thers, he probably wouldn’t be able to pay off the debt even in 10 years.

However, in just one or two years, the hard-working and capable young couple not only paid off the debts they received but they also caught the trends of the time.  The small business became bigger and bigger and they eventually became the ‘millionaires’ of the town.

Li Shaoxi was born at this time.

Li Xiangxing looked at his white and tender son and was full of joy.
He hugged and kissed his son endlessly.
“Little lucky star, you are the lucky star of your parents!”

Li Shaoxi was really a lucky star.
When he was one year old, his family moved from the small township to the city.
When he was three years old, Li Xiangxing bought an imported luxury car.
When he was eight years old, the company run by Li Xiangxing was upgraded and the industry expanded overseas…

Their career was thriving but his parents’ feelings were still as close as ever.
They treated him very well.
They weren’t harsh nor indulgent, demanding nor neglecting.
Their only wish was for him to grow up healthy and happy.

For 18 years, Li Shaoxi had been very content.
He wasn’t the richest, the most handsome or the best at learning in his class but…

The one who was richer than him wasn’t handsome.
The handsome one wasn’t good at learning.
The one who was better at studying than him wasn’t as handsome as him.

It was until today when the heavens dropped a calamity.

Li Shaoxi’s 18 years of peace had been turned upside down!

Doing business was always risky.
In particular, once the business grew bigger than the risk it faced also increased exponentially.

Father Li had a competitive personality.

Anyone who started from scratch was always ambitious.
He inevitably had less caution when defending his business.

Of course, it didn’t matter how cautious a person was.
A global disaster was impossible to prevent.

Who would’ve thought that a cough in winter would’ve set off a terrible hurricane that ravaged all humanity and even subverted the world’s pattern?

Li Shaoxi pondered over the conversation between his parents.
He slowly and clearly replayed it in his mind as if typing it word by word on a keyboard.

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Li Shaoxi might only be a senior in high school but he knew a lot about his family’s company.

His mother and father had respected him since the time he became thoughtful.
They never avoided him when it came to some family meetings and even intentionally let him know more.

He was their only child.
If he wanted to continue running the business then early contact with it was beneficial and harmless.
Of course, they wouldn’t force it if Li Shaoxi wasn’t willing to take over.

Li Shaoxi was well aware of the sharp increase in orders.

He also heard his parents discuss the loan to build a new factory.

He just hadn’t expected that the amount would be so large and the disaster would come so suddenly.
There wasn’t even a buffer time!

80 million…

80 million!

Li Shaoxi jumped up from the bed and pulled out his ‘collection’.

He liked shiny things as a child and he wasn’t short of money at home.
His parents would give him gifts every holiday so he had saved a lot…

Rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, agate…

All of these together would be worth over 200,000.

20 to 8000.

It was a drop in the bucket!

Li Shaoxi took a deep breath and thought about what else he could do for his family.


Li Shaoxi didn’t pay attention.

Ding ding ding.

Li Shaoxi frowned and looked at the VR device that had made the sound.

This was a new toy that his father had bought for him not long ago.
Due to the concept of the metaverse, people were no longer satisfied with computer and mobile games and started to move toward virtual reality.

This device could be called a revolutionary breakthrough.
It could load 3A level game masterpieces.
Last night, Li Shaoxi had played it most of the night.

However, now Li Shaoxi didn’t have the heart to play games!

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Li Shaoxi thought about it.
This broken equipment was worth 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.
He had only played with it a few times.
Couldn’t he get a lot of money back by selling it second-hand?

No matter how small the fly, it was still meat.
Li Shaoxi didn’t dislike it!

In order to sell it second-hand, he had to first log off his personal information and reset it.

Li Shaoxi quickly picked up the dinging glasses and entered the settings interface in order to erase traces of his own use.

The game was still stopped at the interface of Zombie Siege.
Li Shaoxi looked at the level he had reached overnight and gritted his teeth as he pressed ‘delete’.

There was nothing to be upset about.
He didn’t deserve to play games in the future!

The picture in front of him went dark.
Li Shaoxi was about to take off his glasses when he heard a ‘ding’ again.

It was a very short sound but it was completely different from the previous mechanical sound.
It was like someone with a good voice was deliberately ‘dinging’ in his ear.

There was an indescribable chill that spread from his ears to his nerves, making people tremble.

Li Shaoxi’s ears trembled uncontrollably.

Immediately afterward, an even colder, temperatureless but unexpectedly clear voice entered his ears.

“Survive for three days and you can take away anything you can carry from the game with you.”

Li Shaoxi: “?”

Before he could respond, the device that had been reset by him suddenly lit up.
Gold and black font appeared in front of him in a very eye-catching manner.

Game Name: Treasure Miner

Treasure miner?

Wasn’t this the single player mini-game with big treasures that manipulated a lousy old man with a blatant perspective cheat?

White Lily: Hello, this is a novel by Long Qi, the author of familiar novels like Game Loading and Glory.
There will be some familiar aspects of the author that you will find along the way, such as their humor and some other areas (spoilers).
The MC might be a bit weak in the first arc but he gradually grows stronger as he gets to know this new world and his abilities.

I hope you have fun reading this!

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