8 – National Foundation Day (1)

Time continued to pass, and for the past three months, whenever I remember a person to whom I had done something wrong, I go there and apologize, make amends, and continue to practice.
And because of all of this, Little by little, the suspicious glances around me began to soften too.

Because I acted sincerely and did not do something wrong with anyone, my father and mother in particular seemed to acknowledge that I had changed.
But my brother still gave me a suspicious look.


Among everyone, the servants and maids including Emile were the most suspicious of me.
As I rolled up my arms to help them with their work every day, but since I mainly did the things that servants and maids shun the most, for example, cleaning the barn or carrying heavy laundry, they were all the more suspicious of me. 


And that wasn’t all.
At first, the knights who were frantic to beat me began to look at me like a monster when they saw me reaching the same level as them.
And my growth in my skills was not the only scary thing for them.
Over the past three months, my physique has also grown considerably.
Right now, my body was incomparably stronger than before and was reminiscent of those of the knights.


It was the result of repeated training every day.
In addition, as mana was steadily accumulated, the effect of mana on the body could not be ignored.


Mana is the source of life that spreads throughout this world and because I continuously accepted it into my body and handled it efficiently, my body had no choice but to quickly become stronger.


Let’s keep going like this.

It was rather good for me that I was not that social, I was able to skip all the events and trivial birthday banquets, so I was able to devote all my time to training myself.


However, even in the midst of such training, I couldn’t help but think about Adilun from time to time.


What would my fiancée, who hates me so much, be doing now?


* * *


“Adilun, You should prepare to go to the center sooner or later.”


“Yes? father, why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?”


“It is because, the National Foundation Day is arriving soon and his Majesty called all the nobles to attend it.
He also said that he would hold the grandest National Foundation Day.”


“Then… Do I have to go too?”


Everyone who inherited noble blood has to come, it is his majesty's order, and all the centre noble children will also come, so you must go too.”


I was reluctant, moreover, it wasn't the first time for me to go to center but because only the head of the family had to go to the center on all the founding days It was the first time for me to go to the National Foundation Day.


Although were are many events, I thought that the displeasure I would face at the event would outweigh the fun for such an event, so I hansako refused to participate in the National Foundation Day everytime.

[TL: hansako is the japnese word which means flower girl and often used for female.
She is using it here as sarcasm.


My father was always considerate of me and never took me to National Foundation Day.
Moreover, for me, who had always lived in the North, the center was just an unfamiliar space.
Hence I always refused to go but since it is his majesty's order, I have no choice.


“I see.
If that's the case then I’ll go too.”


Dissatisfaction tried to crawl out, but it was forced down by me.

If I get annoyed here or express that I don’t want to go, It will only make trouble for my father.


“Yes, and also, this time we are moving with Ortaire's, so be aware.”


But at my father’s words that continued, I sigh unconsciously.


“… ha….”


“I always feel sorry for you.”


I shook my head at my father’s words.


I am the heir to this vast Rodenov.
It’s not like I can’t just live the way I want to.
I have to do my duty to enjoy my rights.”


“Thank you for understanding.
Don’t worry too much though.
After Physis apologized to you last time, Giltheon told me that If this happens one more time, he will just kick out Physis from the family.”


Would that person really listen to Count Ortaire? It's always been like this, words like that lingered in my mouth, but I just nodded my head to my father without showing them.


“I see.
If that's the case then maybe it will be okay, father.”


Oh, do you have any questions about National Foundation Day?”


“I’m not particularly interested in anything, but once I know the event schedule, I can move accordingly, right?”


“As for the schedule, the first day is a ball, the second day is a hunting competition, the third day is a tournament and the fourth day…
There is a martial arts competition.”


“It’s tight.
I think I might be tired… That’s enough.
I’ll make it, father.”


“Now take care and get some rest.”


As soon as my father left, a sigh escaped from my mouth.


I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I have to meet Physis too, who doesn’t want to look at me, and I have to see the central nobles freaking out at me, or seeing my gossip.


This much can be tolerated, it's something that has already happened countless times so what would be different if this one was also added.


There must have been all sorts of incidents, and just thinking about the discomfort I would feel in them made me tired.


I just hoped all of this would pass quickly.


* * *


“National Foundation Day? Should I go too? Aren't you the one who always goes there?”


“Yes but his majesty said that all members of the noble families must attend this time.
He said he would open it with the greatest grandeur.”


“Am I not on probation right now?”


“Is vigilance important for national events? Get ready quickly we will be leaving next week.”


“I understand.
Is there anything I should be careful about?”


“There is nothing.
Try to memorize only the faces of members of the imperial family and each nobleman.
And since we will be moving with the members of the Rodenovs, you will not be rude to them like last time.”


“I will keep that in mind.”


At my words, my father looked at me and said.


“I’m glad though.
I think you’re somewhat sane.
For the past three months, I have been watching your life, and at first, I doubted my eyes.”


“… Is that so?”


“I wondered if I could trust you once, seeing how you helped the servants and maids so diligently that and did even the things that the servants and maids shunned.
And… You didn’t neglect training either.
Apparently, your mana has awakened too.”


My father saw through my growth at a glance.
My father was a knight vying for supremacy in the empire.


One of the seven Sword Saints of the Enadeim Empire belonged to my father.


Not long ago.”


“oh boy, If you had come to your senses right away, you would have grown up listening to the advice of genius, but why did you come to your senses so late?”


When I said that I had awakened Mana, my father clicked his tongue and said.


“How are you able to do it now?…
Anyway, let’s go prepare for National Foundation Day.”


“Yes, father.”


It’s National Foundation Day and he said all the nobles will come, so I’m sure Adilun will come too.
it’s been three months since the last time I met her.


I started to worry.
It was because the central nobles had already begun to picture what they were going to say to her.
Numerous scars will be engraved on her heart.


I thoughtfully shook my head.

What can I do to stop them or make it easy for her?


No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find an answer.
The biggest problem is that she hates me.


There is nothing more disheartening than having someone you hate to set up for you.
That’s why I shouldn’t come forward and act in defense of her.


Because if I did, it would make her hate me and herself even more.


What should I do?


I kept thinking over and over again to find the right way.


* * *


The date of National Foundation Day is approaching, and we are ready to leave for Enassa, the capital of Enadeim.


As Enassa is the heart of the empire with the imperial castle, the teleport gate is closed because you don’t know what will happen.


In the end, we had no choice but to join the people of Rodenov in the territory closer to the center and move together in a wagon.


So, inside the carriage.
I was sitting on the other side of Adilun.
Not a single thing has changed from before, she just looked out the window in awe.


“How have you been?”




She answered dryly.
I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut because she didn’t want to talk to me.


A heavy silence covered the inside of the carriage.
An uncomfortable feeling like sitting on a cushion of thorns came over me.


How long has it been like that? While I was silent, she looked at me blankly and suddenly spoke to me.


“Excuse me.”




Adilun paused for a moment, then spoke with difficulty.


“Let’s pretend to be as friendly as possible during this National Foundation Day…
You know why Rodenov and Ortaire met? right”


“Isn’t it to keep checks on the central nobles?”


So, if our relationship looks bad, they can think that the bond between Rodenov and Ortaire is weak and can be broken with a little shaking.
Because they are always frantic to undermine the power of countryside nobles.”


That’s a valid opinion. 

I nodded.


“Certainly they can.”


“Yes, So during that Day celebrations, speak as friendly as possible.
I will try to do the same.
To be honest, I hate to see you, but for the sake of my family, I can’t help it.”


She told me her true feelings.


“Well, I see.
You mean acting a friendly betrothed relationship.”




“Just leave it to me.
I will do my best.”


Even though I answered seriously, she still looked suspiciously at me.


“And just in case, in the capital, don’t act rashly like you do in your family.
As long as I am tied to you through the relationship of engagement, your reputation is directly related to me.”


“That will not happen.”


“Hmm, just don't do something wrong.”


After that, Adilun turned her head to look out the window, and the carriage was enveloped in silence again.

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