Chapter 6: Black Forest (8)

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It was from the moment she was born that she began to recognize the world.
The desire to kill something rose from within her.
At first, the woman did not recognize that she was different from the others until a pyromancer told her that she was born with a destiny of a natural killer…


A path that is set in the world to a being from birth.
The woman accepted her destiny, there was no rejection.
No, there was no need to reject it cause why would she refuse something so enjoyable? Because she had resigned herself to her destiny, she became one of the world’s main enemies and was eventually sealed, but the woman did not regret it.

Thousands? No, tens of thousands? Countless lives have gathered to kill her, so it is more reasonable that she could have killed more lives.

“You said you’re a descendant of Dranir?”


The woman approached Rain by crushing Rian’s corpse whose head had already disappeared.
Rian and the others who revere her called themselves Purification Cultists, but they’re meant no more than dust to the woman.
The woman had no involvement in the establishment of the Purification Cultist in the first place.
It was just that the humans selfishly created religion and idolized themselves.
For her, whether they were purists or not, humans were just prey.

“Hmm… I don’t think you are.”

At last, the woman approached Rain as she tilted her head and scanned her (Rain) whole body with her gleaming red eyes.

“You’re too weak to be one.”

The words were a proper blow to her (Rain) self-esteem, but Rain still didn’t move.

Had she lost her soul? Or is she in denial of reality? The shock of losing everything she had built up in an instant was not something even Rain with her strong mental strength, could easily overcome.

“You’re not fun.”

The woman shook her head as if she had lost interest, turned slowly, and looked towards Rian who was dissipating.

“You know what? After I kill you, I will destroy your city.”


Rain’s fingers wriggled slightly.

“I’ve endured it for so long that I’m so hungry.”

She wasn’t hungry because she hadn’t eaten anything.
It was the feeling of fullness that fills her body when killing a living being, the woman was so hungry for it.

“Um… maybe a city is not enough?”

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The woman nimbly mumbled her appetite for a moment.


A small flash of lightning appeared in Rain’s eyes.


There was a moment of doubt in the woman’s eyes.


Dozens of lightning strike the woman from the sky.

It was then–

“This fucking bitch!”

With an angry cry, Rain protruded her spear at the astonished woman.


The spear, covered with a tremendous thunderbolt that was incomparable to anything before, glowed white and pierced the woman’s heart at once.
As if that was not enough.


The thunderbolt erupts in the vicinity and turns the entire vacant lot white.
As if she didn’t want her to give a chance, Rain with lightning wrapped around the tip of her spear, once again fired at the woman.

I have to stop her.

Ruin City.

It was home for Rain with her family and friends, that was all left to her now.

I couldn’t even lose that place.

I have to stop her.

I had to kill the ‘evil’ here at all costs.

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To do that, there was no more time to stand idly by.

“You’ve come to your senses.”

The woman smiled amusingly as she looked at Rain, who was rushing towards her.
The woman liked such a struggle prey.
The more desperate you are, the greater the despair you feel when it all falls apart.


The woman’s pierced heart simmered and turned into a bizarre beast’s head as it bounced forward.
The beast’s head rushed towards Rain, biting off all the thunderstorms.

If I get hit by it, I’ll die.

With the gruesome intuition that she felt from her experience, Rain used the recoil to charge her left foot as the axis turned her body sideways, the attack just missed Rain’s shoulder.


Meanwhile, Rain lowered her body, while in a bent posture, she rushed towards the woman with incomparably greater speed than before as she gripped her spear.
Rain’s spear, in which the white lightning is agglomerated, draws the most beautiful curve and slams towards the woman’s head.
The moment Rain’s spear tried to pierce the woman’s head-


The beast’s mouth, which was created by the woman’s heart, bit off Rain’s spear.

With that single impact, her spear that was made of black iron which is counted among the hardest iron in the world broke.
And still, it wasn’t enough.

Eujok, eujok, eujok,eujok!

Thousands of beasts’ mouths sprang up around the broken spear, rushing through the spear, and quickly attacked Rain.


Rain was already gone from the spot.
Rain disperses with a single thunderbolt.
Soon, Rain appeared in the middle of the night sky, far from the ground.

I have to end it with this blow.

Rain knew that this is the last chance to kill that monster because of its seals.
Before she loses more power, she has to finish it when that monster is still vigilant.

That’s why Rain put everything she had into it.


Dozens of thunderbolts that fell from the sky are aggregated in her hands and transformed into a spear.
A spear made of only lightning, not metal.

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She prayed inwardly to the unbelieving God, Rain pulled the spear of lightning backward by squeezing all her remaining power as the atmosphere tightened with her.


The woman looks up at the white thunderbolt filling the sky and gives out a little admiration.


The forest incandescents.
The darkness that had been submerged by the thick resentments quickly vanished and the world burned white.
Soon, the light of the thunder that had filled the forest disappeared as it ensues silence, then, Rain fell.


Red blood flowed from her mouth with a rough cough as she hit the ground, unable to even land properly.


Originally, it was a technique that could not even be attempted by the current Rain since if such things were to be used forcibly, of course, side effects were inevitable.

The woman…

Rain turns her head with difficulty to look at the place where the woman had been.

Soon after, the remnants of a woman who disappeared without even leaving a corpse came into her eyes.

Finally, it’s over.

It was the moment Rain took a deep breath and tried to close her eyes.

“Because of the seal, I’m unable to use my power properly.”

 An eerie voice echoed in Rain’s ear.

“Now is your last chance to kill me.
So now that I’m off guard, you have put all your strength into it… That’s what you thought, right?”

An incredibly bizarre scene unfolded in Rain’s eyes as she turned her head again towards the direction where the voice was heard.
Scattered powdery remnants gathered.

Kwadeuk, kwadeuk, kwadeudeudeuk!

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The skeleton is rebuilt, and the organs functioned as the skin covers it.

“But you know what?”

Her hair rapidly grew from the scalp down to her waist and the red eyeball from her gaped eye narrowed as she looked at Rain.

“I’m already unsealed.”

It was a long time ago when the woman’s seal was released.
It was merely a whim that she hadn’t made a move until now.
However, she was gradually reaching her limit, and the woman was planning to go back to the world using today’s event as an opportunity.

“I mean, you didn’t have a chance of winning from the start.”

The heads of six huge beasts emerge from the body of the woman who has finally regained her perfect form, and blood-red eyes begin to be visible in the surrounding sky.
A part of the original form of the woman who was once known as the worst.


Rain’s eyes are filled with despair.
That wasn’t what humans could do.
How did her ancestors seal such a monster?


The head of the beast extending from the woman approaches Rain with its big mouth open.

Rain had to avoid it, but she couldn’t lift a finger due to a backlash against her excessive technique.
Her view is getting blurred.


And it was the moment when the head of the beast that finally reached Rain was about to devour her.


Darkness settled in around Rain, it was not darkness caused by the resentments emanating from the Black Forest.
It was a completely different, ominous, foreign darkness.


Such darkness crushes the head of the beast while gently enveloping Rain.
Before her eyes are finally completely closed as she loses consciousness.
She could see someone.

“Am I too late?”

The figure of Zion standing still with the darkness surrounding him appeared.

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