y lowered his head to continue with his own affairs.
Now how could he dare to say anything, so he closed his mouth resentfully and went on to pass the message.

Xie Yixiu’s expression on his face remained unchanged after hearing the message from the personal guard.
He took a sip of the tea prepared by the people, pressing down the emotion in his eyes.

He made a special visit today because he was fascinated by Ming Yu’s method of training soldiers, and he came to explore the real situation.
He wanted to know if this was really thought of by a prince, or if another expert pointed it out.

If it was the first one, he still didn’t quite believe that.
An ordinary prince who grew up in the palace from the capital, never exposed to important military affairs, how can he figure out this kind of training method? But if there was someone behind him pointing it out, then the person behind him was a rare talented field commander.
This kind of talent should not be buried behind a high reputation person and remain nameless.

It was with this kind of thought that Xie Yixiu made this trip.
However, the tea refillment had continued for four or five times already, and unexpectedly he still didn’t see the person.

The little boy servant who came to refill the tea was a little embarrassed.
If it were others then it would be okay, but this person… alas! It couldn’t be that their Wangye, in order to take revenge on General Xie from locking his door before, is refusing to see him, right? But what is this? If this spreads out that their Wangye left General Xie with a cold shoulder for a long time, does he still want his reputation?

The little boy servant went out, frowning and began to worry.
But what do the thoughts of a lowly person count for? How could he dare to get involved with his master’s affairs? It couldn’t be that he dislikes having a long life, right?  

When he was eager in his heart, he saw Qing Ping approaching from a distance, and his heart moved.
He hurriedly greeted her and informed the matter to Elder Sister Qing Ping.

Qingping also heard that someone came to visit, but she didn’t know who it was.
At this moment, she was a little surprised to hear that it was the famous General Xie.
It was not that she had never heard of General Xie’s military glory, and she knew that their Wangye had heard of General Xie’s past achievements, and also thought highly of this general, but what’s the situation now? Her family’s prince deliberately put the person aside and left him with a cold shoulder, just for revenge? But her prince was not a narrow-minded person like this.

Qingping frowned and thought for a while, “I’ll go find Wangye now, and find out what Wangye really means.” If Wangye really gave General Xie a display of strength, then she would have to persuade him.
Wangye had just taken a foothold in this Liangzhou land, so they must not let any bad rumors out.

Qingping energetically came to find the busy Ming Yu.
Burning with anxiety, she grabbed him, “Wangye, what are you doing here?” Ming Yu had always treated his subordinates generously.
At this moment, Qing Ping didn’t care about anything, and immediately asked out loud.

Ming Yu looked back and saw that it was Qingping.
He didn’t understand what she was doing here, but he was happy in his heart and said with a smile: “I’m busy checking the goods here.
With these, I can make a lot of money.
That’s right, what are you looking for me for?”

Qingping understood Ming Yu.
Seeing him like this, it was a little funny.
She already understood it in her heart.
It seems that Wangye didn’t really want to give General Xie a display of strength and deliberately gave the guest a cold shoulder.
It should be that he’s too happy and busy that he forgot about the matter.

 Qing Ping stomped her foot and reminded: “What matter could it be? Wangye, could it be that you forgot that General Xie has been waiting for you in the front hall for more than half a day already.”

“What? General Xie?” Oh no, Ming Yu patted his head, he really forgot about this person.

He looked at the sun that was about to set outside, a little annoyed.
Regarding his memory, he really left everything behind at the back of his head due to the silver money.

He grabbed Qingping’s sleeves, “You said General Xie is still waiting?” Seeing Qingping nodded assuredly, he urged at once: “Quickly, help me wash and change my clothes, I will go to see General Xie now.

 Qingping was not in a good mood now that she knew it was urgent.
Her hand movements were not slow, and without much effort, Ming Yu was tidied up by her and went to see the guest.

 Xie Yixiu’s facial expressions were cold.
If he hadn’t taken the big picture into consideration, he would have left long ago already.
Now he became more and more convinced that this was definitely not a training method that a mere Duan Wang could possibly come up with.
He had previously thought that he was different from other royal nobles, but now it seems that white silk is just white silk.
It is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character.
The results of what one sees today can allow one to easily make out Duan Wang’s heart.
This kind of behavior really made people disappointed.
How can this kind of person have great wisdom and knowledge? If he can get a piece of news from his mouth, he will definitely think of a way to recruit this person into his troops, so that he will be able to display his greatest capacity.
In the end, to win success and recognition, that was not impossible.

While still thinking about it, there were movements from the outside, and after a short while, a smooth and round figure rushed in.

 Seeing the impatient and eager appearance of the person who just arrived, Xie Yixiu frowned without a trace.
He immediately stood up, bowed and cupped his hands, “Chen Xie Yixiu pays a visit to Your Highness Duan Wang.”

Ming Yu ran all the way here, and he hadn’t gasped in some air yet.
Seeing him saluting to himself, he repeatedly waved his hand to stop him: “No…you don’t need to be over courteous.
General Xie coming here, there has been much negligence, so please don’t be offended.”

 Xie Yixiu pursed his lips, his tone was indifferent without the slightest billows, “It was Chen’s presumptuousness that troubled Wangye, how can I blame Wangye.”

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