“Nuan Nuan, go and call your little brother.”

Mother Gu patted Nuan Nuan’s little shoulder encouragingly.

She hoped that Nuan Nuan could have a good relationship with her family, especially her brothers.
She knew her youngest son, and thought that really won’t happen.

Nuan Nuan nodded and walked upstairs with her short legs.

Gu Mingli stood up and said, “I’ll follow along and have a look.”

Nuan Nuan paused when she heard the words, and stood at the entrance of the stairs and turned to look at him eagerly.

Gu Mingli walked over and patted her little head, “Let’s go.”

Nuan Nuan’s little mouth pursed into a sweet smile, and she said ok.

“Fourth brother, do you know where the little brother’s room is?”

“Fourth brother, did you come to see Nuan Nuan today?”

“Fourth brother…” Gu Mingli listened to the little girl’s soft milky voice.

The fourth brother, inexplicably in a better mood, picked up the little girl behind him.

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Suddenly Nuan Nuan exclaimed in a small exclamation, and then she fell into a refreshing embrace, and her cheeks on both sides were pinched by two slender fingers.

“I couldn’t see that as a little girl you talk a lot, do you like your fourth brother?” Gu Mingli raised his eyebrows, and his body was full of thorns and he felt like a wild beast.

Generally, little children dared not approach him.
As soon as they got close, they would cry that he looked like a badass.
He also hated those little farts who cried constantly.

When he came today, he also thought that he would meet a timid child who was afraid of him, but he did not expect that this little girl was quite courageous.
Seeing that the little girl’s voice was soft and sweet, he didn’t despise this little chatterbox.

Nuan Nuan nodded with a blushing face, and counted on her fingers in a weak voice, “I like the fourth brother, I like my parents, my grandfather, and my little brother …”

“Hmph… Who cares about you? I like it, let me tell you, there are many people who like me, and those who like me at school can circle the playground twice!”

Gu An, who had come out of the room at an unknown time, had a chicken coop head on his head, and mucus in the corner of his eyes, had run out and started talking nonsense.

Gu Mingli glanced at him with the look of an idiot, “Look at the sky for yourself, you are blowing all the cows up, you’re really good at talking?”

Gu An, “…”

He was so embarrassed that he raised his eyebrows at Gu Mingli.
“She’s my sister, not yours! Fourth brother, why are you doing this to her?”

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Gu Mingli “I’m happy, I know she’s your sister, so why are you so nervous?”

“Brother…brother, I came to tell you to go down for breakfast.”

Nuan Nuan’s weak voice interrupted the exchange of words between the two.

Gu An pouted, “I see, you still used you to call me, sir, it’s not like I can’t get up myself.”

After speaking, he glared at Gu Mingli and turned back to the bedroom.

Gu Mingli raised his eyebrows, “This kid is still so unruly, it’ll be fine to spank him one day.”

Little did he know that he himself was very unruly.

Nuan Nuan covered her mouth and snickered, but it was a pity that Gu Mingli tapped her little head before she could laugh twice.

“What are you laughing at?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head innocently, “Nothing.”

Gu Mingli pinched her cheeks, and swayed the fluttering person in his arms, his eyebrows were tangled together.
“Eat more, you don’t have any flesh on your face.” This tone should not be too disgusting.

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