“Elk declared bankruptcy?”

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“I didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly…”

“This… this…”

“Ah Yun… you should divorce me and take Xi Xi…”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

“But this 80 million loan…”

Li Shaoxi tiptoed outside to find something to eat after playing a game all night and he was shocked by his parents’ words.

It was March in Dongcheng.
The cold wind was blowing outside, but the house was warm due to heating.
The room temperature was 24 or 25 degrees.
Li Shaoxi was barefoot and wearing only a short white t-shirt and dark gray shorts.
His long arms and legs were exposed.

He was around 17 or 18 years old and was the age when his firepower was high.
He dressed like this at home all winter, but he didn’t feel cold at all.

Yet at this moment, Li Shaoxi felt a chill penetrate his heart as he leaned against the wall and avoided the shadows.

What were his parents talking about?

80 million?

Li Shaoxi had a good appearance.
He had short, fluffy hair, slightly curled hair hanging over his forehead, slightly pale but well-shaped eyebrows above a pair of round eyes and eyelashes upturned like crow feathers that trembled slightly due to surprise.
They lined the pair of black eyes bright with ignorance.

Ignorance didn’t mean stupidity.
Li Shaoxi quickly organized the context from their words.

His father ran a foreign trade company.
Approximately two years ago, an old customer he had been working with for 10 years suddenly increased the number of orders and it was by more than 10 times.

The sudden increase in orders was undoubtedly a good thing.
It meant that profits would skyrocket.
Old Li, who had been operating steadily for over 10 years, developed a second spring in terms of his business and his excitement was hard to contain.

The increased orders meant the output had to keep up.

Father Li rushed to invest in a new factory, but even so, he couldn’t keep up with the output.

Father Li was heartbroken when he saw an order worth billions and an old customer he had been cooperating with for over 10 years.
He had to borrow a large amount of money from the bank.

This was a reasonable and normal action.
The principal and interest could easily be repaid as long as the order was completed.
It was a win-win for the company and the bank.

Who knew that things would suddenly change?

Due to a big situation, the foreign trade industry became depressed overnight.
The old customer of the Li family couldn’t survive the disaster that swept the world and declared bankruptcy.

Old Li was really shocked when he heard the news.

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If the loan hadn’t been invested in the construction of a new factory or used to develop new equipment then the loss could still be stopped in time.
It would be repaid.

The timing in which it struck was too ruthless.
The money was invested but the orders had disappeared.
Forget a huge profit, this was clearly a big hole that couldn’t be filled even if the family went bankrupt.

Chen Luyun also panicked.
“We… we can also apply for bankruptcy liquidation…”

Li Xiangxing pursed his lips and was unable to say anything.

Chen Luyun couldn’t say anything else.

This money could be received but Li Xiangxing had taken a bunch of old brothers to act as a guarantee.
If he didn’t return it then he would harm this group of people.

Once the time came, not only would they be ruined but they wouldn’t have any face to live!

Chen Luyun’s face paled.
“What can we do? Xi Xi is about to take his university entrance examination…”

This sentence poked at Li Xiangxing’s death point and his already dull eyes became even darker.
“So I told you to divorce…”

Chen Luyun suddenly woke up from her daze and interrupted him.
“Li Xiangxing! Don’t say such things again!”

Li Xiangxing: “…”

Chen Luyun took a deep breath.
She held back the tears in her eyes and said in a trembling voice, “Old Li, we can’t escape.
The sky has already collapsed so let’s carry it together.
Isn’t it just 80 million? We… we can pay it back!”

In the face of a huge disaster, the thin and gentle Chen Luyun stood up and supported her husband’s shoulders that were about to collapse.

Li Xiangxing’s eyes were red.
“Ah Yun… I…”

Chen Luyun forced herself to calm down.
“All the assets that can be realized will be sold.
We should also do our best to shrink down the size of the business.
We will talk to the bank and see if we can apply for a suitable repayment agreement…”

Chen Luyun continued, “Old Li, we had a bunch of debts 20 years ago.
Didn’t we pay it back little by little? We just have to do it all over again this time!”

Chen Luyun’s firm words in her soft voice gave Li Xiangxing strength.
He let out the turbid air that had been pressing on his chest for a long time and cheered up.
“Yes, we can’t escape.
It is natural to pay off our debts.
We have to let Xi Xi live in an upright manner!”

Li Shaoxi didn’t know how he got back to his room.
He didn’t show up in the house and he didn’t appear in front of his parents.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have the courage to face the sudden crisis of his family.
He just knew that his ignorance was the greatest comfort to his parents.

He couldn’t break their persistence, he couldn’t ignore their protection of him and he couldn’t forget that he was also a member of this family.
He had responsibilities and obligations.

18 years old was an adult.


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It was 80 million!

Li Shaoxi collapsed on the mattress, his head buzzing.

For a long time, Li Shaoxi felt that his life was very good.

If reincarnation was a technical job then he was obviously proficient with it and was quite good at picking.

Before Li Shaoxi was born, the Li family was one of the poorest families in the town.

The five brothers separated their families after getting married and each family reached a bunch of debts.

Li Xiangxing was the youngest and the one people were least optimistic about.
Everyone thought that since he didn’t have the support of his bro

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