d her fluffy little head gently rubbed lightly against her mother’s arms, like a little milk cat.

Everything that happened today was like a dream to Nuan Nuan, which made her a little dazed.
From as long as she could remember, she knew that she had no parents.
After her grandmother died, she felt that her sky was about to collapse, and she completely became a poor little one who no one wanted.

Thinking of the difficult life she lived alone after her grandmother’s death, the little girl twitched her nose with rare grievance, curled up her little body and got closer to her mother.


The warm and soft voice had a thick nasal tone, as she cried aggrievedly.

“Thank you mom, dad and brothers.”

Thank you for not giving up.
They had been looking for her.
She was only five years old.
But she was much more sensible and diligent because her family had been poor.
She was still at a loss about her future, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Nuan Nuan is good.”

Mother Gu’s heart twisted when she thought of the pains Nuan Nuan had suffered all these years.
She should have been spoiled, but she suffered so much because of their negligence.

“Mom, don’t cry.”

Nuan Nuan’s voice was glutinous, and she stretched out her little hand from the quilt to wipe her mother’s tears.

“Okay, mom won’t cry.”

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Mother Gu smiled and hugged the little girl in her arms tightly.

That evening, the Gu family’s heart that had been hanging for many years finally calmed down.

Nuan Nuan woke up very early the next day.
This was because of her biological clock.
Before six o’clock, Nuan Nuan opened her eyes in a daze.
Her big, misty eyes stared blankly at the unfamiliar environment around her.
It took a long time for her memory to come back.

Recalling everything that happened yesterday, Nuan Nuan suddenly opened her eyes.
Looking to the side, she was relieved when she saw her beautiful mother sleeping beside her, the little girl quietly pinched her thin arm, and there was a burst of pain from her arm.
The pain made her feel that everything that happened to her was real.

“It’s not a dream…”

Nuan Nuan whispered in a voice that only she could hear.

She raised her little hand and patted her face, her expression was a little dazed, her palm rested on her chin for a while as she frowned, not knowing what she was thinking.

Looking at her mother who was still sound asleep, Nuan Nuan climbed out of the bed gently, then wearing soft and comfortable slippers, she took two steps carefully, with a happy smile on her face.

She tiptoed to cover her mother with the quilt, then Nuan Nuan ran to the bathroom, rolled up her sleeves and picked up the dirty clothes she had changed out of yesterday, but even after walking around the bathroom, she didn’t know where to wash it.

After thinking about it, she opened the door lightly and walked out.

The housekeeper downstairs, who had also got up early, heard the sound and looked up, and this time he saw Nuan Nuan coming out of the room.

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“Why did Miss Nuan Nuan get up so early?”

Seeing the old man walking up, Nuan Nuan grabbed his finger and called out politely and softly.

“Good morning, Grandpa Steward.”

That soft and milky voice was so sweet that it softened people’s hearts.

The housekeeper walked up with a gentle look, looking at the cramped little girl squatting down and asking softly, “What’s wrong Miss Nuan Nuan?”

Nuan Nuan poked her finger embarrassedly, “I… I want to wash the clothes I took off yesterday.
The clothes had been dirtied, but…but I don’t know where to wash them.”

The housekeeper was stunned for a moment, then thought of Nuan Nuan’s experience over the years, and touched her hair distressedly.

“Miss Nuan Nuan, you don’t need to do these things.
There are servants at home who specialize in washing clothes, and Madam has prepared so many clothes for you.
Those old clothes are a little short for you, and you may not be able to wear them in the future.”

Nuan Nuan’s thoughts hadn’t settled yet.
After being reminded by the housekeeper, she remembered those beautiful clothes and small skirts in the closet that she saw yesterday.

Thinking about it this way, the outfit she brought seemed to be incompatible with this place, and she won’t be able to wear it in the future.
She would be laughed at otherwise.
It didn’t matter to her, but her mother would also be laughed at.

Nuan Nuan raised her head and nodded her head obediently and earnestly, “Well, Nuan Nuan can’t wear it anymore.”

She had a lot of new clothes prepared by her mother, so she didn’t have to worry about running out of clothes in the future, it’s great.

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