Chapter 135 The Hope of the School

The results of the tenth round had just been announced, and many students were in an uproar as they looked at the results of the ranking battle.
The first place was not Ou Yang, whom they were familiar with, but Chu Yunfan.
Although it was not an exaggeration for his name to appear within the top few of the rankings, it was still shocking for him to appear in the first place.

It was not Ou Yang?

Many people had gathered to watch that battle, but most of them were still in the tenth round of the assessment at that time.
They had not seen this soul-stirring battle, nor had they seen how Chu Yunfan had defeated Ou Yang.

“D*mn, the great god Ou Yang actually lost?” “It’s simply a miracle.
How did Chu Yunfan do


“I heard that he was f*cking lucky.
He only won because the great god hadn’t displayed his full strength!”

This was obviously a supporter of Ou Yang.
“Tsk, are you stupid? What great god Ou Yang? Is he someone who can be defeated by luck? Isn’t that great god Ou Yang’s invincibility long


For a moment, all kinds of discussions erupted.
In addition to the battle between Chu Yunfan and Ou Yang, which made everyone’s jaws drop, the outcome of the battle between Tang Siyu and Zhang Teng also made countless people’s jaws drop.

In any case, Chu Yunfan had previously defeated Zhang Teng.
Now that he had defeated Ou Yang, even if there was some trickery involved, it proved that he was capable, and this was acceptable to many people.

However, Tang Siyu’s sudden outburst caught everyone by surprise, especially Zhang Teng.
He was said to be the second strongest person in the school after Ou Yang.
He could even be on par with Ou Yang, but now, he was defeated by Tang Siyu just like that.

“Tang Siyu is so strong.
I watched the entire battle.
Zhang Teng didn’t stand a chance.
He was crushed by her the entire time!”

“As expected of my goddess.
I heard that the goddess had a late start, but the speed of her improvement is very shocking!”

“These two people are probably not dark horses anymore.
They’re actually top-notch experts!”

However, more people discovered one thingthe top three of this ranking battle had been completely taken over by Class 2.
And only Zhang Teng from Class 1, who was in fourth, could be used as a cover.
The previous situation where the strength of the two classes was almost the same and they were competing against each other was no longer the same.
It was almost as if Class 2 was crushing Class 1.
The other rankings were still fine.
However, the top few names were completely occupied by Class 2.
If it were not for Zhang Teng, Class 1 would have nowhere to hide their faces.

“How could this be? How could this be?” Jin Feng had a look of disbelief on his face as if he did not dare to believe it at all.

In front of Class 2, the lineup of Class 1 collapsed.
Zhang Teng, whom he thought highly of, could not beat Ou Yang, could not beat Chu Yunfan, and even lost to Tang Siyu.
This was difficult for him to accept.

But whether he accepted it or not, it was already a fact.

Jin, don’t be discouraged.
Don’t you think that this situation is not bad? It has been a long time since our school has produced decent geniuses.
Aren’t you sullen when you go out and interact with the teachers of other schools?” Qin Wu said.
“Now that Ou Yang has stepped into the seventh-level Qi Sea Stage, he can be said to be extremely talented.
And two more geniuses have risen in our class.
I think the Yunning District school exchange meet next semester will be interesting, won’t it?”

Jin Feng could not help but curse silently.
If such geniuses had appeared in his class, then of course he could stand there and say it without any pain.
Yet, such geniuses had appeared in Class 2.
He was destined to be suppressed by Qin Wu this year.

However, this depressed mood did not last long.
He and Qin Wu had competed for a long time.
There were many victories and defeats between each other.
It was hard to say who had completely suppressed the other party.

They had taught many outstanding students over the years.
However, this kind of thing still depended on luck.
The school had considered the strength of the students.
It was distributed according to the principle of equal strength.
However, they did not expect that under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu, who were originally not thought highly of, would suddenly rise.
They were originally just ordinary elite students, but after a semester, they were actually able to become the best among all the students in the school.
This kind of thing could not be predicted, and could only be attributed to bad luck.

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However, Jin Feng suddenly thought of the school exchange meet that Qin Wu had just mentioned.
13 High was in the Yunning District of Calm Ocean City.
This meeting sounded like a friendly exchange event between the schools.

However, that was not the case at all.
It was basically a display of the open and hidden struggles between the schools.
There were 15 high schools in the Yunning District.
Of course, it was impossible for the schools to be harmonious with each other.
On the contrary, the competition between the schools had never stopped since the establishment of the schools.

The allocation of educational materials, resources, funds, and the competition for outstanding students were all closely related to the development of the school.
And in the competition for these things, No.
13 High had always been at the bottom.
They were always either first or second, but it was a pity that it was from the bottom.

In the past, they had no choice.
There were many students who could be considered outstanding in No.
13 High, but there was a clear gap when compared to the elite geniuses of the other schools.
Therefore, it was very difficult for them to perform well at this school exchange meeting.
This resulted in them receiving even fewer resources as the years passed, and even fewer parents of talented students were willing to send their children to No.
13 High.
It was a vicious circle!

Although they knew this, there was no way to change it.
They could not let the teacher personally participate in the hand-to-hand combat, right? In the past, there was no way out.
But this year, perhaps there was some hope.

Tas some

“Forget it, I won’t argue with you anymore.
Zhang Teng’s performance was not bad, but he can only dominate the school.
But among the geniuses in Yunning District, he would only be at the bottom.
However, Ou Yang is different.
Based on his strength in the past, he should be able to rank in the middle.
If he were to rank in the weaker batch, he might even be able to rank in the first group!” Jin Feng did not mention Chu Yunfan.
He had clearly seen how Chu Yunfan had defeated Ou Yang.
However, just because Ou Yang was careless and Chu Yunfan had seized the opportunity, it did not mean that other people would be careless as well.

Moreover, Ou Yang would not be so careless next time.
This ranking was only temporary.
How could Chu Yunfan, who was two levels behind Ou Yang, close this gap?

“It’s not certain yet.
After all, that’s the matter of the next semester.
There’s still a month of winter vacation.
However, I have high hopes for Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu!” Qin Wu said indifferently.
His gaze fell on the three students of Class 2.
His eyes flickered with light.
No one knew what he was thinking.

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