6 – Change (1)


“…So, these are things that the young master has done.”


I was at loss for words as I read the report of my actions, It was an incomparably splendid story.
Even the actions of a street wrestler or drunken criminal would be healthier than this.


I covered my face and sighed.


There were things that I vaguely remembered, but I never imagined that the amount of all the bad things I did would be this much.

There were many crimes in my report, but the biggest items were violence and mistreatment of servants, and the only good thing was that I was not guilty of rape or murder.


Well, since my body was weak, I didn’t even have the strength to kill someone.

And in the past, I had no interest in women at all too.
Well, those things at least did something good for me.


'Anyway, I have a lot of work to do now.'


It’s difficult to deal with everything right now, so I have no choice but to make the most of the time of the year by working on every problem one by one rather than rushing through it quickly.


“So what are you planning to do young master?”


The butler cautiously asked me as I was thinking.


“I was thinking of ways to correct my mistakes…
I have to make them right because it’s my fault.”


Judging by his face, it seems that the butler still had doubts in his eyes despite my firm words, it seemed that he couldn’t trust me easily.


But when I think about it, it was a natural reaction because 20 years is a long enough time to judge a person.
And If the guy who had just been living this kind of life until some days ago, suddenly wants to correct what he’s done, most people will likely react that way.


“Is that so…”


“I know it’s hard to believe.
But now, no matter what anyone says, I will change.
That’s just what you need to know.”


“All right.
Let me know if you need any help from me.”


The butler nodded and offered his help as if he thought I was being capricious.
At first, it seemed like the idea was to match my rhythm.
But I shook my head.


“Thank you for your offer, but I don’t really need any help.
I will take care of it by myself.”




The butler’s eyes were momentarily filled with anxiety.


Leaving the butler behind, I returned to my room.


* * *


Back in my room, I immediately started making plans.


For now, I should first apologize to the people within the count’s family, and then gradually expand the scope.


'I should definitely apologize to Adilun, but she won’t listen to me for now and will be angry by just looking at me, so let's hold it off for the time being.'


First of all, it is necessary to change and improve my image in front of the people of my family and the people around me.


And training will also have to go hand in hand.
Because after getting my previous life memory, I knew the fact that this world is not so peaceful one too.


The movement of monsters, the arrival of the plague, the invasion of the other world, and the civil war of the empire.


All of them are unmatched by big incidents and accidents.


It won’t be easy to overcome such trials in a weak state like this, so It was essential to train my body and gain strength enough to protect myself.


With so many people to apologize to, I will be quite busy for the time being.


With all my plans in place, I got up from my desk and moved right away.


First of all, let’s go to the people belonging to my family.


* * *


Emile, a maid belonging to the Ortaire family, was waiting for Physis today with tension.

It’s because last month, she was beaten by this terrifying young man.


After being assigned to Physis, Emile’s days were a series of hardships.
Physis used to insult her for not even making a mistake, and he would beat her right away if she even made a small mistake.


That’s why she couldn’t ask the head maid to change her assignment.
If that happens, someone else will eventually be harmed by Physis.


Being of good nature, she did not want other maids to be the object of resentment.


She just thinks that she is going to have a little harder herself.


Perhaps the fortunate thing was that the butler and the maid took care of her a little more after hearing the news that she had been beaten.


'I hope today goes without any problems.'

Emile, who had hoped so, did her best to serve Physis.


But something was strange.


Physis, who was supposed to be arguing without any reason, was too quiet.
He seemed to be seriously thinking about something.


'What are you going to do today?'


Emile was rather afraid of Physis’ silence.


But contrary to her expectations, as soon as they stopped, Physis told her something unimaginable.






Emil was genuinely perplexed.


“For the time when I beat you, and for the constantly harassing you.
I’m sorry about all that.”


For a moment, Emile wondered if she had heard something wrong.
He is sorry? Who is that young man?


“Hey, Bocchan.
What are you doing all of a sudden?”

[TL: In Japanese, Bachchan '坊っちゃん' has various meanings.
It's often used by maids and butlers in anime to refer to a boy whom they serve, so it's often translated as “young master,”.
The author used Bocchan in the raw too, that's why I did not change it.]


“It just seemed like that's what I should.
And I also promise that from now on I will never harass you or other maids in the future.”




'what the hell just happened?'

Emile was confused, and she did not let go of her tension.


Because this could also be a whim or prank.
She didn’t know when he would change his mind and use this incident as an excuse to torment her.


Physis noticed it too, but he didn’t say much.
This kind of suspicious look will continue to follow him from now on.


Honestly, some things have happened in the past, but the only people who hastily believe that he has changed are people who are lacking somewhere.


Humans naturally forget grace quickly and remember resentment for a long time.


Physis was thoroughly aware of this fact and had foreseen all of this.
All he has to do is not to be unfair to such suspicious eyes, but to ignore them calmly and constantly change his behavior.


* * *


Master Physis has changed!


It was a rumor that hit Count Ortaire recently.


After the last falling horse accident, that person changed strangely, and he was walking around apologizing to the people for what he had done wrong.


It wasn’t just a verbal apology.
For those who had been severely bullied, he gave equivalent material as compensation and even helped the servants and maids with their work.


No matter how probationary he may be, to think that a nobleman helps the servants and maids…
In the meantime, everyone who had seen Physis at the count’s house could hardly believe their eyes.


But the count’s people were not naive.
Most of the people who thought that even these actions might have an ulterior motive continued to look suspiciously at him.


Physis humbly accepted those glances and changed his behavior little by little.


The most notable change would be that he started practicing at the training ground every day.
During the day, he helped the maids and servants, and from evening to late at night, he trained his body.


It wasn’t just about training the body.


After asking the knights if they knew something he can learn, he even received a textbook on imperial martial arts and even began training in martial arts.


He even politely asked the knights if they could beat him so that they could accompany him to his training every day.


The knights, who usually had a lot of things piled up on Physis, readily accepted the offer and beat Physis mercilessly.


Physis pushed his body to the limit, almost to the point of overexertion and what was surprising was that Physis was growing at a truly overwhelming rate.


To the extent that even the knights stuck out their tongues, Physis’ talent was extraordinary. 

They don’t know if it’s because he has been fighting so much since the fall, o r is it because his instincts are engraved with a sense of fighting, but the way he moves his body and his senses are on a different level than others.

But only a few people were happy about that, like Physis’s mother, Seneyu Ortaire.


Most people just felt uneasy about who the hell Physis was training to beat now.

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