In a humble farmhouse, a few intermittent and suppressed coughs rang out.
It was freezing cold, and the cold wind blew in through dilapidated windows, making a whining sound.

A lean and capable man looked around cautiously to make sure that there was no one around before he pushed away the wood and flashed neatly into the house.

Song! Mr.
Song!” The room was dark and cold, the man whispered a few times, then he heard a cough, and frowned.
He walked a few steps, fumbling to light the oil lamp on the table.

The light was like a bean, dangling in the wind a few times.
The man carefully protected it with his hands, only then did it stabilise.

In the dim light, one can see through the room with a glance.
A table with missing corners, there was a simple wooden bed and a person lying on the bed.
Black hair like a waterfall scattered on the head of the bed.
His brows frowned slightly, and the suppressed but unstoppable cough made his pale complexion gradually turn a faint red.
The man seemed to be half-dreaming.
Seeing the light, he opened his eyes slightly.
The water shining between the waves of his eyes was peerless and magnificent at a glance.

That man was stunned for a moment, then he came back to his senses.
Even if he saw it often, he would be stunned by this man’s face every time.
He shook his head, shook off the numb itch in his heart, and stepped forward a few steps to help the person up and lean on the head of the bed.
He tugged the corners of the quilt for him.

He reached out and touched the man’s forehead, it was hot, and he said distressingly: “Why are you still so hot? Did you not drink medicine again? ”

Song Lian’s eyes darkened slightly, he flicked away the man’s hand without a trace, and did not answer his question, but asked coldly in a hoarse voice: “What was the result of this trip?”

Hearing the question, the man said excitedly: “Thanks to what Mr.
Song said, we can earn enough money this time, hahaha, the people near Liangcheng are fat sheeps, we have found a lot of grain.
We can at least alleviate the current predicament of our comrades.”

That man was none other than Song Qingfu, who led someone to rob Ningshi Village a few days ago.
Song Lian was an important person who helped them with their advice.
Others called him Mr.

Song Lian came from the north two years ago, it was rumoured it was to hide from someone.
After coming to the Liangzhou region, he contracted a cold, and was rescued by Song Qingfu when he was hungry and frozen.
After that, he had been following him and advising him, so that Song Qingfu, a small minion, had become a big leader of one of the major forces in Liangzhou.
Song Lian had made a great contribution.

Song Lian did not have the slightest hint of relief on his face, and coughed twice, “What is the reaction of the government office now?”

Song Qingfu looked proud, “Government office? How can a bunch of waste react? They didn’t even dare to chase us.

According to the method given by Song Lian, he arranged the clues falsely and realistically, and set up a few more traps.
The troops would suffer a crushing defeat, how could they dare to chase again?

Now the comrades all had reverence for Mr.
Since having Mr.
Song, their life was getting better and better.
Their power was getting stronger and stronger, which man on the road did not admire them? Now the villages around Liangcheng, they could rob them as long as they said they would.
Maybe one day they can rob the rich merchants in Liangcheng who were rich and flowing with fat, then they will be able to eat and drink for a lifetime.

This time they robbed in delight and the government didn’t even dare to fart.
To be honest, this was the most refreshing thing they did.

“Do not take it lightly, let the comrades settle down a little.
Have them tuck their tails between their legs without showing their heads in public to arouse suspicion.
Cough cough!” Song Lian instructed.

“Don’t worry! I have told my comrades as you commanded, they have always believed in you and dare not disobey.
Come, take some medicine first.” Song Qingfu brought the warm soup medicine in the corner of the wall and said.

Song Lian looked at the black and mushy soup medicine in his hand, he frowned in disgust, and moved back without a trace.

Song Qingfu noticed his small movement and said with a smile: “I brought you candied fruit, if you drink the medicine, I will give it to you.
These were preserves that only existed in the capital, it took a lot of effort to exchange it for it.

Song Lian was fine at first, when he heard him mention the capital, his face showed a fierce resentment.
He said hatefully: “I said, don’t mention the capital to me!”

He didn’t know why, after Song Qingfu rescued him, he was secretive about his origin.
They only knew that he was called Song Lian, and the rest was unknown.
Once they accidentally mentioned the northern capital and Song Lian who was present immediately lost his temper, so the comrades below also knew Mr.
Song’s reverse scale and never mentioned this in front of him.
Only Song Qingfu did not shy away from this, he always blurted it out, Song Lian was angry with him every time.

Song Qingfu hurriedly surrendered, but he was insincere, and said perfunctorily: “Alright, alright, alright, I won’t mention it, won’t mention it, drink the medicine first, then I will tell you about the things in Liangcheng after you finish.

Song Lian glared at him fiercely before taking the bowl and drinking it.
Song Qingfu also took his words seriously.
Seeing that he finished drinking the medicine, he took out a small cloth bag, picked up the preserves and put it in Song Lian’s mouth.

Song Lian held the candy expressionlessly, listening to Song Qingfu chatter.
He began to talk about what he saw and heard in Liangcheng.
In order to rob the villages around Liangcheng, they listened to Song Lian’s words.
If it was brought up, they would step up and advance, so they also went to Liangcheng for a walk.
Seeing and hearing a lot of strange and interesting things and thinking that Mr.
Song did not have the opportunity to see it with his own eyes, he thought of picking some interesting things to tell him, which could also make him happy.

He was respectful and loving to Song Lian, if it weren’t for Song Lian’s plan, how could they dare to come to the vicinity of Liangcheng? Now they have plundered a lot of property, not only can they not worry about winter, but they can also make the Liangzhou large and small forces admire them.
He believed that this time, their position would firmly become the leader boss in the Liangzhou region.

Song, you don’t know how prosperous Liangcheng is, what food is used, the people all use the best.
There are many things that have not been seen.
I heard that there are good things shipped from the foreigners in the west.” Song Qingfu sighed.

Since he was a child, he had lived by begging, wandering around, living a life with no tomorrow.
When he grew up, in order to beg for food, he joined a team of bandits, specializing in murder and looting property.
In this team, he belonged to the lowest level, had been bullied and oppressed for a long time, did all the dirty work, but always got the least things.

Until he met Song Lian, who taught him how to please the boss, how to buy people’s hearts, and how to eradicate dissidents, step by step, from a small minion who was bullied, he slowly became the leader of a big force who controlled everything.
It can be said that without Song Lian, there would be no Song Qingfu today.

“I went to Liangcheng this time and heard the news.
I heard that the emperor’s son lives in Liangcheng.
I went to see the house where he lived from afar, it was so big.
I wonder how nice it would be to live in such a house.
Sir, do you think that the emperor’s son’s house is paved with gold? Does he use a golden bowl to eat? It would really be a d*mn good reincarnation.
Sir might as well think of a way to take our brethren to f*king rob them and carry all the gold and silver treasures of his house up the mountain, so that we can eat and drink for the rest of our lives.” Song Qingfu spoke with relish, not noticing Song Lian’s face twisting terribly.

“The emperor’s sons, all of them deserve to die!” Song Lian scolded hatefully.

“Yes, yes! They deserve to die!” Song Qingfu heard Song Lian’s rare echo of his words, and his heart was even more happy.
He said rudely: “Then let’s go rob him next, maybe as soon as he sees us, he will be scared to the point of peeing himself.
Bah! A bullsh*t of a prince, I will chop off his dog head with a knife to feed the dog.

After he said that, he excitedly grabbed Song Lian’s hands, his eyes full of attachment and obsession, “Sir, by that time, those things will be yours.
Even if you want the moon in the sky, I will also take it for you.” 

Song Lian’s eyes showed a look of disgust, he quietly withdrew his hands.
Turning a deaf ear to Song Qingfu’s heartfelt words, if he had a choice, he would have left this ghost place long ago.

Two years ago, when he fled to Liangzhou, he contracted a cold and fell seriously ill, and met Song Qingfu who saved him.
In order to repay this kindness in the past two years, he advised him and helped him to a high position that he could not reach in his life, which can be regarded as already repaying his kindness.

He had long known that Song Qingfu had thoughts about him, so he had thought about leaving here, but the serious illness at that time had hurt his foundation.
He had been weak and sick for the past two years, if he left rashly, it was unknown what kind of outcome he would have in such a harsh environment.
He was unwilling, unwilling to die in obscurity, at least not until his wish was fulfilled.

“Enough! If there is nothing, you better go back first! Think about how to divide the looted things, and what the next path should be.
If the government comes to hunt down and arrest you, how will you deal with it?” Song Lian’s face was frosty, and he said extremely impatiently.

“Sir!” Song Qingfu saw that he was angry and couldn’t help but be anxious.
“Sir, I have sincere affection for you…”

Song Lian’s eyes flicked over coldly, obviously not wanting him to mention this matter.

“Song Lian, it’s because I respect you that’s why I talk to you like this.
If it weren’t for me, you would already have no bones at this moment.” Song Qingfu was anxious, and couldn’t help but say something ruthless.

Song Lian glared at him fiercely when he heard this.
His eyes flashed a charming red with anger.
“Haha! Are you threatening me? You saved me because you wanted my body? Yes?” He said while pulling off his front clothes hard, “Song Qingfu, if you have the ability, come.
Whatever happens, one will die anyways.
I am a person who has already died once, I don’t care about dying anymore!”

Song Lian’s white chest was covered with a hazy colour under the dim light.
Song Qingfu was stabbed like this, but he calmly woke up, he knew that he had hurt this person’s heart.
He took two steps back, and slapped himself twice, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! You…… You know that’s not what I meant.
I-I….” He was clumsy for a while, not knowing what to say.
Under Song Lian’s mocking gaze, he snatched open the door and fled.

Bang! The door closed, the red in Song Lian’s eyes finally dispersed, and he looked at the closed door in a daze, not knowing what he was thinking.
After a while, he coughed violently, tearing his heart and lungs, before he finally laid down on the bed weakly, a tear unconsciously crossed the corner of his eye.

The bandits who ransacked Ningshi Village were nowhere to be seen.
They did not see the garrison of the government sending troops to arrest them, rumours filled Liangcheng for a while.

“Is that all there is to it? What does the government do? “There was a lot of talk in the building.

“The government office is just a bully of the weak and afraid of evil.
Those people are extremely vicious, in order to protect themselves, they are afraid to chase after them, right?” Someone scoffed.

“Hai! Such a big thing happened, who dares to go out of the city now.
If the bandits were still nearby, one would lose his life if he was not careful, it would be a big loss.

Someone sneered, “You think everything will be fine if you don’t go out of town? Looking at the government’s behaviour, when the bandits enter the city, they won’t dare to make any moves, right? ”

“Don’t be an alarmist, I heard that Wang Ye was furious and vowed to annihilate the bandits in one fell swoop.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone laughed in ridicule, someone immediately retorted: “Annihilate them in one fell swoop? He has to send troops to destroy them for us to believe that.
But there is no movement, can it be that Wang Ye can make the bandits obediently wait to be catched with a word? What a joke! ”

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