and everything in between.
When the time came, not only would he have a high cultivation level, but he would also possess vast amounts of knowledge.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan’s photographic memory was working in overdrive.
He could read ten lines at a glance and absorb all the information extremely quickly.
He remembered everything he had read.
As long as he had a need for the information, it would appear in his mind.

Jeang Yuanbin noticed that Chu Yunfan was flipping through the book very quickly.
He thought that Chu Yunfan was only skimming through the book in a hurry or that he was not very interested in certain areas.
But Jeang Yuanbin soon discovered that Chu Yunfan was not the kind of person who would casually browse through the book.
Instead, Chu Yunfan remembered everything.
He memorized a whole page after reading it for just a few seconds.

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When Jeang Yuanbin reached this conclusion, he was taken aback.
As a person’s cultivation became more profound, the human brain would also continuously develop.
For example, if one concentrated and carefully read a page, they would be able to remember more than half of the content.
One would be able to remember the content of a few thousand words after reading it a few times.

This was an acquired ability.
However, Chu Yunfan was different.
He was more like a scanner.
He would remember whatever information he had scanned.
This was a most terrifying ability.

This ability was not unheard of.
One could often read about people with photographic memories in history books.
This did not seem to be a big deal, but it was very convenient.
At the same time, it also proved that Chu Yunfan’s innate talent was very high.
A photographic memory was often accompanied by high innate talent and intelligence.

However, such things could not be envied.
If one wanted to reach Chu Yunfan’s level the day after tomorrow, it would only be possible if one was able to reach the legendary level of innate supernatural powers.

What was an innate skill? It meant that one could do something that was impossible.
That was an innate skill.

Jeang Yuanbin did not know that Chu Yunfan had undergone the transformation of the Godhead.

Half an hour later, Sha Peng and the others returned.

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