Seeing Ming Yu flustered, Xie Yixiu was happy in his heart, maybe it was also a good thing to teach him to ride a horse.

“General Xie, General Xie, don’t be too strict with me.
Aiya, no can do, I can’t do this, my legs are sore!”

“Grasp the direction, your strength is not right.
Master the rhythm, follow the rhythm and move with it so that you don’t get tired.”

Although he understood the reason, Ming Yu still had difficulty letting go, which was much more difficult than learning to drive in his later generation life.
After Xie Yixiu corrected his posture, it had indeed become much better than at the beginning.
he became much more relaxed.

He breathed a sigh of relief with great difficulty.
He was about to say something, but how could he know that a sound of a whip coming from his back would make the horse neigh, and the speed would actually begin to increase.

When Ming Yu reacted, he found that Xie Yixiu actually took advantage of his inattention, and whipped his horse, speeding it up for him.

“Ahhhh!” Ming Yu began to cry in alarm, he can’t bear this speed! “General Xie, Xie Yixiu, you did this on purpose.
Save me! I’m finished! I’m finished! You’re conspiring against royalty, plotting to murder me for my property, murdering your husband!” 

In a panic, he has long since lost the meaning of the words that popped out of his mouth.
Don’t ask, if he were to be asked, it would be that he was too panicked to select words so he was babbling nonsense.

Xie Yixiu’s face darkened, he wanted to add another whip to make the horse a little faster, who told him to babble nonsense.
Fortunately, the horse had already distanced itself from the personal guards behind, and the people behind could only faintly hear the intermittent shouts in the wind.

Just when Ming Yu didn’t know what more outrageous things to say, a voice next to his ear said: “Lean over and lower your body, master the rhythm of the horse’s running, and clamp the horse’s body with both legs.”

He listened and did as he was told, and finally became stabilised, only then did he find that Xie Yixiu had been following him.
Ming Yu was relieved, he would not let himself have an accident.
However, what a strange way of thinking.
If he had met a mishap, Xie Yixiu, the culprit, would definitely not be able to get away.

Now that he had Xie Yixiu’s protection, Ming Yu was completely relieved and began to enjoy the joy of galloping against the wind, which was much more comfortable than driving a car in the later generations.

On a whim, he wanted to go faster.
He whipped the horse to speed up.
As long as people get lost on a whim and get carried away, they don’t care about anything at all, so Ming Yu, who was afraid to die earlier, now has let go of his hands and feet, becoming hot blooded.
He only wanted to pursue the speed of the wind.

Xie Yixiu frowned slightly, disapproving of Ming Yu’s approach.
He accelerated his speed a bit for Ming Yu but not as reckless as Ming Yu.
After all, it was just the first class, he should start slow then go fast, it is naturally not advisable to run before learning to walk.

Seeing that Ming Yu’s horse had galloped forward, Xie Yixiu also sped up and chased after him, “Wang Ye be careful, the speed can’t be too fast, otherwise I am afraid that you will be injured.” 

Ming Yu smiled back and said cheerfully, “Isn’t General Xie here with me? With you here, you will be able to protect me, right? ”

If Xie Yixiu watched him be injured and ignored him, he was afraid that someone would impeach him before the imperial court, it would also be troubling for him.

Today’s Ming Yu just wanted to be willful once.
Since coming to Liangzhou, the situation in Liangzhou was not optimistic with war and famine.
The commoners had no clothes to wear, no food to eat, and was in wretched poverty.
To be honest, the pressure in his heart was unprecedented from his position and his own government.
As a Wang Ye, Liangzhou was his territory, he had the responsibility and obligation to lead himself to govern the commoners below him to live a better life. 

When he first arrived, he had a very urgent mindset to change all of this.
But he also knew that changing the current predicament in Liangzhou was not a trivial matter, so he must not be in a hurry.
Therefore, no matter how anxious and urgent he was, he could only keep everything in his heart.

He wanted to make a lot of money and use this money to build a new Liangzhou.
He wanted to change people’s livelihood to allow the commoners to live a good life, wanted the people of the Great Yan Kingdom to no longer suffer from war, and wanted the two countries to turn their hostility to friendliness so the commoners of the two countries would be able to trade freely. 

All of this was too difficult.
Ming Yu wanted silver money but there was silver money.
He wanted manpower but there was no manpower, everything could only be a delusion.

Today, the caravan was finally confirmed and set off.
One has to say that this caravan carried all of Ming Yu’s expectations.
If it can meet his expectations, then the subsequent development of Liangzhou will not be a problem at all.
There was still a long way to go, and the first westward journey of this caravan was destined to be recorded in history.

Xie Yixiu looked at Ming Yu’s bright smile, he couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.
The subconscious line on his face softened a little, was this person really so sure that he can protect him? However, what’s so difficult about protecting him?

“Jia! Riding a horse and catching the wind was really a good amusement, it’s really fantastic! There was a poem that went:  Riding on a white horse with a silver saddle, galloping down the street as fast as a shooting star in the sky; being able to chase the stars and the moon, the frivolous youth was just like this.” Ming Yu shouted excitedly, completely dispelling the depression in his heart.
No wonder everyone in the world loves magnificant carriages and precious horses, as long they can catch up with the wind, there is nothing to worry about.

Xie Yixiu did not make a sound, he only followed closely.
The two horses ran side by side, the sky was clear, the wilderness was vast, the people on the horse were dressed in fluttering clothes, and between heaven and earth, a natural and beautiful picture was formed.

Perhaps it was because Ming Yu was too carried away, only caring about galloping freely, not noticing the hollow ravine in front of him; without being careful, the horse lost its front hooves, looking like he will be thrown off the horse in a moment. 

It’s over, extreme joy turns to sorrow! If he broke a leg or a hand or something, then he’s really going through sheer h*ll.
His heart was beating violently, Ming Yu closed his eyes tightly, waiting for the pain that was about to come once he came into contact with the ground.
However, the pain did not come as expected, his back touched a broad, firm and warm chest.
Only when the violently beating heart finally returned to its original position did Ming Yu open his eyes and see a careful, solemn and indifferent face.

It was Xie Yixiu who caught Ming Yu when his life was a thousand pounds hanging by a thead.
Fortunate, fortunate! He didn’t want to be a crippled prince, it’s best to have everything intact.

“I said there would be danger.” Xie Yixiu’s voice was as cold as ice slag.
If it weren’t for his quick eyes, he was afraid that Ming Yu would have been injured at this moment.

Ming Yu decisively replied with a huge grin on his face: “Thank you very much, sure enough, I said that you could protect me, wasn’t I right? It was precisely because of General Xie that Ben Wang dares to act so willfully! ”

Xie Yixiu pursed his lips, his eyes were deep, did this person really trust him so much?

The horse ran forward for a while before Xie Yixiu stopped the horse.

The two dismounted.
Ming Yu unconsciously felt that his legs were weak.
He was about to kneel to the ground, when Xie Yixiu quietly supported him.

“Let’s stop here today.
Riding too urgently, I’m afraid you will get hurt.
Wang Ye should go back to the residence early to rest, otherwise you will be uncomfortable tomorrow.” Xie Yixiu said a word of concern for the first time.

Ming Yu nodded, he was frightened just now, so he was a little weak.
Only at this moment did he feel a trace of fear, at the same time he also made up his mind.
Without Xie Yixiu’s protection, he would absolutely not go at high speed alone.
The risk factor was too high.

Soon, Ming Yu’s personal guards also followed up.
Ming Yu was helped into the carriage, and after sitting down, he poked out his head.
“General Xie, let’s meet again when you have time, you promised to teach me how to ride a horse, you must not break your word.”

Xie Yixiu was speechless, did he look like the kind of person to go back on his word? However, in the next few days, Ming Yu won’t be able to ride a horse.
The carriage started to move slowly, he lowered his head, and greeted Ming Yu to leave.

The next day, in the Wang Ye Mansion, Ming Yu was lying on the bed, and Qingping was rubbing his shoulders for him.

Ming Yu grimaced, screaming non-stop.
“Lighter, lighter, ouch! It hurts, it hurts…”

Qingping was full of helplessness, she was already doing it very lightly, okay? Wang Ye was really good, a grown up already, but still doesn’t know how to take good care of himself, going out to work for half a day yesterday.
This was good, today his body hurt everywhere and he almost can’t get out of bed.

Looking at him like this, she was really distressed.
When has His Royal Highness suffered such hardships since he was a child? Why does he need to learn horsemanship? There were carriages in and out, where could he use his horsemanship skill? 

“Your Highness, tell me why did you unnecessarily went to suffer such hardship? In the end, aren’t you suffering it by yourself like this?” 

“Sigh, you don’t know how refreshed and unrestrained a real horse ride is.
This was incomparable to riding a carriage.
If a man says that he can’t ride a horse, then won’t it make others laugh their head off?” 

Ming Yu opened his mouth to make a lot of fallacious reasoning, he really admired those soldiers who rode on horseback and galloped across the frontier.
Although he would not personally go to the battlefield, riding a horse was so exciting, he still wanted to try.

When Qingping heard his words, she wanted to put more strength in her hand so that His Royal Highness would remember the pain for a long time.
“Your Highness, you are a Wang Ye, who under the sky dares to laugh at you? Such a dangerous thing like horseback riding, Your Highness’s golden body does not have to try it personally.

What else could Ming Yu say? Qingping kneaded his sore spot, so he couldn’t say anything more and only screamed in pain.

“Wang Ye, General Xie sent someone to send things over, please take a look.” At this moment, there was someone reporting from outside the door.

Ming Yu was curious, what would Xie Yixiu send over at this time? However, since he specially sent things over, it was not good if he did not accept them, so he asked the person to come in loudly.

The door was pushed open, and a figure walked in.
Ming Yu took a closer look, it was the personal guard beside Xie Yixiu.

“What did General Xie ask you to send over?” Out of curiosity, Ming Yu asked directly.

The personal guard took out a brocade box and opened it.
Inside was a small crystal clear porcelain bottle.
“This is the medicine that General Xie asked me to send to Wang Ye, he said that Wang Ye rode too violently yesterday, so he was worried that Wang Ye would be unwell today.
This medicine can relieve physical pain.”

Ming Yu was overjoyed when he heard this, “Really? You go back and thank the general for his kindness for Ben Wang.” After speaking, he looked at Qingping, “Qingping, quickly bring it to Ben Wang to try how the effect is.”

Qingping responded, then walked over and took the medicine bottle from the man’s hand.

As soon as it was opened, Ming Yu could smell a fragrant smell.
It must be good for General Xie to send it over.
He urged, “Quickly help me apply it.” 

Qingping’s movements were not slow, she very neatly poured the medicine on her hand, rubbed it and then gently wiped it on Ming Yu.
Ming Yu inhaled a cool breath, there was a faint feeling of coolness in the place where the ointment was smeared, it really didn’t hurt so much.

“Go back and thank General Xie for Ben Wang.
When I get better I will personally visit him to thank him.
Let him remember that no matter what, Ben Wang also asked General Xie to teach me horsemanship.” After saying this, Qingping’s hand strength unconsciously became a little heavier.
Ming Yu grimaced bitterly, but in front of outsiders, he had to bear it without shouting out to lose face.

After the guard returned, he reported to Xie Yixiu in full detail.
Originally for such a small matter, his general mostly would be impatient to listen, but how not only did General Xie listen patiently, but he also personally asked two sentences about the situation of Duan Wang.

The personal guard has followed Xie Yixiu for many years, but he has never seen him care about someone.
Before his general disdained Duan Wang, so much that when he personally came to his door, he still refused to see him.
How can he care about the other party now? After thinking about it, he still couldn’t understand, so he could only think that maybe Wang Ye was still a prince and as his subject, it’s okay to care about him, right?

Xie Yixiu naturally didn’t know the psychological activities of his subordinate, but when he heard that Ming Yu was like this, he was a little helpless thinking about the matter of riding a horse.

This man…

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