1598 Killing the One-Horn Mountain Suppressor Beast

Thunder divine abilities were one of the most powerful divine abilities!

In Grand Xia, many people’s martial arts contained thunder energy.
However, that was martial arts.
Martial arts were martial arts, and divine abilities were divine abilities.
They were not the same.

What was a divine ability? It was to do something completely inconceivable and against common sense.
That was a divine ability.
For example, humans flying through the sky without wings was a kind of divine power.
They could go through water, fire, heaven, and earth.

The power of thunder divine abilities had always been endless, but not many people could use it.
This was because the requirements for one’s physique were very high, and the requirements for thunder energy were very high.

Usually, demons were the ones born with lightning divine powers.
Very few humans had this ability.
A long time ago, monsters dominated the world with all kinds of divine powers.
That was the ability bestowed by their innate bloodline.
Martial arts were different.
They were acquired powers.

In a sense, there were divine abilities before martial arts, and the essence of martial arts was to achieve similar effects to divine powers through mana and various cultivation techniques.

One was innate and the other was acquired!

Martial arts had developed to an extremely prosperous point.
It was not necessarily inferior to divine abilities.
Most importantly, although martial arts emphasized talent, it was not differentiated by bloodline.

However, divine powers depended more on the individual’s physique.
There were very few such people in the human race.
Once they appeared, they would be geniuses of the generation.

Chu Yunfan was able to summon a lightning beast with ease.
This proved that he had the talent to use lightning divine abilities, and it was very shocking.
Based on this, as long as Chu Yunfan could grow up smoothly, his future would be limitless.

Ye Qiushui was curious.
She didn’t know what kind of background Chu Yunfan had.
Logically speaking, the Violet Thunder Sword Domain’s martial arts had regressed for many years.
How could such a true dragon appear?

In Grand Xia, Chu Yunfan’s strength was not the most outstanding, but if one looked at his age and the environment he was in, it was very shocking.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t investigated him.
Chu Yunfan was famous all over the world, and it wasn’t difficult to find out some information about him.
He wasn’t born to any powerful faction.
A faction like the one in the Violet Thunder Sword Domain was nothing in her eyes.
He was just a descendant of a small marquis family.
He didn’t have any shocking background, but he had shocked everyone.
If he was given more time, the level he could reach was simply unimaginable.

Chu Yunfan didn’t know that Ye Qiushui had thought all this after seeing him use a thunder technique.
At this moment, the divine power in his body was circulating rapidly, continuously turning into the thunder power.

He had never used this move before.

It was a thunder technique recorded in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
It was called Thunder Qilin.
Qilins were auspicious beasts.
There were Qilins of various attributes.
This thunder technique used the one’s thunder power to summon the spirit of a Qilin, and then kill the enemy with one strike.

This move had three levels, namely world descent, tribulation, and world destroyer.
Chu Yunfan could only use the Thunder Qilin World Descent at the moment.
Even so, this was because he had the Thunderclap Physique and was imbued with an amazing affinity for thunder.

A person who possessed the bloodline of thunder divine abilities would have to be above the Core Stage to be able to use the first level of descent.
And the Thunderclap Physique was one of the best among the many thunder bloodline physiques.

Coincidentally, the creator of this move, the Thunder Emperor, also possessed the Thunderclap Physique.
That was why Chu Yunfan was able to use the Thunder Qilin World Descent with his Core Form Stage cultivation.

Even so, Chu Yunfan could feel that he could no longer control the divine power in his body.
Upon using this divine power, it was immediately absorbed into the sky and turned into the huge Thunder Qilin.

Chu Yunfan was testing to what extent he could unleash it.

“Qilin, descend!”

Chu Yunfan roared and waved his arm.
The Thunder Qilin in the sky was like a ferocious beast that couldn’t hold back anymore.
It roared and rushed down.
After absorbing the last bit of Chu Yunfan’s divine power, the Thunder Qilin rushed toward the One-Horn Mountain Suppressor Beast with lightning speed.
It was so fast that in the blink of an eye, the huge Thunder Qilin had charged at the equally huge Mountain Suppressor.

All of this took a long time to describe but it had only been a short moment since Chu Yunfan had used the Thunder Qilin.

The Mountain Suppressor was extremely wary of Chu Yunfan and did not attack.
This gave Chu Yunfan the opportunity to use this divine power.
At this moment, it roared instinctively.
Endless demonic energy surged out of its body, instantly turning into a huge yellow-scarved warrior.

This warrior was a gigantic mountain god.
He had the ability to mobilize the earth energy of nature.
Just as this mountain god appeared, he crashed into the Thunder Qilin.


With an incomparably loud boom, the Thunder Qilin instantly smashed the mountain god into pieces and crashed into the Mountain Suppressor.


The Mountain Suppressor roared and burst out with earth divine abilities in an attempt to block.
However, the Thunder Qilin’s momentum did not decrease.
It broke through layers of defense and instantly hit the Mountain Suppressor.

Everyone saw a huge mushroom cloud slowly rise up, and countless pieces of flesh flew out.
The Mountain Suppressor had been smashed into pieces by the Thunder Qilin.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan reached out with a big hand and grabbed the horn and inner core of the Mountain Suppressor.
The Thunder Qilin was too powerful and too fast.
Even Chu Yunfan could only save this little bit of the Mountain Suppressor.

However, these were the two most important and precious things on the Mountain Suppressor.
Its inner core was the source of its divine power, and its horn was the core of its divine power.

All of this took a long time to describe, but it actually only took a moment.
Everyone was flabbergasted by this shocking attack.


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