The day after the explanatory meeting, interviews continued in the hotel conference room from the morning with a large number of hyenas, taking their turn to speak.

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After the fifth group, Hiroki gave up trying to remember their faces and company names.

He began to accumulate a stack of high-quality business cards printed with stylish western letters.



Looking at these business cards though, Hiroki couldn’t help but think that if they really wanted to invest in eco-business, he wouldn’t say things like they should stop driving cards and start riding bicycles, but they should at least use recyclable paper.



Hiroki heard that some people from the media wanted to interview them, but they apparently turned them down because they were busy.

He feels like things are becoming bigger than he thought.



All Hiroki wanted was to go back home though……



Perhaps sensing Hiroki’s thoughts from his expression, Ishida spoke to him.



[I have a few more business meetings in Tokyo, what would President do now?]



[I’m going home.
I’m worried about the company.]



To be precise, it’s the hole that Hiroki was worried about.



[I understand.
I will arrange for a hired car and driver.]



[No, I want to drive home alone.
It would be great if you could have someone arrange an appropriate car for me.]



[Well then, I will have the hotel arrange it for you.]



In large international hotels, there is a concierge service that fulfills the request of wilful customers.
They would at least arrange a rental car for him.

After an hour or so, Hiroki went to the lobby, and the person who seemed to be in charge of this had a car waiting for him.



[We have prepared the best car.]



A slightly built businessman handed his business card to Hiroki along with the car keys.



[Arehh? You’re not from the hotel?]

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Our firm has prepared this car for you.
If you like this car, you can buy it as is.]



For such a convenient service to exist, rich people are amazing.



The car Hiroki was shown was a Lexus, the most luxurious car made by a Japanese Automobile company.

The windows were slightly tinted, and the silhouette of the car looked somehow powerful.



Hiroki again marveled at the high-level of service, thinking that it was very thoughtful of the concierge of the international hotel to arrange a domestic car for him.



[Just a short time ago, I was only driving a light truck……]



Looking at this car, Hiroki was reminded of the SuperCab that he doesn’t drive anymore, the vehicle which used to be his companion for shopping.

It now sits in a corner of the company’s warehouse, gathering dust.



When Hiroki opened the heavy door and started the car, the engine started quietly but powerfully, and he couldn’t help but smile upon feeling the vehicle’s feedback.



Hiroki began to think that the drive home from my depressing business trip to Tokyo was going to be a pleasant one.

His rusty driving skills would need the help of the car navigation system.



It wasn’t long after that Hiroki, who had been completely buoyed by the feeling of driving a luxury car for the first time in a long time, broke out in a cold sweat when he came upon the Metropolitan Expressway Inner Circular Route, a narrow and winding route that resembles a racing game course.






★ ★ ★ ★ ★






Around the time Hiroki was struggling, but still driving on the Metropolitan Expressway with the help of the high performance of the car and its GPS……



A black SUV was driving a few cars away from the Lexus.

The windows of this car were tinted so that one couldn’t see the people inside.


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Riding in the car was a Hispanic man in the driver’s seat and an Anglo-Saxon Caucasian in the passenger seat, giving directions over the radio.



[This is Car 1, target confirmed.
Currently in pursuit.
All units, report your status.]



[Car 2, clear.
Traveling approximately 100 meters in front of the target.]



[Car 3, clear.
On standby at the parking area before the national highway.]



[Copy that.
All units, hold your current positions and stand by.]



After confirming the radio instructions, the Caucasian in the passenger seat looked again at the car the target was driving.



[Good grief, he sure is carefree, isn’t he? Does he not realize that he’s a VIP?]



[Japan is a peaceful country after all.
A goose that has suddenly gained weight recently wouldn’t know how big of a foie gras it would make.]



The Hispanic man who was driving the car made a light remark.



[Goose huh…… He seemed more like a lobster that has been hiding in a rocky place and has come out though.
If he just kept hiding in his own factory, he wouldn’t have been eaten.]



Their target is believed to be the developer of the groundbreaking waste treatment technology that is being talked about around the world.

After developing the technology, he seemed to have partnered with a university and brought in researchers to create a cover story, but since the researchers have no technical background, one could clearly see that it was just a poor attempt for a cover up.

With the potential for future growth in the eco-business, the target is probably the most economically valuable and tasty prey in the world at the moment.

Perhaps out of fear of kidnapping, there were even rumors that the target had been lying down and getting up in the most secure facility in the company’s factory.



The fact that the target has come all the way to Tokyo and is driving alone in a car without an escort shows a serious imbalance in their security awareness.
It’s likely that they haven’t hired any professionals to protect them.

I guess this is what you would expect from Japan, the nation who got senile from the peace. 

Thanks to that though, it was easier for them to do their job.



Let’s start the operation.]



As the Caucasian guy gave the order over the radio, the other cars responded with a “Copy”.


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At the same time, the SUV designated as Car 1 accelerated and began to close the distance to their target.

In front of the Lexus, the SUV designated as Car 2 also came into view.



[Well then, the car looks tough on the outside, but what about the inside?]



The Hispanic driver of the SUV started flashing his car’s headlights, rapidly closing the distance and honking his horn.

Then, he meanders the SUV provocatively, and even moves in closer until their bumpers almost touch.

The intensity was so intense that a timid driver might miscalculate the steering wheel and immediately cause an accident.
In fact, the Hispanic driver has a track record of burying many of his targets with his driving skills.



He performed his signature tailgating routine dance several times, tapping out his high-driving skills for three minutes, but the Lexus’ driving was completely unwavering.






[How’s it going?]



[It was no good.
If he was scared and stepped on the gas pedal, Car 2 in front could have braked hard and hit him, but he didn’t step on the gas pedal at all.
He’s also keeping a good distance from the car.
He’ll probably avoid it even if Car 2 brake checks him.
He’s tougher than I thought.
He’s probably driving in cruise control.]



[……Then, I guess we can’t go on with this approach huh.]



[I guess so.
We might as well move on to the next plan.]



You heard that? Plan Alpha aborted.
Moving to Plan Bravo.
Car 3 in the parking area, wait for the target.]






It seems like they’re facing a hard-to-catch lobster.



Nevertheless, while the plan to cause an accident on the highway failed, it must have succeeded in wearing down the target’s nerves considerably.



Most humans tend to drink a lot of water when put in a tense situation.

Either they would get thirsty and buy water, or they drink the water they had in their car and end up needing to go to the bathroom.

They may also want to take a break and rest.

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Either way, it’s highly likely that he will stop at the nearest parking area.

Car 3, who is waiting there, will attack and kidnap the target.

That is Plan Bravo.



[Car 1 will continue to pursue the target.]



While giving instructions over the radio, the Caucasian felt a little annoyed at the target, which wasn’t moving as they had hoped.






★ ★ ★ ★ ★






Meanwhile, Hiroki, who was described as a tough target, was fed up with the narrow and winding highways of Tokyo and the mannerless people driving on them.



[Well…… It’s been a while since I drove in Tokyo, but Tokyo drivers sure had become rude……]



Some of the drivers would close the distance even though they were right next to the track and their visibility was restricted, and one of the rudest drivers drove in an expensive SUV in such a blatantly aggressive manner that I thought our cars would end up scraping each other.



[This car looks expensive and I’m just borrowing it, so I hope they give me a break……]



Checking the car’s GPS, Hiroki found that it said they were almost near a parking area.



[Hmmm…… Well, let’s just go home.]



He hesitated for a bit, but he wasn’t feeling particularly tired, so Hiroki stepped on the gas and drove past the parking area.



At first, he felt a little uneasy with the car, but pressing on the gas pedal in the driver seat felt comfortable.

As one would expect from a Japanese luxury car, or so Hiroki thinks.



Humming a lousy tune, Hiroki continued to drive on the highway at night.

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