in surprise, and circled around Nuan Nuan, wondering if she had been transformed.

“Are you really that ugly sister?”

He poked Nuan Nuan’s little face with his hand.
Although she wasn’t fleshy, her skin had become smooth and her hair was also fluffy and soft now, like a cute little animal, she was very comfortable to touch.

His hand was just about to move, as he thought that in fact… it was not impossible for him to accept her going out and saying that she was his sister.

Gu An poked and thought, well, if she really wanted to say something, he’ll just turn a blind eye.

Gu Mingli was more direct, he rubbed his hand on the soft and fluffy hair, and Nuan Nuan’s newly-finished hair immediately became like exploded fur.

She covered her little head, “Brother, take it easy, my hair will be messed up.”

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The little girl hummed and protested in a low voice, without even the slightest threat.

Looking at Nuan Nuan, who was holding her head, her fourth brother who had been in a bad mood suddenly got in a good mood, and the corners of his mouth rose sharply.

In the next second, he was pulled firmly, and his mood instantly became bad.

“Little bastard, your hands are itchy! Nuan Nuan’s hair has become like this because of you!”

Now, he was himself.

Gu An’s face was stiff, and then he glared at Gu Mingli angrily.
The little Gu An in his heart was all irritable and flaming, thinking that he hadn’t even rubbed his sister’s hair yet!!!

Nuan Nuan, who was about to walk out of the hair salon with her mother, saw her brother still standing there angrily.
Despite tilting her cute little head and thinking about it, she didn’t know what he was angry about, but she still ran over with her short legs, then her little hand timidly took Gu An’s hand, as she looked at him cautiously with bright and clear eyes.

“Brother, come.”

Nuan Nuan’s voice made Gu An’s heart burn for a while.
For the first time, he held Nuan Nuan’s hand and looked into her big, careful and clear eyes.
After a little awkwardness, he raised his chin proudly.

“Because you like me so much, I’ll allow you to hold my hand, let’s go.”

He tightened his palm, looked at Gu Mingli with a smug expression, and gave him a provocative look.

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‘Look, look, my sister likes me the most!’

It was as if he had finally raised his eyebrows.

Gu Mingli gave Gu An a contemptuous look and saw him with the eyes of looking at a fool.
He held Nuan Nuan’s hand and didn’t let go.
He really thought he was very popular.
Did Nuan Nuan hold his clothes’ corner and walk all the way? No!

They had cleaned up Nuan Nuan’s whole body, except that she couldn’t gain weight all of a sudden, except this everything else was omitted from the poor little local girl image he had seen when they had first met.

Gu group headquarters, after the meeting, Gu Linmo glanced at the time, there were still two hours before he could get off work!

He had never felt that time was passing slowly.
He pursed his lips and frowned, and the aura around him seemed to be a little low.

The special assistant beside him secretly glanced at his boss.
Today his boss was not in a good mood!

From the beginning to the end of the entire meeting, he saw that the boss had checked the time six times, and even he felt his anxiety where he couldn’t wait to get off work.

He remembered that this kind of thing only happened when he had just gotten married to his wife, so what was it for now?

At this moment, Dad Gu’s phone rang.

He almost couldn’t wait to take out his mobile phone, “Hello?”

“Dad~” A warm and soft voice came from the phone, and Dad Gu’s expression softened instantly.

The special assistant thought, it must be the lady calling!

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