“It might break………….”

At that moment, as he was about to apply pressure with his tense muscles, he stopped and muttered.

“This part, is it sore?”

“Let’s reduce it.”

“Wait, no, no! If you break the neck, I’ll die!”

He gently listened to my informal speech and lightly pressed the acupoints.

Caesar’s hand grabbed my neck and I couldn’t even struggle.

A sneering sound was heard as I groaned like a baby animal.

You’re laughing at me now!

My neck was caught and I couldn’t scream like I used to.

He’s definitely picking a fight.
My neck must be twisted because I let him touch it!

“Ta, take it easy………….”

But I was in a state of panic.

His hand became weaker at my pleading whisper.

“I don’t even feel like I’m holding it.”

He was right.I was nervous, but he never held on hard.

His hand gently curled my neck as I loosened my shoulders.


The tail of the eyes, which have been glaring with caution, lowered peacefully.

Every time he moved his hand, his leather gloves crumpled and I liked the sound.

“Why are you so scared? You’re doing well.”

“It’s my first time, but I’m glad you like it.”

“First time? You’re good.”

“I’ve done similar things often.”

“Similar things?”

“Like, like what?”

Something like breaking the neck of a beast?


Oh, this man chose another creepy silence.

My shoulders trembled.
The hair he had gathered to the side slid down.

“Hang on.”

He leaned his head back and distanced himself from me.

The massage was quite nice so I felt better.

I soon turned my attention to something else.

“How can you get in here when I’m shielded?”

“It’s natural that the spirit that I’ve contracted won’t reject me.”


I stretched out my hand a little.

Because I’ve seen a friend who has a bird summon it this way.

‘It’s not a bird, it’s a spirit………isn’t it?’

I was a little worried, but Sona came down and sat on my finger as if my actions were acceptable.

“It feels like feathers falling down.”

“Just because it has materialized, it doesn’t mean that it’s heavy.”

He was indifferent as he released my neck.

“Really, a fairy…”

“It’s a spirit.”

He corrected me, but his voice came in one ear and flowed out of the other.

“So cute, so cute!”

He didn’t say anything more and left me alone.

It felt more like getting used to it than not caring, but it was good.

“How could there be such a perfect creature?”

It was nice to be cute and pretty.


Caesar’s gaze turned to a distant place.

Nineina was holding Sona carefully, rubbing her cheeks and chattering non-stop.

A ringing tone like the sound of a bell spread like a strange wave, evoking memories.

– This little guy’s name is Sona.

This is the moment when I took over the spirit of my father.

It’s the moment he was dying.

Her smiling face covered the terrible memory.

The sun of burning light that has lost its scarlet.

That’s what Caesar thought of her.

It was so white that I couldn’t tell if it was pale or shiny.

Oh, I see.
She was like a snowstorm.

She was a being that was as white as a snowstorm.

Caesar was reluctant to redefine it.

The warmth from rubbing her neck heated his palms.


Body temperature.
This hateful and terrible thing.

He clenched his fists, crushing the traces left behind.

The fear of feeling it for the first time.

That was the longing for life I felt in her.

I was afraid to express my will to live with such insignificant and weak vitality.

It was like an eternal, immortal, infinite being that would destroy my whole life.

Ironically, I felt that way about that woman who was about to die.

Her burning bright blue eyes were like a lake where the sun reflected like a diamond.

It was deep blue and felt like it was captivating me without release.

– Since you’re alive, make sure you return with all the beautiful things in your life.
I’ll ask you what was the most beautiful thing on the day we meet again.

On the day of his death, Caesar went looking for a story to tell Leonos.

Because he survived at the cost of his father’s life, the only person that accompanied his birth and showed him warmth, was not there.

Alone, he could not find the meaning of life that Leonos had so longed for.

‘Why do I have to live until she dies?’

He was constantly thinking about life.

So he felt uncomfortable with the woman who was burning the flame of life without any hesitation.

How could she do that with her body?

– Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.
Kill him.

The young Caesar who was dying in the cold, sunless basement, thought only of death.

It was the same on the day I first had a conversation with Leonos.

– Of course I want to live! For a long time and be healthy!

Caesar looked at Nineina and thought of that.

‘What can I find in life to become like you?’

I’ve lived here for a long time, but I’ve never had anything like that.

Leonos was a support, but not a reason for living.

As long as he had his will, he lived.
I had no desire to live.

‘Do you know by any chance, what do you know?’

Caesar saw his father’s magic in her not long ago.

I really wanted to ask about it today.

“I brought you a plate and a fork!”


The moment was shattered and he was thrown back into the terrifying reality.



He saw a young maid running around and handing him a picnic basket.

“Thank you.”

When Caesar took it, the maid, who clenched her fists once, ran back to her place.
He stood expressionless with a basket in his hand.

“What is that?”

A colorful circle could be seen through the gap in the basket.


I held out my hand without thinking anymore.

Give it to me! Give it to me!

“…Okay, stop chattering.
It’s distracting.”

“Chatter? Is it chatter?”

He dropped what he had on the palm of my hand.

The heavy weight caused my hand to fall slightly down.

“What’s this? It’s too heavy…..”

“It’s a model made of pottery.”


My eyes became cold.

Why would you play around with food?

You haven’t eaten food like macarons yet.

Only easily digestible foods such as soups were allowed.

Sweet treats may be allowed once I get used to it, but it’ll take time.

“I gave you what you asked for.
What’s wrong?”

He really didn’t understand.

Poor thing, you don’t know how great of a dessert macaroons are!

“I thought you were going to eat.”

“I’ll give you something else.”

“Another… Gasp!”

He casually pulled out a pale pink plate that didn’t match his big hands.


The spirit sitting on my shoulder flew away.

He rummaged through a pouch placed on the floor and tossed fruit from the inside.

Sometimes there was no need for words between spirits and contractors.

Sona’s eyes sparkled fiercely.

The wind blew and Sona’s arms changed into the shape of a blade.

Tok! Tok!

The fruit Sona had cut was placed straight on the plate by Caesar.

Sona changed her arms back to normal and bowed her head with a shy face.


I unknowingly clapped my hands and cheered.

Flapping. The sound of the spirit’s wings quickened.

Sona, who was praised by me, lifted her head and looked at the movement with anticipation.

She seemed to want compliments from her master.

“Go back.”

Sona’s eyes shook with tears at the cold words and her head turned around.

The spirit’s body became transparent and melted away.

“Oh, my God! She’s upset! But it’s so cute……………’

My hands and feet trembled at the cuteness overwhelming my heart, so I had to grab the blanket.

“It’s a soft fruit so it should be fine.”

He said, returning the rabbit-shaped fork handle to me.

A hard face and a cute rabbit-shaped fork didn’t go well together.

‘Somehow, I think I need to hurry up.’

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