eir heights.

“I’m so much taller than you!”

Now, he was not the shortest in the family.

“Five… five years old.”

Nuan Nuan answered timidly.

“Five years old and still so short, tsk… You should eat more in the future.
If you were seen by anyone, they will say that our family is starving you.
Also, after you go back, you are not allowed to go outside and tell that I am your brother, otherwise I’ll beat you up!”

He raised his fist to show off his might.

Warm, obedient, and soft.

“Gu An!!!” A thunderous voice with anger sounded from the front, and then his ears hurt, and he was pinched by his seemingly gentle mother.

That is to say, Dad Gu couldn’t hit anyone since he was sitting in the front, otherwise Gu An, this little bully, would have been beaten by his parents in mixed doubles.

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“Aren’t you in a panic? We didn’t beat you for three days and you still went to the house to reveal the tiles? Is this the way, you talk to your sister?”

“She is so thin and not good-looking, other people’s sisters are all fair and tender, if I take her out, I will be ashamed!”

Dad Gu was so angry that he reached out from the front and slapped Gu An on the head.

“Stinky boy! Your sister doesn’t care about your opinion!”

Nuan Nuan looked at all this with eager eyes, seeing her brother’s embarrassed appearance, she was suddenly not so anxious, with a smile in her big black and white eyes.

The Gu family was one of the most powerful aristocratic families in the city.
Although they had only made their fortune for three generations, their younger generation was very good.
Every family heir in the back was a genius, and the family’s business was booming in their hands, and because there was no disputes which would harm the internal unity of the family, the children and grandchildren also did not hold back, and now the Gu family had become the richest family in the country.

When she arrived at Gu family villa, Nuan Nuan looked at the strange world outside from the car window.
She would live in this beautiful and grand villa in the future? It felt… so unreal.
The huge gap compared with the place where she had lived before made Nuan Nuan feel inferior and anxious, but she tried hard not to show these emotions.

A pair of gentle hands grabbed her tangled fingers.

“Nuan Nuan, let’s go home.”

Nuan Nuan nodded heavily, looking at her gentle mother and her father who encouraged her next to her.

Just like a kitten stepping into a new territory, she timidly followed behind her familiar parents, not daring to glance around, but quietly and obediently followed into the gate of the villa.

An old man in a black suit with half of his hair interspersed with white strands walked towards them.
He stood straight and graceful with a gentle smile on his face.

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“Master, Madam, you are finally back.”

“Housekeeper, I am hungry and need something to eat.
You ask Mama Liu to prepare my favourite food for me.”

Even though he was taught a good lesson in the car, this guy Gu An, only remembered to eat but not to fight, and when he got out of the car, he was still the arrogant and proud young master of the Gu family.

The housekeeper replied with a smile, “It’s already ready.”

His eyes fell on the little girl, and the moment he saw Nuan Nuan’s face, he was stunned, and then his eyes were red, and the expression on his face became red.
While his smile became more gentle.

The housekeeper tried his best to control his trembling hands, for fear of scaring the timid little girl, he deliberately lowered his voice.

“Miss Nuan Nuan welcome home, the old man is waiting for you.”

Like… It’s so similar…

But looking at Nuan Nuan’s thin and small appearance, he felt very distressed.

Dad Gu and the housekeeper looked at each other, and it was self-evident what they were thinking.

“This is the housekeeper.”

Mother Gu gently touched her warm hair and introduced with a smile.

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