and frost of years outlining a series of folds on his face.
He looked like a very ordinary old man, but Ming Yu’s respectful attitude made people a little confused.

After he stood still, the old man was going to bow down to Ming Yu when Ming Yu hurriedly stopped him, “Elder Huang, Ben Wang has long said that there is no need for courtesy.

“Etiquette cannot be abandoned.” Elder Huang insisted.

He was grateful to Wangye, but who among the craftsmen who followed Wang Ye was not grateful? They were the lowest craftsmen, doing the hardest, most tiring and complicated work, and they were yelled at and insulted and lashed at every day.

When Wangye left the capital, he specially went to the craftsman’s camp, selected various craftsmen, and asked them if they would go west with him.
He did not insisted on taking people and even guaranteed that anyone who goes with him will never be treated badly.
Some people wanted safety and stability, not willing to take risks, while some people simply broke the jar and moved.
People move to live, trees move to death, no matter how bad it is, it is better to follow Wangye to fight.

He was so old, he should not have followed his blind coaxing, but at that time he heard Wangye said a sentence, “You are all useful people, people who can create miracles.”

He had lived most of his life, from apprenticeship to now, but in the scornful eyes of others, all he heard in his ears were insults and yells, it was the first time he had heard someone praising them, saying that they were useful people.
At this moment, he finally understood how precious it was to get the trust of others, and at that time he first understood what is called respect, Just because of this sentence, he was ready to offer his life in sacrifice to repay the kindness and recognition of his worth.

So he was the first to stand up, willing to follow the young prince to go west to achieve something.

The young craftsmen who were still a little wobbly saw Elder Huang standing up, so they made up their minds and expressed their willingness to follow Wangye.
In this way, dozens to hundreds of craftsmen like them joined the westbound team.

And Wangye really did not treat them badly.
Since he came here and settled down, he has served good food and drinks every day.
This should not be the treatment that craftsmen should have.
At the beginning everyone was still nervous, they were used to their struggling days so the sudden change made everyone a little uncomfortable.

Later, Wangye summoned them and told them his future plans.
They were divided into groups, assigned tasks, and were specially allocated a sum of silver, saying it was a research fund or something.
They were allowed to take out their own craftsmanship, and work on their proudest skills.

Sticking to the rules and polishing your own skills, inventing and creating novelties; with a word, silver money is given to you; as long as you spend it, as long as you can have satisfactory results, then all the honour and glory will be awarded as they deserve.

It is precisely because of this that the enthusiasm of the craftsmen was unprecedentedly high, even Elder Huang, walked with the wind as if he was a teenager again.

Today, this thing was something that Wangye had ordered them to do.
Wangye explained the principles of this thing to them one by one, and then allowed them to start making it.
It was simple to explain, but hard to do.
Repeated practice, failing countless times, until today, they barely made a finished product.
No, he was afraid that Wangye was in a hurry, so as soon as the thing was ready, he hurriedly sent it over.

Ming Yu was indeed very anxious.
He waved his hand, was not polite, and directly said: “Don’t be like that, the item is all done?” 

Everyone didn’t understand what was the thing that made Ming Yu anxious, as a prince, what hadn’t he seen? How can he be so desperate for an item like this.

Elder Huang smiled: “We hurried it over and was able to make it.
I was afraid of any mishap so I delivered it myself.” With that, he carefully removed a small wooden box tied to his back.

Ming Yu also did not use someone else’s hand, he personally took it, and then gently placed it on the small wooden table.

“Wangye, open it to see if it is the same as what you said.”

Ming Yu’s heart beat a little faster, but he didn’t hesitate.
He opened the wooden box, which was wrapped in layer after layer of soft cloth, all eyes fixed on this thing.
Everyone was curious, what’s going on here?

With Ming Yu’s movements, the soft cloth was uncovered layer by layer, revealing a long wooden cylindrical object.

When everyone saw the item, they couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.
They thought, what kind of a valuable and good thing could it be, it turns out to be just a thing made of wood.
What can this thing do?

Ming Yu’s smiling eyebrows bent.
He reached out to hold the thing in his hand and gently rubbed the smooth surface.
It can be seen that the craftsmen of the production team were very careful, even the surface was polished smooth and flat.

Ming Yu said heartily, “Elder Huang, you have worked hard.

Elder Huang shook his head and said gratefully, “Wangye is too much, this is my duty and same for the others.
As long as we can be of help for Wangye, we have already received honour.” Wangye was tolerant and generous.
His temperament was kind and gentle making them all incomparably happy.

In fact, how could they have the ability to make such an exquisite thing? It was all from the guidance of His Highness.
Speaking of which, Wangye truly was brilliant, talented, and had a heart of seven apertures.
(smart and attentive)

Things that no one had ever thought of, after being explained by His Highness, they could actually make things that could conquer the heavens and the earth.

When the finished product came out, he saw its use for the first time.
His heart was shocked beyond belief.
Now he knew what Wangye said at the beginning.
If they followed him, it was true that they would create miracles, and they really did create miracles.

It is their blessing to be able to do things with such a Wangye.
Everyone was eager to do something more for Wangye and will do their best to complete any command.

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