sually treated the maid.

* * *

There were several reasons why the Kalanishiel family had such a high reputation among the three major mafias of the islands.

The biggest reason among them was that ‘If you stayed in the empire, you’d know where Richard Kalanishiel lives.’

The Black Lion’s Mansion.

The mansion of Richard Kalanishiel, the boss of the Kalanishiel family, was called by such a nickname.

‘The Black Lion neither hides nor runs away.’

As if to say that, it was located next to a hill overlooking the islands.

Ashmia looked at the mansion that neared.

This time, she was able to arrive safely without being attacked by a bomb truck, but Ashmia’s worries lay elsewhere.

‘Please… I’ll need to keep my composure even when I see those faces.’

“Welcome, Ashmia.”

Ashmiah waved to Leonardo, the butler who greeted her at the entrance to the mansion.

“Long time no see.”

“I’m glad you look healthy.”

“…Did you say that to make me laugh?”

Ashmia stared at Leonardo, who had said that even after seeing her being hugged up the stairs by Vanessa and moved to a wheelchair.

“Of course not.
Even if your legs are a bit ill, your face looks much better than before.”

“That’s enough.
More importantly, has everyone arrived?”

“Only the eldest young master has arrived.”

“And Father?”

Leonardo answered Ashmia’s question with a soft smile.

“He’s working.”


Ashmia wondered what was going on, but didn’t ask any further questions.
She sat in a wheelchair pushed by Vanessa and headed to the dining room with Leonardo.

And as soon as she entered the dining room, she made eye contact with a man who was sitting at the long table.

“Long time no see, Brother Donovan.”


At Ashmia’s greeting, Donovan Kalanishiel, the eldest son of the Kalanishiel family, responded briefly.

There was only silence in the dining room.

‘…It’s very awkward.’

Of course, she didn’t expect to have a friendly conversation, but there were no formal greetings such as ‘How are you doing’ or ‘Isn’t your leg sore?’, even though they were family.

Moreover, it was even more suffocating because they sat in opposite seats.

‘Should I ask for something to drink?’

It was when she was about to call Vanessa with that thought.

Thud thud thud thud—!

She heard someone running fiercely from behind.

And then.


The eldest daughter, Elizabeth Kalanishiel, hugged Ashmia violently, her voluptuous breasts submerging her head.

“I-it’s been a while.
Sister Elizabeth…”

After Elizabeth hugged and stroked her for a long time, she freed Ashmia.

“It’s been so long! But our Mia’s pretty legs are hurt! What kind of bastards did this?! Just say it! Because this sister will go and cut off their limbs right away!”

When the ‘Queen of Blood’ said that, it didn’t sound like a joke.

“Have you been well?”

“Of course! I’m always fine.
Let’s see…”

Elizabeth grabbed Ashmia’s cheeks with both hands and brought her face close.

“…It’s still beautiful.
Mia’s ‘gold rose’.”

Ashmia’s ‘gold rose’ was reflected in Elizabeth’s red eyes as she spoke ecstatically.

The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, had silver hair and red eyes.

The eldest son, Donovan, had black hair and gold eyes.

The second son, Damian, had black hair and red eyes.

The second daughter and youngest child, Ashmia, had silver hair, gold eyes, and the ‘gold rose’.

The Kalanishiel siblings shared their genes in such perfect proportions.

“You’re going to pierce holes into her face, Sister.”

At that moment, Elizabeth wrinkled her expression at the voice from behind her.

“Why did the kid who’s always late come so early today?”

Damian snorted at Elizabeth’s words.

Family Business】

“I was lucky that there was no traffic.”

Damian answered dryly, glancing at Ashmia’s legs.

“Is Father here yet?”

“He will be here soon.”

At Leonardo’s words, Damian turned his head.

“Hey, you.”


Damian looked at Vanessa with eerie eyes.

“Come here.”


Ashmia, who immediately recognized Damian’s intentions, screamed at him sharply.

“As I said before, Vanessa is my bodyguard! It’s none of your business!”

“How can you say that with your legs looking like that?! If that was my bodyguard, I would’ve burned them to death right now!”

Vanessa bit her lip and bowed her head.

“Ah, I hate to agree with our Dami, but he’s not wrong.
Our Mia’s legs have become like this, but I’m having a hard time because her bodyguard is still walking around just fine.

Elizabeth’s eyes glinted red.

“Your leg, should I break it?”

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