nd bribe people a bit to save him.
His Highness Duan Wang finally appeared in front of them.

Ming Yu was now at a high place, raising his eyes to look at the dark and oppressive people below.
These five hundred people were his starting troops.
If he can’t appease them, if they couldn’t be of one mind, then in the future, he would fight alone and be exhausted to death on his own.
He wouldn’t succeed in completing anything at all.
Therefore, he must suppress the flaming contradiction in the bud now.

His eyes swept over everyone.
The originally noisy crowd gradually faded.
No matter how they looked down on this silly prince in private, he was still after all a son of the Emperor, a descendant, and member of the royal family of the Great Yan Dynasty.
So, there were still some reveres left. 

Ming Yu squinted his eyes, and there was an unprecedented solemnity in his voice, “I heard that you have a lot of complaints about Ben Wang?”

No one below dared to say anything.
Ming Yu cleared his throat with satisfaction, and said loudly: “Ben Wang knows that you are all Da Lao Ye Men (collective term for men of different generations) in the capital.
Suddenly coming to this barren, wild, and deserted place, it must be hard to accept the current situation.”  He paused, then rubbed his cuff casually with his fingers, “But I want to say something, your choice wasn’t wrong.” 

As soon as this was said, some people snorted disdainfully at him.
What choice wasn’t wrong? They were not stupid.
Letting go of the good days to follow him here and bear the hardships, but still saying that was not wrong were words to deceive ghosts.

Seeing everyone’s reaction in his eyes, Ming Yu smiled and went straight to the subject, “You guys give me three to five years.
At that time, if you still want to return to the capital, Ben Wang promises that you can all go back.
Moreover, I will also promote your official rank one level….”

He still hadn’t finished speaking yet, when the people below seemed to explode all at once.
What did His Highness say? Did they hear it wrong, or was His Highness talking stupid?

Even Mo Jiang, who was standing by the side, was stunned.
He raised his eyes and looked at Ming Yu in disbelief.
When His Highness said this, was he kidding?

Ming Yu’s expression was the usual one, meaning what he said wasn’t a joke.
When the people below calmed down a little bit, he said, “You heard it right.
Ben Wang was not joking.
After three or five years, you can go back to the capital.
I will present a petition to Royal Father.
Whoever wishes to return to the capital, listed as personal imperial guards, can be promoted to one level up from the original position.
However, all these things have conditions.”

At this moment, everyone heard it clearly and sincerely.
They thought they had no hope of returning to the capital.
But listening to His Highness, as long as they wait a few more years, they would be able to return to the capital.
This was really great news, not to mention His Highness had said that once they returned to the capital to join the personal imperial guards, they could be promoted one level.
As everyone here knows, the competition of being a personal imperial guard was very fierce.
Without a connection, it’s impossible to get in.
Some people would try all of their life, just to withdraw and stay at the bottom level in the end.
A promotion of one rank would only occur when the sun rose from the west. 

Now they can be promoted as long as they wait for three to five years to return to the capital? This kind of great benefit, even if you lit a lantern, you still won’t be able to find it.
What else could they say? Let alone three to five years, they can afford to wait another ten years.

The joy of everyone was hard to suppress.
A slightly sane person couldn’t help but ask, “We really can return to the capital in a few years? Are you lying to us?”

Ming Yu really didn’t bluff.
That’s right.
Everything had just begun, and everything to be done required manpower.
As long as they waited a few years, when all the plans are on the way, it didn’t matter if they stayed or not.
Moreover, he also believed that the development of Liangcheng would not be much worse than that of the capital.

Ming Yu raised his hand and pressed it down, signaling everyone to be quiet.
When the restless people calmed down, he said: “A nobleman’s word is his bond.
Since Ben Wang has said it, I naturally will fulfill my promise.
Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to listen to what the conditions are first?”

Everyone calmed down.
Right, His Highness just said that there were conditions.
Let’s listen first.
No matter what the harsh conditions are, they will agree first.
It will be better to struggle a few years to earn an achievement.

“Ben Wang’s conditions are very simple.
You are the imperial guards, you are officers and soldiers, you are military personnel.
It is your duty as a soldier to obey orders.
Ben Wang wants you to be unconditionally devoted, unconditionally reliable, and must obey orders no matter what.
Therefore, everyone must follow orders and act accordingly.
One must not be outwardly devoted but opposing inwardly.
Also, one absolutely cannot act without permission or behave unscrupulously to bully the common people.
If this is disobeyed, one will absolutely not be forgiven easily.”  

When Ming Yu finished speaking, everyone was silent.
What kind of conditions are these conditions? One, it wasn’t telling them to do something shameful, and second, it wasn’t sending them to their deaths.
It was just to follow the rules, but this is what soldiers should abide by, so why did His Highness make it sound so serious? 

Ming Yu looked around, waved his arm, and said powerfully: “You all must always remember that you are all soldiers.
You are not here to protect a person.
The most important thing you should protect is the kingdom, your home.
One’s nation, honor, and responsibility should always be put first.
Tell Ben Wang, can you accomplish it?”

Mo Jiang’s heart trembled.
He was the first one to step forward and bow to the ground, “Yes! Subordinate will definitely accomplish it!”

“Yes!” Everyone knelt down and promised.
They saw hope in Ming Yu’s words.
No matter what, at this moment, they all sincerely showed their allegiance.

Ciacia/N: *sobs* I’m so proud of him.
And! Therefore, this is how the ‘Little Fatty Yu’s Cult’ established.
Ngl, it was so dope tho, the speech was so powerful that I shed tears of joy.

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