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“No thanks needed, this is what sister should do.”

Nuan Nuan touched her face, and it felt smooth and tender.
The skin on her hands was also whiter and tenderer than before.

When she looked in the mirror, she was even more shocked by the way she looked now, her mouth became round.

In fact, it hadn’t changed much, that was, her skin condition had improved a little and it had become a little whiter, but this small change had greatly improved her own appearance.

Nuan Nuan didn’t pay much attention to her appearance before, but the little girl also loved beauty, and she was happy to see that she had become beautiful.
The most important thing was that her face had become so smooth and tender!

She had never felt this way before.
She walked out all the way, and held her mother’s hand and secretly touched her face no less than five times.
She thought it was very hidden and no one noticed, but she was caught by the two adults.
Inside, they all smiled and pretended not to know.

“You guys have finally finished!”

The two boys who had been short-tempered after waiting for hours stood up when they saw them come out.

“Women are trouble!”

Gu An muttered with a small face, and the next second, Mother Gu twisted his ears.

“What did you say I didn’t hear clearly, say it again?”

Mother Gu threatened with a smile.

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“I didn’t say anything!!!”

Gu An loudly defended himself.

Nuan Nuan, who had just come out here, was pinched on her soft cheeks on both sides.
Needless to say, she knew who it was.

Gu Mingli pinched her cheeks, and raised his eyebrows, “Yes, it’s whiter, and it’s more comfortable to hold.”

With a snap, Gu Mingli’s hand was patted away.

His mother glared at him angrily, “Don’t keep pinching Nuan Nuan’s face.”

“She is my sister, why can’t I do it?”

The corners of his mouth rose, and his narrow eyes looked at Nuan Nuan.

Nuan Nuan covered her cheeks with her small hands, her big black and white eyes turned nimbly, her short legs took two steps back slightly, and she stared at him for two seconds.
She nodded obediently and appeared as soft as dough.

Gu Mingli thought that her temper was too good, he raised his hand and rubbed her hairy head.

“You’re so soft-tempered and easy to bully, what if others bully you like that?”

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Nuan Nuan tilted her head and thought for a while, her voice sounding particularly unconvincing, “Bite… bite back?”

Gu Mingli laughed suddenly and stretched out his hand, “Would you try to bite me first?”

Nuan Nuan, “…”

She had never bitten anyone before.

In the end, he went out and Nuan Nuan was unable to bite Gu Mingli.

Gu An hummed, and hummed very loudly, for fear that others would not notice him.

He crossed his arms and gave Nuan Nuan a look, “Why are you so cowardly? He let you bite and you should bite him hard.
If he dares to fight back, auntie will be the first to be unhappy.”

Nuan Nuan puffed out her cheeks and stared at the fourth brother eagerly.

Gu Mingli narrowed his eyes and looked at him dangerously, “Gu An, are you feeling itchy?”

Gu An said, “Isn’t that what you said before?”

After speaking, he rolled his eyes and stretched his hand in front of Nuan Nuan, “I’ll let you bite me, even the rabbit that is cornered bites people.
You can’t be worse than a rabbit.
If you go out in the future, you will only be bullied.
Although I, as your brother, will help you beat people, but this kind of is better, I don’t want my little brothers to know that I have such an ugly sister… Ouch!”

Nuan Nuan opened her mouth and bit the hand in front of her hard, her dark eyes staring at her brother.

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