Ashmia smiled and continued speaking to Vanessa, who blinked at the sudden remark. 

“This is Randolph’s Riding Field.”

Vanessa’s eyes grew bigger when she heard the name.

“Will that be okay? As far as I know, that’s where the Duke of Pendragon…”

“That’s right.
But don’t worry.
Ivern Randolph is a smart bat.
No matter how pressuring Pendragon is, he won’t be able to beat Kalanishiel.
All right, then, let’s start training as soon as we set up the training ground.
Could you call Claudia?”

“Yes, I understand!”

After bidding goodbye to Ashmia, Vanessa walked out of the room and took a deep breath.

Throughout her conversation with Ashmia, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was facing another person since the sudden body search.

‘…Last night too.’

Vanessa found it hard to fall asleep because the moment when Ashmia blocked Damian’s hand wouldn’t leave her mind.

In addition, it wouldn’t be strange to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder to the extent that the average person could not drive a car after being involved in such an accident.
However, Ashmia drove with skills superior to Vanessa’s.

Even if it was her first time driving, just as Ashmia said.

Ashmia constantly surprised Vanessa in one day, even though Vanessa had been serving her for ten years.

As if she was another person.

‘That can’t be… Maybe?! Could it be that the young lady has really ‘awakened’?!’

Vanessa couldn’t know what Ashmia’s ability could be, but it was Kalanishiel’s bloodline.
Ashmia must have an unimaginable amount of power!

Vanessa looked around her, pretending nothing was wrong and adjusted her outfit, walking down the hallway as if to not let anyone know of the special and great secret that only she knew about.


The next day.

“Oh! That’s nice.”

Ashmia admired the training ground set up in the basement.
From basic physical training equipment to martial arts training equipment such as sandbags.

It was Claudia who said ‘Please, make a training ground’ but to have such a professional training facility in less than a day.

“We will stock up on missing items within a few days.”

“I think it’s enough.”

Claudia pointed at the empty space and said.

“The shooting range is going to be built here, but the soundproofing will take some time.”

Just let me shoot a gun.
You’re going to teach me how to shoot, right?”

“If you want, Ashmia, I will teach you as much as you’d like.
But I’m not going to go easy on you.”

“…Why are you so terrifying?”

‘I thought there was nothing you couldn’t do, but I can’t believe you know how to shoot.’

‘Is she real?’

Ashmia asked, recalling such thoughts in her mind.

“Did you get a call from the horseback riding course?”

Claudia nodded.

“They said that they will arrive in about ten days.”

“Ten days? You told them it’s okay if it’s proper, right?”


Ashmia touched her lips with her fingertips.

‘It already smells bad.’

She expected it, but she didn’t expect it to end up like that from the start.

‘Those bastards of nobles are all the same.’

Looking at Ashmia’s complexion, Claudia asked the same question as Vanessa.

“Will it be okay?”

“Of course, there’s no problem.”

In her previous life, Ashmia couldn’t do anything in front of that stupid ego game, but this time it was different.

‘Let’s see.’

Ashmia ordered one more thing from Claudia.

“I remembered what I needed.”

Claudia answered Ashmia’s strange words without changing her expression.

“All right.”


The training started that day.



“Goodness… Are you okay, my lady?!”

Vanessa gave a worried expression to Ashmia as she caressed her back while Ashmia vomited in the corner of the training ground.

“I’m… I’m not okay…”

When she started training, Ashmia felt the weakness of her body once again.

‘There’s a long way to go and it’s tough.’

Still, it might be the Kalanishiel’s blood running through her veins, but she was not basically weak.

After training, she showed a healthy and thriving appetite, even though she had just vomited, and Ashmia eagerly ordered luxurious food.

“This is delicious! Do you have any more?”

“Yes? Ah, yes! We will bring it to you soon!”

On the other hand, her maids were surprised that Ashmia, who had only eaten in her room for the past seven years, came to her restaurant, her eyes widening as she asked for even more food.

“It’s a bit weird eating alone.
Vanessa, let’s eat together.”

“What?! No, I… Is that okay?”

“Why wouldn’t it be okay? Claudia, you haven’t eaten yet, have you? Sit next to me.”

Suddenly, the kitchen became busy when the two ordered more meals.

“Oh, my.
What’s going on?”

Perhaps… Was she upset because of the accident?”

“Of course she is.
She took sedatives too.”

“Oh, really?”

As the maids were whispering at the kitchen entrance, a maid said while glaring at them.

“Don’t say any nonsense.
Why don’t you just carry this?”

“Ah… Okay.”

When the maid was gone, the others gathered together and cursed her.

“Lucky girl.
Thinking she’s working alone.”

“Leave her alone.
Matilda said she’s from a slum.
There’s nothing good to see.”

“How come she’s working here? I really don’t understand.”

Matilda, who had a good ear, heard all the stories but quietly carried her food, ignoring them.


“Uh, huh!”

Ashmia ran up and down the stairs and through her mansion.

“Lady! You’re doing great! Just a little bit more!”

The training rotation was in the order of basic physical strength, self-defense, martial arts, and shooting.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Relax your shoulders.
I can see that you’re afraid of recoil.”

I want to do that, but I’m constantly getting tired.”

“But you still have talent.
I hope you do your best so this doesn’t turn out to be beginner’s luck.”


Ashmia couldn’t see it as beginner’s luck.

Michael did not neglect shooting and training every day during his lifetime, to the extent that there was a joke which went like ‘half of the bullets at the National Police Agency’s shooting range are shot by Michael Rose alone.’

Did the habits and efforts of her previous life help?

After about three days, Ashmia quickly found a pace that was right for her, and her training went smoothly.
Finally, she made sure she trained several times against ‘weird models’ with Vanessa.

At first, Vanessa looked at Ashmia with an expression that said ‘Why are you training like this?’, but after hearing Ashmia’s explanation, she took it seriously.

“Knock it down, but don’t get hurt.
That’s important.”

“All right!”


Ashmia watched while she wiped her sweat with a towel as Vanessa fought against her model.

She ate well, slept well, trained hard, and a week passed before she knew it.

Let’s do it like this for today.”

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“You did a great job too.
Let’s take a day off tomorrow.”

Rest was just as important as training.

Vanessa agreed with Ashmia.

Why don’t you go tomorrow to the Special Ability Management Bureau I mentioned earlier?”

‘Oh, right.
Come to think of it, we talked about that.
To be honest, I want to lay down all day…’

After another sip of water, Ashmia replied while looking at her trembling hands that showed the aftermath of her training.

“Okay, let’s do that.”


The Ability Management Bureau was located in the center of the city, and it was built almost as if it were attached to the National Police Agency.

Ashmia got out of the car and looked at the National Police Agency, instead of the Ability Management Bureau.

As soon as she died in her previous life, she opened her eyes immediately to find herself in this body, so Ashmia looked up at the absurd building with a strange mix of longing and boredom, even though she had not seen it for about a week. 

‘What are my old colleagues doing right now?’

“My Lady?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Ashmia turned around as if to shake off her regrets.

The prosecutor and staff of the Department of Human Resources opened their eyes wide when they received the documents.

“Well, if you don’t mind…”

“Do what you think is right.
Please take care of me.”

Right now, Vanessa was definitely ‘mafia-like’.

The poor employee was sweating and hurried to prepare the examination after hearing the words which sounded like threats, although they weren’t.

‘It’s been a while.’

When she was Michael, he had to take this ability examination before becoming a police officer.
The disappointment he felt when he found out he was normal felt as vivid as if it happened just yesterday.

“Lady, aren’t you nervous?”

But it’s whatever.”

“Really? Then why am I nervous…?”

While chatting and laughing at Vanessa’s words, an employee who had been carrying the documents a while ago came back in a hurry.

“Hey, come here.”

When Ashmia entered the loom that looked like a small glass polyhedron, she saw an icosahedral mana stone floating in the middle of the room. 

At that moment, her heart began to beat really fast.

—Could you put your hand on the mana stone?

Following the announcement from the speaker, Ashmia slowly placed her hand on the mana stone.

The test method was simple.

Touching a part of her body with the refined mana stone for examination, just like she did now, and it was over.

The contact should be kept for a maximum of one minute, and if the person being tested is a person with mana, the mana stone responds to it and lights up, and sensory reactions related to their ability appear.


5…10… 20… 30 seconds.

Vanessa, who was waiting outside, looked more nervous at the unresponsive mana stone.

‘Are you sure the lady is normal? Would that be possible?!’

At that moment, as if responding to Vanessa’s wish, the mana stone began to glow and vibrate.


‘Is it supposed to be like this?’

Ashmia was also experiencing it for the first time, so she couldn’t know.

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