Meia was washing her horse with a magic stone made for watering flowers.

It was also a problem for slaves to enter the garden without permission, but the magic stone was not something that the people dared to touch and play with.

The original novel came back to mind.

– I’m going to have to take that back and give her a punishment.

Nineina in the book could not take her eyes off Meia, who was drenched in water and was riding around with her horse freely, so she gave the order.

– You’re a free man under a leash.

Then, in Nineina’s eyes, a brief longing and a slight jealousy would form like a core and disappear.

Her high self-esteem could not stand her jealousy for the slave.

Nineina had Meia whipped right in front of her.

The whip tore Meia’s clothes and pierced her white flesh.
Red blood gushed out in front of Nineina’s eyes.

– Stop! It’s disgusting to see!

When the whip struck Meia three times, Nineina got nervous.

Nineina, a bird in a cage, was not accustomed to punishing slaves.

Only Meia, who was looking at her, noticed that the delicate Nineina shook her hand when the whip was to hit Meia.

– More punishments will be given.
Be here tomorrow at this hour again.

Nineina, who wore a blanket over herself as if she didn’t want to see it anymore, lowered the blanket slightly as she heard the door open.

– The next time you bring her in, give her clean clothes.
She’s so dirty that it gives me goosebumps.

Nineina’s eyes trembled with relief as she saw Meia walking on her two legs, even though she was fairly injured.

Meia, who made eye contact, knew that too.

Startled, Nineina glared at Meia and shouted.

– What are you standing there for? Get out of here!

Nineina’s voice was hoarse, and her striking tone was unusual.

Meia hurriedly turned her back as if she had not seen anything.

Nineina was a pitiful woman.
She didn’t know how to make friends.

And so Meia visited Nineina every single day at the same time.

Meia watched Nineina slowly treading on the threshold of death.

She harassed Meia in various ways under the name of punishment, but Meia did not hate Nineina.

Bullying was a tickling level for Meia, who had been through harsh things since childhood, and Nineina’s temperament only brought Meia to pity her.

Most of all, Nineina was Meia’s benefactor.

It was a whim and quick-forgetting memory to Nineina, but not for Meia.

Meia fell in love with a dying girl.

– When I die, Take me to Rubenio.

One day, Nineina asked Meia to do it.

She figured that she could no longer go on with her life.

Nineina’s body was always sick, but that day was special above all others.

All of her senses were asleep and dead, so she was likely to die as well.

– Master! You’re dying!

Meia shook her head, gesturing no, but Nineina didn’t listen.

– You must take me to him.

– Let’s go together.
I will take my Master to a warm place.

Meia, too, figured out Nineina’s death.

Nineina did not wish for any more vain hopes.

– If he asks about me…….
Tell him I lived like a bird, not a bird in a cage, but a bird in the sky.

Nineina pointed out the window and smiled weakly.

At the bright smile Nineina had worn for the first time, Meia lost her words and sank down.

Nineina looked at Meia with such benevolent, warm eyes and asked her.

– Don’t say it out of order and make sure…….
To tell him that I… I was free.

‘So don’t be sorry.’

Nineina flew like a bird in the wind.

The traces of her left on the ground were taken by Meia and delivered to Rubenio according to Nineina’s will.

“It went roughly like that…”

After that, it was a predictable story.

With the help of Nineina, Meia shed her heavy status as a ‘slave’ and shone freely.

Nineina highlighted Meia.

The bird that fell to the ground was Nineina, and the bird that flew in the sky was Meia.

So this is…….
The story went on just like that.

“Not only is he ignorant, but a wild foal! I will speak to that servant right away!”

A maid, who was staring at me as I sat idly, jumped and rolled up her sleeves.

“No, it’s not like that.”

I stopped the maid and gave a light smile.


I think I know now.

I can’t achieve anything if I just sit here.

“I want to go out.”

I walked out of bed, and shock was on the faces of the maids.

I will find out for myself whether the shining thing over there is the leaves or the sunlight.




In the original novel, Nineina was Meia’s support.

That’s due to the great influence and impact Nineina made on Meia’s life.
No one could guarantee what Meia’s fate would have been without her help.

Maybe Meia could have lived as a slave for the rest of her life without meeting the male protagonist.

There was an obvious golden future for Meia, and not following it was very harsh.

Some might think that if you are a supporting character, you should help the heroine.

They believe that being the main character can explain everything.

‘What’s that?’

That didn’t work for me.

‘It’s already hard to take care of myself, and to say that I have to unconditionally help a child I don’t even know.
How unfair and cruel!’

When I came here, I couldn’t think of the maids here as meaningless, people written in the pages of the book.

Just as I am alive here, everyone here is too.

There were hundreds of thousands of poor and pitiful slaves here.

Among them, I couldn’t figure out why I had to pinpoint Meia and help her.

I don’t know if it’ll help me.

If it helps me, I’ll help; if it doesn’t, I won’t.

Some might call it selfish and mean, but it was only natural for me.

I don’t know if my body is fine.

I’m too busy taking care of myself, and you’re saying that I have to help the heroine?

As a result of the maids and butlers voting against the idea that I might die if the person carrying me fell down.
I was being carried on a strange stretcher with eight people, on my way to the garden right in front of me.

A gurney gorgeously decorated with splendor by the maid who fervently insisted that Nineina’s stretcher should be distinguished from that of other miscellaneous people.

A lovely pale pink ribbon flapped like a butterfly’s wings.

Flutter, flap.
Flutter, flap.

“Everyone, get out of the way!”


“If you block Master’s way, I will strike you!”


“Oh, my god! Master’s body is shaking! Be careful!”

There was a limit to only looking at the ribbon.


I hid my face with my hands.
If this continues, I might just die of embarrassment.

‘…Shall we just go back in?’

I was extremely resentful of myself from an hour ago, when I said I wanted to go out.

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