like Nuan Nuan before and you didn’t want her to call you brother? Now, you regret it?”

Gu An blew up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Who said I was doing it for her! I just wanted to share a car with my mother and auntie?”

“Why haven’t I seen you so diligent before?”

“That’s because you didn’t see it, you’re blind!”

“Gu… An…”

Gu Mingli smiled grimly, then he cracked his knuckles and made a clicking sound.

Gu An was so frightened that he shrank to the corner and screamed.

“Gu Mingli, don’t mess around, Auntie won’t let you go… Ouch! Brother! Fourth brother, I was wrong!”

The driver: “…”

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His life was too difficult.

The Gu family…

Gu was sitting at the gate of the villa, with a black cat lying on the wall and a big yellow dog lying in front of the door, all three pairs of eyes staring at the outside.

The housekeeper dutifully stood beside the old man, “Master, you have been waiting here for two hours, why don’t you go back into the house.”

Old man Gu waved his hand, “It’s alright, I’ll just take the opportunity to sunbathe.
They should be back soon.”

The housekeeper sighed helplessly, he was getting more and more stubborn the older he got.

The familiar car drove to the villa, and when the old man saw it, his eyes lit up, and he stood up in good spirits.

“I’m back, I’m back!”

Rhubarb also stood up, his tongue was sticking out and his tail was wagging like a fan, he was so excited that it was completely different from the way he had just been lazing around.

The black cat on the wall stood up and stretched its butt unhurriedly, showing the cat’s flexibility to the fullest.
Then he gracefully jumped off the wall and accurately jumped onto Rhubarb’s head.

The big yellow’s eyes turned up into cross-eyed eyes, and he shook his head.
The cat on his head stood steadily and did not even stir.

Rhubarb stuck out his tongue and didn’t care anymore.
In the village, this happened often when he was young, and its simple little head couldn’t be used to fight Briquettes.

“Grandpa, Nuan Nuan is back.”

Before the car arrived, a cute little furry head stuck out from the window.

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Nuan Nuan called grandfather softly, shook her little hands to greet the old man, and smiled happily and beautifully.

Gu An in the car in front glanced back and snorted, “Silly, childish!”

Gu Mingli gave him a sideways glance and sneered, “Heh…”

Gu An felt the blatant ridicule and wanted to beat someone, but he couldn’t!

Rhubarb ran to the door of the car with Briquettes on his head, and after Nuan Nuan got off the car, she was enthusiastically surrounded by them.

“Rhubarb, briquettes.” The little girl called them softly, her beautiful eyes curved into small crescents, and she raised her hand to rub their heads.

After greeting the two pets, Nuan Nuan walked to the old man with her short legs, then holding his wrinkled fingers in her small hands, she asked with a milky voice and a sweet look on her face, “Grandpa, why are you waiting here?”

The old man cheerfully said, “Grandpa was waiting for Nuan Nuan, Rhubarb and Briquettes were also waiting for Nuan Nuan together with Grandpa.”

Briquettes jumped to hold onto her soft shoulders, and its long black tail rolled around the little girl’s neck.

Rhubarb wagged his tail and leaned towards Nuan Nuan’s feet, rubbing against it, and his tail had wagged almost into an afterimage.

The little girl took the old man’s hand and walked slowly towards the villa, talking to him softly while walking.

“How long have you been waiting, Grandpa?”

“Not long, just a while, Grandpa was also basking in the sun by the way, which is good for health.”

“Then I will accompany Grandpa to sunbathe later.”

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