knew that Zion had finished thinking about Evelyn, the servant who was outside the door announced the arrival of a guest.

“Let her in.”

A woman boasting auburn hair and carmine eyes walked in with him.

It was Priscilla.

“For what reason have you called me after treating me like someone unworthy of your time?”


Her tone was blunt, as if greatly dissatisfied with his treatment of her, but a subtle anticipation was also present in her eyes.

“You have stayed in the palace until now.
It is time for you to compensate for your meals.”

“Pardon? What do you mean all of a sudden?”

Priscilla questioned Zion’s sudden statement, her brows slightly furrowed.

“How long will it take to complete this?”

“I don’t even know what it is…”

However, her words cut off, her confusion turning into incredulity the moment her gaze landed on the piece of paper that Zion presented to her.

“This… where did you find it?”

Priscilla, almost snorting in shock, scanned the paper and asked Zion.
Drawn on the paper was a magic circle.

“I drew it.”

“Yes? I beg your pardon? Your Highness drew this?”

Priscilla’s eyes became tinged with astonishment far more intense than her initial surprise.
The fact that Zion was able to draw a magic circle was also astonishing, but that was not the issue.

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“This format and composition….
and the fundamental principle.
I have never seen anything like this before.”

Priscilla, a renowned wizard who also possessed the prestige of the Bamel family, had access to the latest theories put forth by several magic towers.

However, nowhere among any of their theories had she come across anything like this.
That meant that this magic circle was created by Zion.
Creating something new, no matter how simple, was only possible when one possessed complete mastery in that field.

I never imagined that Prince Zion had mastered magic to this extent…

“I asked how long it would take you to complete it.”

Zion seemed to know what kind of misunderstanding Priscilla had arrived at, but he didn’t feel a need to correct it.

Enemy Manifestation.1

This magic circle, with the simple name “Enemy Manifestation,” was from the “Chronicles of the Hero of Frosimar.”

As the magic was developed two years later, just before the outbreak of the war between mankind and the demon realm, it did not yet exist in this era.

It had only a single application, but it was highly effective.
The Chronicle of Frosimar described this magic circle in such detail that it was possible to visualize it, as if trying to etch it into the reader’s mind, which is why he remembered it.

“It should be ready by tomorrow.”

Priscilla replied to Zion’s words, her gaze remaining on the magic circle.
It was the first time she had ever seen this magic circle, but the fundamental principle and formula itself were not overly complicated, so it was easy to complete.
The problem, however, lay in the use of the magic circle.

It’s similar to detection magic, but also slightly different.
It’s as if he’s trying to force something out…

Perhaps it was due to her deep curiosity.

Priscilla, who finally took her eyes off the paper, turned to Zion and asked.

“May I ask how you are going to use this?”

In response to Priscilla’s question, Zion slightly curled his lips upwards and answered.

“As preparation for the hunt.”


It was late in the evening, the sun blazing down from behind Baekseong Palace.

Hannah, one of the palace maids, was rushing through the palace halls while looking at the setting sun beyond the windows.

“What happened?”

Confusion filled her eyes. She was not the only one.
All of the palace’s knights and attendants were walking down the corridor, questioning looks on their faces.
Prince Zion’s sudden order to assemble had been issued just a few minutes ago.
Hannah and all other palace personnel were proceeding to the training hall outside the palace, where the assembly was to take place.

“Oh, Hannah.”

A gentle voice sounded from behind Hannah.
When Hannah turned her head, she caught sight of an old man with whitish-grey hair.

“Ah, Mr.
Vice Chamberlain.”

Joy suffused her eyes.
The old man was Varen, the vice chamberlain.
Varen, who has been working at Chimseong Palace for nearly 20 years, was well-known among the servants for his characteristic kindness and refined manners, and Hannah thought of him as a grandfather.

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“Does Mr.
Vice Chamberlain know why His Highness ordered us to gather?”

“I don’t know.”

Varen shook his head while answering Hannah’s question.

“Since the change, I have also failed to understand His Highness’ reasoning.
Perhaps he is not the kind of man who explains his actions.”

“That’s right… The changed prince is a bit scary.”

Hannah responded with a nod. Prince Zion, who had changed after the attack, was much more difficult to face compared to before.
He did not command her or the other servants to do anything.

This made their job easier, but Hannah was still afraid of Prince Zion.

Sometimes, when she saw Prince Zion from afar, a chill would run down her body, as if she were drowning in cold water.
The sense of unidentifiable unfamiliarity that emanated from him terrified her. 

How long had she been walking?

“I guess I wasn’t the only one on night duty tonight.”

She said to Varen after she arrived at the training hall and saw the people already gathered there.
Then, Hannah saw Zion standing in the centre of the stage.

She felt a somewhat ominous feeling from Prince Zion’s calm eyes looking down at the people without saying a word.
Hannah unknowingly wrapped her arms around her body in response to the chill that resulted from meeting his gaze.


Perhaps because he thought no one else was coming, a cold voice exited Prince Zion’s mouth.
Priscilla, who was standing next to him, nodded and began to chant a spell.


Thus, a crimson light began to radiate from the magic circle that had already been drawn on the floor of the training hall.
The colour of the light became increasingly more intense as Priscilla’s spell continued, not only filling the training hall, but also extending further to encompass the entirety of Chimseong Palace.
The servants and knights took a step backwards from the light, instinctively feeling a repulsion from the light.

“What is that light… uh? Mr.
Vice Chamberlain?”

Hannah’s eyes were tinged with doubt as she caught sight of Varen shivering in the eerie crimson light.
Unlike her and the others, Varen was staring at the source of the red light, the magic circle, with a dazed expression, as if he was possessed.

Additionally, when Hannah extended her hand to grab Varen by the collar as he tried to approach the magic circle.


A drop of blood redder than the crimson light fell right in the centre of the glowing magic circle. At that moment

“Ah, ah…”

Hannah saw. 

Varen, who treated her like a granddaughter.


Massive tentacles extended from each orifice on Varen’s body.


Literal meaning is revealing the enemy’s location.

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