m I fantasizing about?”

As he spoke, he took out a pile of documents from his briefcase and put them in front of Lao Yang, “Cash, real estate, car… What should be his is his, I don’t want to get any more.
You go out this time, and give these things to him and ask him to sign, especially the house.
At that time, he directly transferred the property to me, but he paid half of the money for the purchase and the renovation.
Ask him if he wants to live in it.
If not, I’ll sell the house, and wire him the money when the time comes.”

Lao Yang frowned, “If you sell the house, where will you live?”

Tao Ran looked away and deliberately understated, “I’ll just buy another one.”

Although his parents died unexpectedly, the family property is still there and he has money.
It’s just that he didn’t dare to move into the house he grew up in, that he lived in since he was a child.
It was full of memories of his parents, and he was afraid that he would collapse.

Old Yang frowned more and more, “Da Yang said it directly when he went abroad, he would give you everything he left in the country.
You know his temper.
He seems to be good-natured, but he is actually more stubborn than anyone else — He definitely won’t take it.
You guys don’t lack these things, keep it, it’s not good to push it around.”

Tao Ran sat there stubbornly, showing a defiant air.

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Lao Yang had a headache, wanting to push the balloon out and ask him to go talk to Da Yang’s parents.

Tao Ran suddenly became annoyed, “Why are you being like this, don’t you meet often? If it wasn’t you refusing to give me his contact information, I’d have done it myself long ago — it’s not murder and arson, why is it so difficult to get you to say something to him?”

Lao Yang had a good temper.
In the past two years, maybe it was because he sympathized with this abandoned wife or something, but he was extremely tolerant in front of him.
For a while, Tao Ran thought he had a crush on him.
Later, he found out that Lao Yang felt Xu Ziyang was not quite right.
He had no choice but to help Xu Ziyang hide from him, but he felt that he was wrong and couldn’t straighten his head.

Sure enough, when Tao Ran was fierce, Lao Yang instantly became cowardly.
He tugged at his hair irritably, “But this thing… this thing, aye.” He sighed and stood up with a frown, “I’m going to have a cigarette, let me think about it.”

This restaurant banned smoking.
If you wanted to smoke, you had to go to the toilet.
Tao Ran nodded and watched his back as he left.
No matter how he looked at it, he felt there was a sense of melancholy.

He frowned.

Lao Yang seemed to be hiding something from him.

Bored of waiting, he took out his mobile phone and started to send WeChat messages to Xu Ziyang.

Tao: I thought about it all of last night.
Since you’re so determined, let’s just forget about it.

Tao: This may be the last time I send you a message.
I will delete you after I finish speaking.
I won’t bother you in the future, are you happy now?

Tao: Actually, even now, I still like you.
I can’t help it.
I’m a long-term lover.
I can’t be like some people, changing their mind so easily.

Tao Ran regretted those words after he sent them out.
He thought about why he had become sour again.
He had to be chill, chill, so he hurriedly deleted it and wrote it again.

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Tao: I will visit your parents from time to time, but don’t be narcissistic, I’m not going for you.
They treat me very well, so I want to be grateful.

Tao: Mint will stay with me.
After you left, it wouldn’t eat or drink.
Every day, it would lie on the balcony and look down, waiting for you to come back.
I finally got it to forget you, so it’s mine now.

Tao: I already told Lao Yang that there will be several documents  you need to sign.
I don’t want your things, it annoys me to just look at them.
You take all of it away.

Tao: You have to take good care of yourself.
Find a girl who can make medicinal broth.
Don’t you always say that your bones hurt? Let her make bone broth for you to drink.

Tao: No matter what, I still hope you can do well.

Tao: Goodbye.
I wish you a bright future and a long life.

In fact, Tao Ran felt very sad when he typed these words, but Lao Yang’s cell phone kept going ding-dong, ding-dong non-stop, and when he sent a message, it made a ring, completely ruining the atmosphere.

Tao Ran laughed angrily, thinking that he claimed to be single, but this was clearly a couple flirting with each other, with so many messages in a row.

When he sent the last sentence, as expected, Lao Yang’s cell phone rang again.
Tao Ran was still immersed in sadness at first, but after a while, he realized that something was wrong.

… He sent a message to Xu Ziyang, but Lao Yang’s cell phone rang.

[1] The word here is frequently translated as “coquettish”.
It’s basically a shameless kind of cute, like acting like a baby.

[2] “Zero” is Chinese slang for the bottom/shou/uke.
“One” means top/gong/seme.

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