“You’re late”

On a large rock in the moonlight, there it sat.
Black hair that absorbed even the moonlight.
Blood red eyes contrast with her, she looked at them as she draws a distinct aura.

She is the most beautiful and creepy woman that they have ever seen.


A grouchy voice came out of Rain’s mouth as she looked at the woman.

“Who is evil? No way, me?”

The woman opened her eyes wide and pointed a finger at herself as if she didn’t really know.

“Why am I the ‘evil’?”

With these words, the woman descends from the rock and slowly begins to approach the subjugation team.
Was she possessed?

She (Rain) could hardly take her eyes off the woman’s movements.
The woman gazes happily at Rain and the subjugation team as if she’s having fun.

“I just did what I wanted to do.”

She (Rain) didn’t really understand the woman.
They all have desires that exist and they all want to solve such desires, so she just solved it.
The woman just wanted the desire to kill something else, and that included humans.

“Everyone get a grip!”


A small thunderbolt rosed with Rains shout as it began to awaken the spirit of the party in the vicinity.


The subjugation team uses abusive language while swearing at her as they maintain their formation.
As they finally came to their senses, their bodies trembled as they felt the despairing resentments that are coming from that woman.

“…That’s really a sealed being?”

“Yeah, it looks like she won’t be able to use most of her power right now.”

As Rain thought, if she don’t kill her here now, then the chance she had will disappear, so she grabbed the spear hard with her trembling hands.

“Everyone in formation…”


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Although she was the lord’s daughter, Rain, who had been a mercenary since childhood, and had been on the battlefield, knew exactly what this sound.
It’s the sound of someone piercing a person’s body.

As Rain turns her head slowly behind the sound.

Soon she saw–


A strange sight enters her eyes.
Ragno’s neck was pierced by a blade protruding from behind and the one holding the handle of that blade was none other than Rian.


Ragno, who spewed blood, without even saying a proper word, dies.
A futile death for a Chilgeol that commanded the North.
Everyone’s movement stopped as no one expected it except for one person, Rian.


Rian, who had calculated all this from the beginning, immediately rushed toward Kayla and instantly blew off the head of the middle-aged knight who was defenseless next to her.

“What is…!”

Even if he is not up to the Lightning Sword Hart, Rian also boasted as one of the fastest swords in Chilgeol.
It was impossible for Kayla, the wizard, to stop such an attack by Rian without even proper defense at close range.


Rian’s sword slit through Kayla’s heart as it slips behind her back.

“…Cough, you crazy bastard…”

The focus disappears from Kayla’s eyes, which were alternately looking at Rian and the sword in her chest with a look of puzzlement.


Rain remained motionless until then.

No, she couldn’t move.

She couldn’t believe it.

She didn’t want to believe it.

What the hell happened?


Her eyes are blurred and only the meaningless sound of immersion flows out of her mouth.

She knew there was a traitor.

Maybe she also vaguely guessed that the traitor was Rian, but she knew it couldn’t be.

She had to believe that.

Rian has already been her family since childhood but she can’t even comprehend

that the faith returned into betrayal.

“Mother… Mother of all beasts…”

Rian slowly walks past the dazed Rain toward the woman.
Rian’s eyes were more than ever thrilled as tears runs down his cheeks.

“Finally… your child is coming to see his mother.”


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Along with his words, a six-headed tattoo of a beast appears between the chest part of the clothes that Rian tore off.
Rian continues to talk to the woman who looks at him with an incomprehensible look.

“They dared to harm you, so I punished them instead, and this?”

Rian points to Rain.

“I am dedicating the descendants of Dranir, the leader of this subjugation who has imprisoned you here in the past.”

With that word, Rian lied his face down in front of the woman as he lowered his head.
Meanwhile, the scared elf fled into the forest, but no one cared.
She’s going to die wandering alone in the forest anyway.

“I hope you like it.”

An offering.

Now, Rian was offering Rain as a sacrifice.
The woman stares silently at the back of Rian’s head for a moment.
The next words that came out of the woman’s mouth perplexed Rian.

“I don’t like it.”


Rian raises his head with shaken eyes and asks the question in response to the completely unexpected reply.

What is reflected in Rian’s eyes is:

“Why are you killing my prey without my permission? And…”

Before he knew it, he saw the woman creepily smiles at him.

“I’ve never had a child like you.”

At that moment–


Rian’s head is gone.
His head vanished without a trace as if he had been bitten by a giant beast.
The woman’s red eyes looked at Rian’s drooping corpse for a while and began to turn towards Rain, who was still standing dazed.

* * *

“You have to run away!”

The scar elf who came across Zion while heading to the center of the forest said this as soon as she saw Zion.

“All… all dead.
The man with the glasses betrayed us.”

The elf mumbled with a half-soul-less expression.

Is this endgame?

Zion could see that another traitor, Rian, who was in the subjugation squad, had begun to act.
The death of her friends is due to Rian’s betrayal.
It was Rain Dranil’s ordeal.
An ordeal to awaken as a true dragon warrior.
Therefore, Zion knew in advance but did not stop it.

“And that woman… She was never a human being to deal with.”

The elf shudders as if it is hard to believe.
She didn’t think simply because the number of their subjugation team was small.
It did not matter whether the subjugation team consisted of 100 or 1,000 people.
It was not within the range that a human could deal with.

“There is no time to delay.
We have to escape!”


Zion shakes his head at the impassioned elf’s words.

“It worked better this way.”

Zion’s eyes were narrowed in amusement.
The stronger the enemy, the harder the situation, and the more joy Zion felt.
After all, the pleasure of conquering it and trampling it under his feet was indescribable.
In his original world, such enjoyment had long since disappeared, but it was about to return when he came to this world.

I hope it’s stronger than I thought.

There was a strong expectation in Zion’s eyes looking at the centre of the forest.

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