d the staff.
Brother Yue, put on this cape.
The color and shape is so handsome!”

Jian Yue: “……”

Li Shaoxi added, “Cough… the armor and cape clash so I can’t wear it at all.”

Throwing it away was throwing it away.
He didn’t even let go of the rubies.
How could he let go of this cape that was obviously a real prize?

Li Shaoxi was tenacious in the area of being thrifty.

Jian Yue paused.

Li Shaoxi picked up the cape and gave it to him.

Jian Yue muttered, “…Troublesome.” Even so, he took the cape.

Li Shaoxi’s eyes lit up the moment the cape was worn on this person’s upper body.
His words about it being handsome were casually spoken.
Unexpectedly, it really was very handsome.

Probably the biggest benefit of this immersive experience was that he could see Jian Yue more clearly than anyone else.
He might be male but this didn’t prevent him from being amazed.

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The gray novice outfit was replaced by a dark black cape.
It was draped over the shoulders and held in place by a dark red gemstone.
The dangling fabric was strong and stiff.
It was just right to outline the wide shoulders and narrow waist.

The even more amazing thing was the pair of long legs under the cape.
They were already straight and thin but now they looked more clean and neat.
The gray trousers tucked into the leather boots also seemed very high-end.

Li Shaoxi took a slight breath and boasted without any restraint, “Handsome! More handsome than expected! It is said that people rely on clothing but it is the opposite for you.
The clothing relies on people.
This novice outfit matched with you…”

Jian Yue couldn’t listen any longer.
“Let’s go.”

“Okay!” Li Shaoxi thought that his Brother Yue was a big man.
He might not necessarily like this type of thing and it was more reliable to praise him for his good skills.
Therefore, Li Shaoxi shut his mouth and followed the other person.
They left the ruby room toward the next level.

The third level was sapphire.
The audience in the live stream room was idle as they saw the two people heading to a new level.

Fang Yihuai was also very relaxed.
“This level isn’t difficult.
It is considered a rest level in the middle.”

Most of the games with levels didn’t blindly impose difficulties.
Instead, there were ups and downs and most games would arrange a rest place in the middle.
This way, players could relax and take a break before clearing the next level.

Sapphire was such a level and the viewers who followed the live stream were also very clear about this.

“It is more like a seaside vacation than the sapphire level.”

“It won’t even take a second with the strength of the bigshot.”

“Wait for the next level.
There isn’t much to see in the gold level but the boss level is interesting!”

The audience in the live stream room was very relaxed but Li Shaoxi was nervous.

Li Shaoxi didn’t relax his vigilance even though Fang Yihuai explained that the sapphire level was relatively easy.

Players had a thousand lives but he only had one.
He couldn’t afford it.

The sapphire door was relatively simple.
A whole piece of sapphire was used as the door and the blue color that went from light to dark seemed to resemble a vast ocean.
It was just after seeing the rubies.
Now looking at the sapphire, there was a feeling of ice and fire.
It was quite interesting.

Jian Yue didn’t hesitate.
He directly pushed open the door and the two of them entered.
Li Shaoxi was tense but he was still shocked the moment he entered through the door.


Endless water!

Oops, they just entered the sea.

Sapphire… wasn’t it said that sapphire was hitting the blue crabs on the beach?! How did it become an underwater world?

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Water poured into Li Shaoxi’s mouth.
Fortunately, he was good in water so he held his breath in time to avoid choking on the water.

Damn, anyone who couldn’t swim would drown! This ghostly game was truly dangerous.

Li Shaoxi tried to surface but the place where they fell was deep.
They were at least seven or eight meters from the surface.

Li Shaoxi looked around as he floated upwards in order to determine Jian Yue’s position, so as to not lose him…


Li Shaoxi saw something and his heart rose to his throat.

Jian Yue was unconscious.
It seemed this bigshot… surprisingly wasn’t good in water!

Li Shaoxi didn’t even think about it.
He immediately swam over and hooked this person’s arm around his shoulder.


System: [Your weight is full and you can’t drag the object.]

Li Shaoxi: “……” F*k!

How could he care about it? Li Shaoxi poured out all the rubies filling his backpack and grabbed Jian Yue, desperately swimming up.

The game game game…

F*k the game!

How could there be a game that killed people?

Fortunately, the small country town of Old Li’s family was close to the sea.
Li Shaoxi had grown up by the sea as a child and he was excellent in water.

In addition, Li Xiangxing wasn’t stingy with money.
He saw that his son liked to swim so he hired a special coach to teach Li Shaoxi.
Not only was Li Shaoxi good in water but he also knew how to rescue drowning people.

There were also the points he put into weight that miraculously increased his strength to ‘take things.’ Otherwise, Li Shaoxi really might not be able to hold on until Jian Yue was dragged ashore based on his original strength.

Even so, Li Shaoxi was exhausted when he swam to shore.

However, he didn’t dare to rest.
He forced himself to give Jian Yue an emergency rescue.

Jian Yue had choked on water and the rescue couldn’t be delayed.
Besides, this was a strange, ghostly place.
They couldn’t wait for a doctor to save him so Li Shaoxi could only do his best.

Li Shaoxi didn’t dare to waste a second.
He pinched Jian Yue’s nose, took a deep breath and pressed his mouth against Jian Yue’s mouth.

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