“From looking at me straight in the eyes to… making me wait for you…”

It was a very cheeky remark to make in the presence of royalty, but everything she said was true.
Zion had never made her wait.

Whenever she visited, he would greet her at the entrance of Chimseong Palace.
He also took great care to ensure that she was not inconvenienced in the slightest while staying at the palace.
And yet he had never met her gaze.
His head was always lowered, though it was a manifestation of his timid personality.

“So, I should wait for you?”

With a grin, Zion responded to Priscilla’s remarks.
Priscilla’s eyes widened as she saw Zion’s unusual demeanor.
Something was different.

“No… Not really.”

However, she decided to close her eyes, clear her mind and ignore the incongruous feeling, instead quickly broaching the main topic.

“The reason I’m here is to break off my engagement with Your Highness.”


It was a statement she had considered verbalising for a long time.

The imprisoned prince.

The shame of the Agnes imperial family.

An abandoned pureblood.

All of that referred to the Zion Agnes in front of her.
He was a prince, yet his life was no better than that of a fallen noble.
Zion Agnes, a person with no power or ability to match his title.

However, the predominant reason for annulling the engagement was that she wasn’t pleased with it.
After all, her family agreed to form a relationship with the Imperial family regardless of her will when she was young.

“If you don’t accept, I—.”

“I accept.”


“I see you have no further business.”

After saying that, Zion rose from his seat and headed for the door.
From the beginning, Zion had no time to think about the engagement.

Also, he had no intention of becoming involved in Priscilla’s impending predicament.
In any case, she had no relation to him, and he didn’t have time to spare her.

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Nevertheless, there was one reason why he afforded her his precious time and came to meet her.
It was because he suspected Priscilla was involved in the recent attack.

The timing of her visit was just too coincidental.

But Priscilla doesn’t know about it.

If she had known, she would have mentioned it, or at least asked about his well-being.

Or she would have peered at Zion’s body unconsciously.
However, Priscilla hadn’t shown any such behaviour.
Hence, he didn’t want to waste any more time on her.
That was Zion’s reasoning as he walked out of the drawing room.

“Your Highness.”

But Zion was obstructed by one of Priscilla’s followers who had been waiting outside the door.
He was a man with a large head and

seemed to be the son of a high-class aristocrat, as the clothing he wore was very luxurious.

“Go back inside and apologize to Priscilla.”

Did he even hear the conversation inside?

The man looked down at Zion and ordered him in an intimidating tone.
Zion confronted the man directly.

“What do you mean?”


“You cut off Priscilla’s words and left before the conversation was finished.
Priscilla is not someone who deserves that kind of treatment.”


A sigh exited Zion’s mouth.

It was a sigh originating from him, not the other person.
It was unimaginable for a mere nobleman to treat the royal family in this manner.

How powerless Zion Agnes was…

How long had he been enduring this kind of suffering?

Even rabble didn’t hesitate to demean him.

It seems that the sigh that escaped his mouth bothered them greatly.

The other follower beside him, who had been observing the situation, opened his mouth nervously.

“At least, she doesn’t deserve such treatment from someone who was abandoned by the royal family.
Isn’t that right?”

That man appeared to be a wizard, a robe draped over his emaciated body.

“I mean…”

Zion assessed the two who blocked him.

“I’m really not fond of anyone obstructing me.”

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Then, their bodies began to bend slightly.



An exasperated sigh left Priscilla’s mouth as she gazed at Zion’s back disappearing through the door in astonishment.
She was well aware that Prince Zion felt strong affection towards her.

That was why she had anticipated a strong refusal from him.
As a result, she had also considered various means to force him to concede.
However, she was unable to even propose any of them, much less implement them.
Before she could execute her plan, Prince Zion had accepted the annulment.

It’s like…

She felt as though she had been discarded.

Even if that wasn’t the case, it couldn’t be helped that her self-esteem was wounded.

A strange, uncomfortable feeling arose within her heart.

I want to nullify our engagement, but not in this manner.

She had to seize the initiative, or at least complete the discussion.
Priscilla finished her thought, rose from her seat, and walked towards the door.
It was when she opened the drawing room door to call Zion.


Her eyes caught sight of Zion confronting the two nobles she had brought.

Gregor and Artaud.

Each of them hailed from a prominent aristocratic family, and among those who coveted her beauty, they were individuals that possessed exceptional ability.

She allowed them to follow her because they were convenient.
However, their expressions were severely contorted as they stared at Zion.

What happened?

Was there any friction in the meantime?

They were both displaying enraged expressions, their bodies preparing to strike him.
In fact, one of Gregor’s hands had been advancing toward Zion.


With that thought, Priscilla’s eyes narrowed.

Once he got hostile, Gregor became completely fixated, oblivious to anything else.
Prince Zion would definitely be severely injured if Gregor, a skilled knight, struck him even lightly.

“Stop right now—.”

It was at that moment when an ominous scream nearly escaped Priscilla’s mouth.

At that very moment.
She saw something unbelievable.
Gregor, who was over 190 cm tall and possessed the physique and strength of a half-ogre.


His head slammed into the floor as Zion flung him away violently, as though he was a child.

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