“Imperial Father, do not need to be angry, the matter of the bandits only needs to be handed over to me.
I will definitely beat them down until even their mothers won’t recognize them.
As for Liu Zhifu and General Wei, just let them use their merits to wash away their sins.
You just have to wait for our good news! Finally, I wish Imperial Father a long long long life, living for thousands of years, dominant over all corners of the country! PS: If Imperial Father still has money left, it would be good to send some emergency relief my way! Urgent emergency relief to the remote area!”

Reading until the end, His Majesty the Emperor didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
This, this what did he write! This shameful thing was specifically here to collect debts, right? He already knew it, what good can Old Fourteen do when he opens his mouth? Doesn’t he just want his father to give him money? However, his nonsense entanglement made the Emperor’s anger subside a lot.

Ming Ye observed his facial expression and saw that the dark clouds on the Emperor’s face dispersed and were replaced with a little smile.
His heart was also a little relieved: “Father, what did Fourteenth Brother say?” In the entire palace, he was afraid that only Ming Yu could easily change the Emperor’s temper, but now without him, the palace was much cooler, without the loud noise and bustle in the past, people were a little unaccustomed.

“What else could it be besides whining about hardships and poverty in front of me, sigh! Children are debts, this saying is true throughout the ages.” Although the emperor’s words were complaining, he was faintly happy, no matter how big his son was, he still needed him as a father.

Ming Ye also didn’t point it out bluntly, the Emperor disliked it the most when someone could speculate about his sacred heart.
Thunder and rain were all king’s grace, including him, the crown prince, who never dared to show his expression.
When the thunder strikes, the gain will not make up for the loss.
Speaking of which, Ming Yu in the palace was not afraid of this, in any case, he even jested, and pestered endlessly, even the emperor with an unfathomable sacred heart would also suffer.

Ming Ye gripped on to the Emperor’s words and said with a smile: “Although Fourteenth Brother is not in tune, he still thinks about Imperial Father in his heart.
Last time, he specially sent someone into the capital to give Imperial Father that kind of mirror crystal.”

He thought hard, but he couldn’t recall, so the Emperor reminded: “It’s something that is called eyeglasses.”

Ming Ye, who was reminded, said happily: “It is precisely called this.
Imperial Father uses it well, didn’t you also praise Fourteenth Brother for being considerate?” 

The thing that Ming Yu specially sent to the capital last time was really easy to use.
He only needed to wear this every time he made a memorial.
It was indeed clear and refreshing to see things, his eyes would not be tired.
It was also difficult for this son to think about him from time to time.
But the precious crystal glass bestowed by him, there are few of it in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, but he squandered it like this, which is really distressing.
Old Nine grinded him for so long, but he was not willing to give it to Old Nine, and now Old Nine often complained in front of him that he was partial.

The emperor was proud in his heart, but he did not show it on the surface, “Hmph! Old Fourteen doesn’t do his work all day long, so he can ponder these strange tricks closely.”

Ming Ye lowered his head and did not dare to answer, the emperor looked at this self-restrained crown prince, and sighed in his heart.
He eased his tone, “I don’t really blame him.
You, it’s just that your mind is too cautious.”

Ming Ye quickly trembled and knelt down to plead guilty, “Father forgive me.” 

The emperor was helpless so he didn’t say anything.
Ai! If it was Old Fourteenth, he would definitely climb up the pole after he expressed this opinion, even scolding him could be taken as a good word.

He looked at the crown prince kneeling on the ground, “Get up! Us, father and son are just gossiping, what is the reason for kneeling while talking? ”

“Yes! Imperial Father.” Ming Ye stood up, his face ashamed.

The crown prince was his first child with Empress Yuan.
When he was married to Empress Yuan, the two people’s feelings were serious.
He remembered how excited he was when the prince was born.
In order to choose a name, he spent several days without closing his eyes, and used almost all the words with good meanings.
In the end, Empress Yuan personally picked a Ye character, which represented the meaning of bright and vigorous.
Both of them hoped that this child will be brilliant in his life, as their hope.

The child who was held in the palm of their hand had grown up, gentle as jade, burning his brilliance, but his temperament was more cautious and docile; as the crown prince of a big country, his courage was still a little lacking.
Well, it’s fine, there is still more time, let’s just take it easy!

Seeing him like this, the emperor softened his tone, “There are no ruler and his minister here today, only father and son.
Let’s talk about common gossip like your Fourteenth Brother, who is making trouble for me every day.
Can I really ignore him? In the end, we are father and son, blood is thicker than water, who said that there is no father and son in the imperial family? If there is really no family affection, Old Fourteen would have lost his head long ago.

“Yes! I understand.” Ming Ye said emotionally.

But it was only that momentary emotion.
He was in a position above ten thousand people, he clearly understood in his heart that he was facing a cliff, if he was not careful, he would fall to pieces.
Perhaps only the character of Fourteenth Brother can enjoy the so-called family affection of the imperial family.

“Imperial Father is benevolent.
I think Fourteenth Brother also knows this, although he is willful and presumptuous, he also knows that it’s because of Imperial Father’s heart that is forgiving and affectionate.
That’s why he always came to hide behind Imperial Father whenever he made trouble.” 

“That’s true too.” Thinking of Ming Yu’s calamity in those years, the emperor couldn’t help but laugh, remembering that Concubine Hui’s small treasury was set on fire by Ming Yu.
Concubine Hui was flustered and exasperated at that time, and didn’t Ming Yu come and hide behind him like a quail! He was both angry and happy, but what could he do when he looked at his pitiful appearance? Of course, he had to protect his own son.

Thinking of these past events, the emperor’s eyes were much kinder, but when he thought of Ming Yu’s letter, he was angry and uneasy, “Speaking of Old Fourteen, I’ve become angry again.
He actually wrote that he would eradicate the bandits himself.
These bandits are ruthless and cunning, why is he taking this matter on himself? isn’t he afraid that he will be in danger?”

“It may be assumed that Fourteenth Brother has good intentions and that he wanted to share your worries.
Although he likes to make trouble, he also knows appropriate behaviour.” Ming Ye exhorted.

“Appropriate behaviour? What appropriate behaviour can he have? If he had half of your mind, I would be relieved.” The emperor frowned.
“The only people under him who could be used were five hundred guards, the last letter said that two hundred guards were sent out to escort the caravan, so what could be do with these remaining more than three hundred people? ”

“Isn’t there still a garrison in the borderland? No matter how bad it is, there is also the Red Robe Army.

“The Red Robe Army had to guard against the invasion of the enemy, and there are good and bad people intermingled in the border garrison.
They can’t be relied on.
If they are really useful, will they still let the bandits run amok?” He began to worry about Old Fourteen.
As long as he decided something, even nine horses would not be able to pull him back.
He said that he would deal with the bandit, that was the decision.
But how can bandits be so easy to deal with? The emperor was worried and full of helplessness.

“Imperial Father, can this be okay?” Ming Ye also began to worry when he heard this.

“I can only hurry up and make an order to let Wei Wuji and Xie Yixiu protect him thoroughly.”

“Yes! I also have this intention.

“By the way, next time you send someone to send something over, just bring a pair of crystal glasses to Old Fourteen in the passing.” After thinking about it, the emperor still ordered.
This stupid son, if he really become cold and hungry, then the person who loses face, won’t it still be him as the father? Hai! He heard that the fool went to the border area and lost a lot of weight, it may be assumed that he’s starving, right? When he thought about it, he felt distressed again.

Ming Ye obediently agreed.

Ming Yu didn’t know how his cry in poverty in the passing and just conveniently opening his mouth to ask his Emperor Father for money had caused the emperor to lose a pair of crystal glasses.

Although his hands were a little tight now, it wasn’t like he was unable to live.
Among the goods sent by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince last time, he carried the silver ticket that the emperor secretly compensated for him, which the emperor took out of his private treasury.

And the crown prince also subsidized him somewhat so that he would not be stretched.
However, Ming Yu was a child who cries to get candy to eat, so he didn’t mind at all to cry and say that he’s poor.
What’s wrong with it? This thing called money, the more the merrier, isn’t it?

After all, he was really short of money now, what thing in his hands did not cost money? Seeing the silver money flowing out like flowing water without the slightest return, how can he not be anxious?

As for the caravan, there was no result in sight yet, so they could only wait slowly.

“General Xie, what do you think of the terrain here?” Ming Yu pointed to a place on the sand table in front of him and asked.

Xie Yixiu stared at Ming Yu’s fingers and shook his head, “Although the terrain here is dangerous, it is not easy to leave the enemy behind.
In case the bandits break the net and break through from this side, I am afraid that it will be a failure.”

Ming Yu followed his words, thought about it, and felt that it was reasonable.
He couldn’t help but frown and ask: “Then can we strengthen this place, send more troops to ambush there, and set up more traps?”

Xie Yixiu still shook his head, “After all, there are still flaws.
I feel that it is better to choose this place than to choose the dangerous terrain here.”

Ming Yu looked over, there was nothing special about the place he was referring to? This is a land of river valleys, without any passes; setting up ambushes in this place? This…… Is this possible?

Ming Yu looked over suspiciously, this person is really not joking? As they all know, ambushes generally rely on the terrain, gourd mouths, narrow passages, or cliffs.
The soldiers lie high above, waiting for the enemy to enter the ambush circle, then they can attack the enemy with rolling stones, logs or rockets to make the enemy defenceless making it difficult to hide, and can only be slaughtered like a lamb with cubs.

There were no sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces or deep forests, it was not easy to be able to find a dangerous place like a valley mouth here.

That’s right, Ming Yu wanted to set up an ambush from the beginning, lead people into the encirclement, and then catch them all in one net.
Therefore, when he was at Liu Zhifu’s residence and saw Xie Yixiu, he gave birth to a testing and playful heart.
Together, they might as well write down their own ideas, then show them together to see whose method was good, but they did not expect that the same ‘conceal’ character was written in the palm of their hands, which was simply a spiritual understanding, great minds think alike!

Ming Yu didn’t understand why Xie Yixiu didn’t use the dangerous place to set up an ambush, but chose to set up an ambush in an ordinary river valley, but this place was just a depression, flat and without any cover.
If he sets up an ambush here, wouldn’t others be able to see through it at a glance? How can people set up ambushes like this?

Seeing Ming Yu’s shining peach blossom eyes full of doubts, Xie Yixiu was slightly stunned.
He shook his head and said: “May I ask Wang Ye, if it is you, will you rush in regardless of the dangerous place?” 

“Huh?” Ming Yu was asked, “Of course not.”

“That’s right.” Xie Yixiu said in a light voice: “Don’t underestimate this group of bandits, I have checked, the bandits ransacked Ningshi Village not on a whim, they came prepared.
Without careful planning, they would never be able to be so clean in execution.
In the end, they not only set up doubtful formations to mix the truth with falsehood, but also set traps to block the pursuit of the government, which is enough to show that the person who led this group of bandits is a smart and brainy person.

Ming Yu suddenly realized and understood what Xie Yixiu meant, indeed, it was not easy to lead the bandits into the ambush circle, not to mention that as long as the terrain was dangerous, if a smart person came, they would definitely not choose such a path.
Not everyone can guess people’s hearts like Zhuge Liang.

“But! The land of this river valley you said is flat and unobstructed, how do you have the soldiers ambush? As soon as it appears in the enemy’s line of sight, it will be discovered, how can it be used for ambush? ”

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