ttle uncle and auntie, you have to protect me…”

Gu An was very smart, the reason why he didn’t go to his parents’ side was because he knew they wouldn’t protect him, so of course he had to find his aunt at this time, hehehe…

He was young and good-looking, so as long as he acted like a spoiled child, the elders would be more or less lenient towards him, at least they would not let the fourth brother beat him hehe!

Sure enough, Aunt Gu patted Gu An on the shoulder soothingly, and threw a knife-like look at her son.

“Gu Mingli! If you want to do something, come and show off to your mother!”

Gu Mingli’s eyes twitched, and he rolled his eyes speechlessly.

“Just protect that little fox!”

Mother Gu twisted Gu An’s ear and scolded him.
“Don’t pretend to be innocent.
You won’t feel comfortable if you don’t find something to do every day, right?”

“Mom, take it easy…”

Old Man Gu glanced at his two grandsons calmly, “Where ‘s Nuan Nuan?”


Curved with a clear smile, the corners of her small and beautiful mouth had risen to reveal a well-behaved arc.

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“Grandpa, Nuan Nuan is here.”

Nuan Nuan’s voice sounded, and everyone laughed when they saw her soft, shy and timid appearance like a little white rabbit.

“Nuan Nuan, come down quickly, mom will take you out to play after breakfast.”


The little girl was about to go downstairs, but Gu Mingli bent over and hugged her.

Nuan Nuan was only surprised for a moment, then smiled happily, and took the initiative to hug Gu Mingli’s neck.

“Thank you fourth brother.”

The sweetness of the voice was seriously exceeding the standard.

Gu Mingli looked disdainful or even unconcerned on the surface, “It’s just a matter of convenience.”

But the corners of his mouth had been quietly raised, he looked so stupid that even his mother didn’t want to acknowledge him.

However, everyone was surprised by his actions.
After all, Gu Mingli was the kind of idiot who saw everyone as an enemy.
He had the essence that everyone else was stupid.
He had a big temper and was particularly impatient with children, but he was surprisingly patient with Nuan Nuan.

Mother Gu and Aunt Gu looked at each other, and they both saw a look of relief in each other’s eyes.

When Mother Gu turned to look at Gu An, she also had a feeling of hating iron for not becoming steel.
This son was so stupid.
If Nuan Nuan was abducted to your uncle’s house one day, you will regret it yourself.!

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A certain Young Master Gu An angrily glanced at Gu Mingli and Nuan Nuan, what’s so amazing! I am still her real brother!

“Auntie, I’m taking Nuan Nuan to get her hair done after dinner, her current hairstyle is too ugly.”

Old Man Gu glanced over, “Dye your red hair back for me! You also have the face to say Nuan Nuan’s hair is ugly.!”

Gu Mingli touched his nose and stopped talking.
As a school hegemon, it was already very out of character for him to obediently wear a school uniform.
His hair was his last stubbornness, and he would not dye it back to black!

“Grandpa, Nuan Nuan is here.”

After reprimanding Gu Mingli, the old man Gu performed a seamless face-changing technique on the spot, calling Nuan Nuan like a kind and amiable person.

And in the eyes of the public, the double standard was justifiable.

Gu Mingli “…”

OK, who made him a boy? The most important thing in the Gu family were girls.

But if it were him, he would also… dislike boys, such as his narcissistic elder brother and Gu An.

His eyes met Gu An’s, and they both turned their heads away in disgust.

Why did Gu Mingli look more stupid than before?

Gu An was a pig with a simple mind and extra developed limbs!

At this moment, the brainwaves of the two strangely overlapped.

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