be someone else with a zero luck value like him.
Jian Yue was far more aware of what this luck value meant than Fang Yihuai.

Was it as simple as not getting good things from a treasure chest? The lower the luck value, the more difficulty the ‘field’ experienced.
What level of ‘field’ would two people with zero luck encounter?

Jian Yue told Li Shaoxi, “Your luck isn’t that bad.”

Li Shaoxi: “?”

“At the very least, you met me.”


The current Li Shaoxi didn’t understand it but in the future, Li Shaoxi would understand in seconds.
This bigshot wasn’t teasing him.
Every word was true.

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For the game Treasure Miner, Li Shaoxi wouldn’t have been able to leave alive if it wasn’t for Jian Yue coming in.
They were two people with a luck value of zero.
Their luck value was still zero but the chance of survival was on longer zero.

Jian Yue opened the treasure chest.
There was no luck value and Li Shaoxi was afraid of blood.
Therefore, Jian Yue had no scruples.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter how low their luck value was.
There was a minimum reward set for an S rating and at least two pieces of equipment would drop.

The last chest dropped a dagger and a piece of armor.
It was one for Jian Yue and Li Shaoxi each.
This time, the chest was opened and revealed a staff and a cape lying on overflowing rubies.

How could Li Shaoxi look at the equipment? His eyes were full of rubies! This box of rubies was actually more low-key than the pile of gems that Li Shaoxi had seen before.

There were a lot of them but they weren’t big.
The biggest one was no more than the top of a thumb, but the color was excellent.
The quality was clearly high to the naked eye…

After seeing a feast of gems, the small ones in front of Li Shaoxi shouldn’t be able to impress him.

Li Shaoxi was extremely impressed!

It wasn’t that he particularly liked red or that he had a soft spot for rubies.
He just figured something out after thinking about it calmly.

Suppose… Li Shaoxi had come all this way and his courage had grown a lot.
Suppose he could really survive for three days and bring everything he could carry back to reality…

Then what was the best thing to bring?

The egg-sized black pearls? The fist-sized emeralds? A giant sapphire that could be turned into a screen?

No! These things were really expensive and just obtaining one could pay off his family’s debt of 80 million.
However, it wasn’t safe.
The business of Old LI’s family was just a small one.
So what if the sales were over 100 million at one time.

This was nothing in front of the huge capital of the world.

Their family didn’t have enough background and no special connections.
If they rashly took out a gem that was rare in the world, they would first be investigated rather than selling it for money.

It had to be known that Fang Yihuai was streaming and he was fully on camera.
If it was discovered that he brought the gems out of the game…

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The danger was obvious.
This incredible event wouldn’t shake just the capitalists.

A debt of 80 million was indeed suffocating, but there were countless more suffocating things in this complicated world.

Li Shaoxi didn’t want to be involved in bigger trouble.

At this thought, Li Shaoxi regretted that he dared to test Jian Yue in the cabin and revealed a flaw.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late.
He just had to slowly replace the gems in his backpack with ones that were acceptable in quality and grams in reality.
Then if he really brought them out, he would sell them cautiously so as to not alarm anyone.

He would lose a lot of money but…

It didn’t matter how much money he had if he didn’t have a life to spend it on!

It was obvious that Li Shaoxi’s eyes were full of the rubies compared to the equipment.
The audience in the live stream room were used to it.

“Duoduo, you can’t learn from the bear breaking the corn.
Don’t discard one to lose the other.” (A saying based on a Chinese story.

“It is true that there are many grievances about having only 80 points of weight.
You see, it is embarrassing for the child.”

“I have one thing to say.
The quality of these rubies obviously isn’t as good as the ones in the previous treasure chest.
Duoduo’s eyes aren’t good.”

“God Jiang, beware! If this problem of liking the new and hating the old is used on you then it will be chaos and abandonment!”

If Li Shaoxi knew that he was still being streamed live after leaving Fang Yihuai behind, perhaps he would fly to find this person… for a real PK.

What live stream? I will take you to live stream and die together!

Fang Yihuai and the audience didn’t understand Li Shaoxi but Jian Yue understood him.
Bringing things out of the ‘field’ was something that almost every newcomer dreamed about but none could do.

Jian Yue looked at the busy teenager and said, “It is useless.”

Li Shaoxi froze and looked up at him.

Jian Yue seemed to see through his heart with one glance and told him bluntly, “Everything here doesn’t exist in the real world.”

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