Perhaps as if motivated by Caesar’s ‘father’, the letter came out of the envelope.

After the deed was done, I tried to put it back in a hurry, but the letter fell down and opened.

I tried not to look at it anymore, but the short letter was read in an instant and entered my mind.

「How are you, baby? Are you eating well, do you have any more pain? I miss you a lot.
I’m sorry.”」

I could see thick ink smeared here and there due to him pressing it several times while hesitating.

It was a letter with only the words he wanted to say, as if written by a child.

It was by no means a letter written by the heir of the duke.

This meant that this letter was very difficult for Rubenio.
The feelings of hesitating hundreds of times, not knowing what to write or how to send it were melted in the dripping ink.

Rubenio would have stamped his heart thousands of times in black ink just to write those few words.

‘What is this… … ….

The emotions I had seen and felt in my dreams raged in my heart.

I wanted to laugh at that lousy letter.

I wanted to shout and let everyone know that Rubenio, who was said to be an elegant and modest person, barely sends these things to his daughter.

I wanted to cry like a madman and shout very loudly.
So that this disdain could reach him.

For some reason, I kept feeling this way.

The tears that wet the corners of my eyes were dripping non-stop as if waiting to fill up the sea.

The same was true of my face now.

So I wanted to tell you.
I’m the same, so don’t be afraid.
let’s not be afraid

‘Even now and then, I’m the one who…..’

At that time, I felt a thick hammer banging on my head.


Caesar raised his head at the sudden scream.

‘Thud!’ My head split at the sound of the ringing and my brain felt like it was flowing.

I couldn’t even close my open lips and staggered to the side.

“Hhh…… ah……!”

I could not even groan properly as I only breathed a thin breath from my lips.


“… ..”

At that time, Caesar really didn’t want to do anything.

He just wanted to sit there like a painting.

Blue sky, bright sun, swaying leaves, shadows under the trees, chirping birds.

All he wanted to do was keep his eyes on the things he had been asked to look at.

After looking at it several times, I didn’t feel anything in the end, but he asked me to watch it for him.

In a way, Nineina kept him moving.

Caesar wanted to stay still, but she practically flung to him.
Come on, come on, help me.

Then Caesar had no choice but to hold Nineina in his arms, who was running and collapsing after disturbing his solitude.

That was another thing his father had asked for.

“It’s all right………….”

Thump, thump.

Her heart was briefly beating.
Detecting an abnormality, Caesar raised his head.

A warm green mana hovered over a face frowned with pain.

It belonged to his father, Leonos.

The mana lingered in his eyes for a very brief moment like a playful fairy that was harmless to a child, and then disappeared into Nineina again.

It resembled a child playing hide and seek.


Nineina quickly opened her eyes.

My eyes were clear.
My head was lucid and my emotions seemed to be in order.

Of course, I wiped my mouth and then my eyes.
Just act like it’s nothing.

A clear drop of water fell.
It was so cold that it felt like a snowflake, but Nineina didn’t seem to have noticed anything strange.

Everything was different to his eyes, watching each of the reactions.

She was the only one who didn’t notice the awkward situation.
Like the situation itself went completely over her head.

“Why did I cry?”

She looked down at the letter again, talking to herself as if she really didn’t know.
Her blank stare shook briefly and was buried in silence.

He thought it was related to her protection.

The reason for the existence of the protective magic.

It was normal if you thought about it.

He grabbed her urgently and asked.



“What were you thinking?”


Caesar bit the inside of his mouth while looking at Nineina, who innocently asked him, because he thought he would break her shoulder if he didn’t hurt himself.

Nineina blinked a few times.The fluttering of her eyelashes was terribly slow.

Unable to bear it any longer, Caesar lightly removed the hand that had been holding Nineina’s shoulder and fixed it to the floor.

There was no answer until the cloth on the ground was torn to pieces.

Nineina looked at Caesar’s desperately clenched hand.

After a while, he said,

“………Did you think it was sad?”

“Sadness? What’s the reason?”

“Isn’t it because you saw this letter?”

Nineina put the letter back in the envelope without looking inside.

Caesar suddenly realized.
It was the same last time.

When Nineina looked at Rubenio’s letter, Leonos’ mana responded.

It must have something to do with what Leonos’ protective magic hides.

“You didn’t feel anything strange? I feel like I’ve forgotten something very important, or something I haven’t thought of…… even though it’s not entirely true.”

“Well……… It was sad, or it seemed sad? But why don’t I know? I don’t think it was weird.”

Nineina spoke lightly as if nothing had happened.

The emotions disappeared at once and he was aware of it, but it felt unimportant.

That’s not a normal reaction.”

“Am I not feeling well?”

Nineina, who’s conscious of her body, quickly hardened her face as he asked.

“May I touch your head for a moment?”

“Do it.”

Nineina nodded vigorously, not at all wary of Caesar.

He approached very slowly with his bare hands.

He was only going to slightly look at the shield.

But even before Caesar approached Nineina’s head, Leonos’ mana shot up, sensing a threat.

Pajik! A dense green flame burned his palm.

Caesar looked at his slightly red fingers and quickly turned to Nineina.

“Was it painful?”

“Not at all.”

Nineina looked like she didn’t know what had happened.

It was protective magic so he could understand.

It became controlled before overreacting and making her feel pain.
He looked and gave up.

Caesar looked at the mana which rumbled as if saying it wouldn’t allow more, and gave up.

Giving up was easier than he thought.
He still had something left.
(TL/N: he still had something left of his father, like a reminder.)

“You’re the only one.”


Caesar smiled a little as he looked at Nineina.

“The traces of my father.”

It was the first time.

She was the only one left on this earth.

Mana doesn’t lie.

Even if she doesn’t remember it now, she was obviously protected by Leonos.

Leonos’ traces gave him, who had no purpose in life, a reason to live for.

This fact was absolutely crucial to Caesar.

“Eat more.”

With a friendly smile on his face, Caesar naturally offered her a fruit.

Nineina approached with trembling eyes and asked, observing his action.

“…… Are you crazy?”

Then, without waiting for an answer, she rubbed her trembling eyes.

He responded to my reaction with a terribly expressionless face.

He asked casually.

“I tried to imitate my father.
You don’t like it?”


“Is it better not to?”


“All right.”

Caesar nodded his head as if taking note.


Caesar pretending to be kind.
I almost died of goosebumps.

It was such a shocking scene that even with this weak body, I was able to come to my senses quickly.

Of course, Caesar, who smiled sweetly, was beautiful.

But it wasn’t a matter of beauty.

I shook my head again, noticing the strange thought that strongly approached me at that moment.

‘God, oh my god, I’m not thinking about this.’

Meanwhile, he searched the basket that the maid had left behind and took out another fork.

He threw the fruit in his hand up.

I couldn’t figure out how the fork in his hand moved.

After moving at an invisible speed, the pretty fruit fell onto the plate.

It was a faster and more accurate move than what Sona did.

“Wow……… huh!”

As she had done for Sona, she bit her lip in admiration.

It was because she was afraid that she would have to see Caesar’s friendly face.

But fortunately, Caesar looked back at me with his usual expressionless face.

He seemed to remember what I told him not to do.

“Please eat.”

“Eating again?”

“This will make you healthy.”

Caesar, who suddenly appeared to be considerate of my health, was suspicious, but I let it go.

Because there was nothing to lose.

‘Is it because of the man named Leonos?’

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