Looking at the information, one would feel that Chu Yunfan’s life had been split into two parts.
He had not achieved anything of significance in the first ten years of his life.
But in the next half a year, he completed everything that he needed to do in the first half of his life.

This sense of separation was too strong.
It was so strong that the elders could not help but notice it.

Compared to Chu Yunfan, Chu Yuntian’s resume was much more normal.
He had shown talent from a very young age.
Then, he went to focus middle school and focus high school.
He was even admitted to Donghua No.
1 High School.
He was one of the most outstanding people in Donghua City.

This was the kind of resume that the elders were most familiar with.

This caused many elders to believe that Chu Yunfan must have had a fortuitous encounter and was enlightened.
Most of them were quite gratified by this.

The position of these elders was set in stone.
They were not bothered by a junior.
It was normal for one to have had fortuitous encounters and get to where they were today.
It was not worth making a fuss about.
It was just that in this half a year’s time, Chu Yunfan had walked a path that others would need more than ten years to complete.
That was why he was so outstanding.

In terms of strength, although Chu Yunfan was considered outstanding, he was not particularly stunning.
If he had been like Chu Haoyue who was once the top scorer in the college entrance examination, Chu Yunfan would then be able to attract the attention of the entire family.

There were not many people like that in the Chu family.
After all, many families were not inferior to the Chus in terms of strength.
In addition, the number of geniuses among the common folk was on the rise.
To obtain the title of top scorer in the college entrance examination was unquestionably difficult.

In the past few years, the Chus had not even seen anyone who was qualified to compete for the spot of top scorer in the college entrance examination.
Unlike the direct descendants of the Chus who received the full support of the family, Chu Yunfan and Chu Yuntian had received much less.
The family had kept an eye on Chu Yuntian, but the resources he received were still much less compared to the direct descendants.

As for Chu Yunfan, he had basically gotten next to nothing, which was normal for an ordinary family member.
He was able to cultivate to this level all by himself.
This made his achievements all the greater.

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The elders sighed.
“If we had discovered the two of them earlier and trained them, they might’ve had the chance to reach the Acquired Stage.”

After sighing, all of them got to thinking.
The two cousins came from remote places on Earth.
They had yet to form associations with other factions.
At this moment, they were still their own person.
Although these two had not been groomed since they were young, it was not too late to rope them in and groom them now.

The Chus had to compete with many other families, large financial groups, and even the Federation Government.
The competition between the many factions within the family had never stopped.
Regardless of whether it was internal or external competition, geniuses were the number one factor.

It was a rare moment for all of them to be praising Chu Yunfan and Chu Yuntian at the same time.
Other than a few elders whose descendants had been defeated by Chu Yunfan, the others were all praising him.

Chu Yan was looking through Chu Yunfan’s information.
As he read, he frowned slightly, then said, “The Jiangs actually dared to put a 50 million bounty on the head of our genius descendant on the black market.
Do they want to start a war with our family? This is ridiculous.
Give the order and have the Jiangs revoke the bounty.
Do they think that we Chus are so easy to bully?”

“This is nothing,” Chu Haoyue who was beside Chu Yan said as he nodded, “The Jiangs are an outrageous bunch.
They actually placed a bounty on the head of one of our members!”

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was welcoming his eighth opponent.
He suddenly realized that his opponent was none other than Chu Tianzong.

Chu Tianzong, who was holding a sword in his hand, clenched his fists as he stared at Chu Yunfan.
His eyes were filled with hatred.
Because of Chu Yunfan, his father had been sent to the front line for three years.

The front line was where the war between humans and monsters took place.
A person there died every second.
It was easy for someone to get killed at the front line.
Even an Acquired Stage expert would have a hard time protecting themselves.
One moment of carelessness and they might die.

If it was not for Chu Yunfan, this would not have happened.
This was all caused by Chu Yunfan.


Although the punishment was meted out by Chu Haoyue, Chu Tianzong did not have the guts to blame him.
The status of the two was too far apart.
The difference was like Heaven and Earth.
Even though Chu Tianzong had been admitted to Federation University, this would not change.

Hence, Chu Tianzong poured all his hatred onto Chu Yunfan.
He did not even stop to think.
If it was not for their greed and wanting to swallow Chu Yunfan’s formula, things would never have turned out the way they did.

Chu Yunfan looked at Chu Tianzong expressionlessly.
He could feel the hatred in Chu Tianzong’s eyes.
But so what? Being soft-hearted had never been Chu Yunfan’s style.

“Chu Yunfan!” Chu Tianzong said through gritted teeth.

“You should admit defeat and not waste time,” Chu Yunfan said offhandedly.

The words of the two reached everyone’s ears amidst the silent scene.
Everyone was a little confused.
They all knew Chu Tianzong.
He was one of the most outstanding descendants of the Chu family.
He had been admitted to Federation University through his absolute strength.

And what were they hearing now?

Chu Yunfan asked Chu Tianzong to admit defeat and not to waste time?

They must have heard wrongly.
One hundred percent.
How was that even possible? Had they fought before?

They could not understand how Chu Yunfan was so calm and secure in his victory.

But from the looks of it, it seemed like he had a goal in mind.
He was not just randomly spouting nonsense.
This made many curious about what had happened.

“Admit defeat? Not possible.
Chu Yunfan, you’ve caused me so much misery.
How could I possibly let you win so easily? Today, I’ll make you pay!” Chu Tianzong looked at Chu Yunfan coldly.
He then took out a red pill that he had prepared beforehand and swallowed it.

Chu Tianzong had clearly taken an enhancer, but this kind of competition did not prohibit taking such pills.
If you had the ability to obtain a pill that could increase your strength, it was also considered a kind of ability.
The goal was to be close to actual combat.
And in actual combat, would one be able to prohibit their enemy from taking pills?

There was nothing unfair about this because such instances had existed for a long time.
From weapons to armor to cultivation techniques, the resources one managed to obtain were all unfair.

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