Nuan Nuan took her mother’s hand, raised her face and looked at the housekeeper timidly, while shouting softly.

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“Hello, butler grandpa.”

Polite and well-behaved looks were rare.

The housekeeper responded twice, and said with red eyes and a distressed look, “Miss Nuan Nuan is so thin, you should eat more.
We don’t know what you like to eat, so we prepared some according to the tastes of the madam and the master.”

Mother Gu said nodding with a smile, “Excuse me.”

As they walked towards the living room, the old man who was already sitting in the main seat, waiting anxiously, couldn’t sit still when he saw his grandson come in.

“Why are you back? Where’s your sister?”

Gu An pouted, but he still didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of the old man.

“Grandpa, what are you in a hurry for? They are walking slowly behind.
Why do you all only care about my sister and don’t care about me.”

The old man gave him a sideways look: “It would be good for you to stop talking for me.”

At the sound of footsteps, the old man suddenly stood up impatiently and tidied up his clothes, then quickly sat down and put on a dignified appearance, but thinking about it, he was afraid that he would scare his good granddaughter later, so the expression on his face softened a lot.

This old man who had been in the army for most of his life was actually nervous at this moment, if this got out, I’m afraid no one would believe it.

But it was true.


The old man nodded to his son and daughter-in-law, then his eyes fell on his skinny and small granddaughter standing beside his daughter-in-law.
Looking at Nuan Nuan’s face, he trembled slightly in pain, and his fingers trembled along with it.

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Father Gu quickly patted the old man on the back to help him breathe.
“Dad, calm down.”

“Yes, yes…”

The old man said yes again and again with trembling lips, but he couldn’t wait to walk to Nuan Nuan and squat down, then he showed a kind smile to the little girl with scared eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, Nuan Nuan, I’m your grandfather.”

“Why are you so thin?”

“Our Nuan Nuan has suffered, and grandpa won’t let you suffer any more in the future.”

He shuddered and held the little girl tightly.
Holding her in his arms, he could be sure without a paternity test that this was his granddaughter.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know why grandpa was crying.
She was hugged by the old man obediently, and she pursed her lips and raised her hand to wipe the tears from the old man’s face.

“Grandpa, don’t cry.”

The voice was soft and glutinous, and the old man nodded, “Grandpa is not crying, Grandpa is happy.”

His voice was unprecedentedly gentle, making Gu An next to him stunned.

How could his grandfather be so kind? And also crying! This was simply incredible!!!

Listening to the little girl calling Grandpa, the old man felt a warm feeling in his heart.

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He finally had a granddaughter, a granddaughter, and she was so good, she looked so similar to his dead wife.

“Hey, you’re so good.”

The praised Nuan Nuan blushed a little embarrassedly.
Facing the old man who was kind to her, she was no longer so afraid, and looked at him with clear and beautiful big eyes.

The old man’s heart was softened by her.

“You are really beautiful, especially these eyes, they are exactly like your grandma’s, and you are as smart as her.
You are a good child, but your body is too thin.
In the future, you should eat well and strive to raise yourself well.
You will look better that way.”

Gu An, who was sitting and waiting for dinner, looked at Nuan Nuan several times, thinking that his grandfather had gotten really old, and his eyes were not good.
Was this called good-looking?

He really couldn’t imagine how good-looking Nuan Nuan would be when she became fat and white.
Anyway, she looked ugly now, at most she could pleasing to the eye.
He had reservations about how well this sister could be raised.

Grandpa Gu held Nuan Nuan and talked for a while, and when the food was ready, everybody started to eat.
The family, except Gu An, were basically adding food to Nuan Nuan’s bowl.

“Nuan Nuan eat more of this shrimp.”

“The fish has no bones, Nuan Nuan can eat it with confidence.”

“This egg custard is delicious.
Eat more, and drink a glass of milk after eating, and you will grow taller in the future.”

Compared with the warm care from the three adults on Nuan Nuan’s side, Gu An’s side seemed cold, and he was very angry.

“You guys are too much, you only care about my sister and don’t care about me!”

The three pairs of eyes on the table looked at each other, then Dad Gu picked up a chicken wing with a smile and threw it into his bowl, looking a little scary, seeing this Gu An shrank his neck spinelessly.

“Come on, Dad will take care of you!”

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The old man squinted his eyes, and went over with chopsticks and vegetables.

“An An seems to have gained weight recently, don’t just focus on eating meat, eat more vegetables for balanced nutrition.”

Gu An “…”

Why do I need to say so much more!

Under the pressure of three pairs of eyes, it was pitifully difficult for Gu An to eat the vegetables and chicken wings in the bowl.

Woohoo… Everyone else had a stepmother and a stepfather, why did his family get a stepmother and a stepdad as soon as he had a sister!

Oh…and I have to add a grandpa as well!

Seeing that everyone’s attention was on her brother, Nuan Nuan was quietly relieved.
The food in the bowl was so big that she could hardly eat it.

Fortunately, the three adults in the back seemed to feel that there was too much food in Nuan Nuan’s bowl and did not continue to add more for Nuan Nuan.
As soon as she was full, Mother Gu took her upstairs to change clothes.

She took Nuan Nuan to one of the rooms upstairs, opened the door, and walked in while holding her little hand.

“Nuan Nuan, this will be your room from now on.”

Nuan Nuan saw that this room was much bigger than the wooden house she used to live in, and the luxurious and dreamy layout inside was beyond her imagination.
Her mouth was suddenly rounded in shock.

“Is it for Nuan Nuan?”

Nuan Nuan accepted this reality feeling a little dizzy.
It felt as unreal as a dream.

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“Yes, the whole room is prepared for Nuan Nuan, the toys on the bed are Nuan Nuan’s, and there is a desk over there.
After Nuan Nuan goes to school, you will put your books here, and this cloakroom…”

One by one, she introduced the things in the room to Nuan Nuan, and her warm words quickly made her gradually let go of her unease and anxiety.

After opening the closet, there were all kinds of beautiful clothes and skirts, Nuan Nuan couldn’t see it.

But what made her feel strange was that there were some clothes in it that she obviously couldn’t wear now.

Mother Gu walked over and took off some of the small clothes, pulled Nuan Nuan and sat on the bed with red eyes.

“The clothes here were prepared by your mother since you were a child.
I have prepared new clothes for you every year for your birthday.
I hope that one day when you come back, you can wear the clothes your mother prepared for you at any time.”

Nuan Nuan stared blankly at the beautiful clothes and skirts in the closet that were neatly arranged from childhood to adulthood, her nose was sore, and her eyes were misty, so she couldn’t see what was in front of her.

It turned out… She had always been on the minds of people, she was not a child no one wanted.

“Mom’s darling, fortunately you’re back.”

Mother Gu held her little daughter in her arms.
Except for her own family, no one knew how broken she was when she lost her young daughter.
She even wanted to die for a while.

Fortunately, she survived under the care of her family.
She had never given up looking for her little daughter all these years.
As long as there was a little news about her, she would go to see it no matter how busy she was at the time, but in the end she faced disappointment every time.

Even so, she still did not give up, for fear that she would accidentally miss her only real daughter.

This time, when the news of Nuan Nuan came, the whole family was anxious.
Until she saw Nuan Nuan, then she was sure at a glance that this little girl must be her daughter.

The subsequent paternity test was just a procedure to let everything settle down.

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