3 – Adilun (2)


As the next day came, after some simple examinations it was confirmed that there was nothing wrong with my body, everybody started preparing for teleporting me to the Rodenov Fortress with the teleportation gate.
That time I was feeling as if I was being dragged away.


There is no next time, and you must take responsibility.”


“I will keep that in mind.”

Due to my respectful behavior, all my family members started staring at me with wide eyes.
Starting with my mother, and everyone around me, even including my elder brother, who usually dislikes me and always showcases his disapproval by beating me like a dog whenever I make mistakes.


Seeing their reaction I can see that the evil thing that I committed all these times must be serious.


I smiled bitterly and told my family.


“Anyway, I will go.”


In an instant, my vision went black and after a few seconds, I could see the road.


The characteristics of the teleportation gate were simple.


When the designated coordinates are set, the person who uses the gate can find a path in the dark inside of the gate, at the end of which there is a door of light.


The person inside the gate simply had to walk all the way to the door which the light is coming from.


I also walked down the path of light and passed through the door to reach my destination, and for a moment when I was closing and opening my eyes, I felt my vision suddenly become brighter.

The scenery that was reflected in the eyes was of the outer castle which was boasting overwhelming intimidation, and the snowfield outside of the outer castle where a snowstorm was blowing.

It was not a fortress that can be called blessed by nature.
it was far from that, This was a place where winter engraves its footsteps throughout the year.

This was the fortress city Caltix, which was built in the Duchy of Rodenov in the north.


After exiting the teleportation gate, I immediately went through the check-in process.

“Welcome to Caltix Master Physis Ortaire, It’s only been two days since princess met you.”


The words that the person managing the teleportation gate spoke to me, were polite but cold as ice and his attitude was rude, but it was expected.


In the Duchy of Rodenov, where dragon blood is sacred, insulting Adilun, who inherited the thickest blood, was tantamount to earning their enmity.


I have committed that sin, so I nodded my head at that cold and rude attitude.


“It’s been two days.
Sir Tyr.”


“What business did you come for?”


The characteristics of the Rodenov knights were revealed in his every word, the characteristic of not showing any respect to those with hostility.


From their point of view, who always have to fight against the ferocious monsters of the north, ruthlessness toward the enemy is an indispensable feature.


He asked with a complicated expression on his face while emitting the energy that he would have taken out his sword right away if it hadn’t been for a political relationship.


“I came here because I wanted to apologize for my rudeness to the princess two days ago.”




It seemed that there were a lot of things that Sir Tyr wanted to say, but he forcibly put up with them and finished the check-in process without saying anything.


Probably, there must have been a lot of curse words in his mouth that he want to say but couldn’t say.


* * *


After the check-in process was over, I headed straight to Caltix’s inner sanctuary.


The teleportation gate was installed in the outer castle, so the road to the inner castle was quite long.


As the fortified city in charge of the north, the wide area and overwhelming height of the walls was giving me some kind of intimidation just by looking at them.

Even the buildings I've seen in my previous life are incomparable to them.

The size of the outer castle alone was overwhelming, but the inner strength was also formidable.


A cool chill penetrated my body.
Compared to my previous life, my weak body was a lot weaker, and it made me tremble because of the cold.


Originally, I could have requested a wagon or any other vehicle, but I deliberately didn’t.


Wouldn’t you feel bad and angry if the person who had insulted you came to apologize, but with a haughty attitude, and asked for king-like treatment?


'I at least have to show this level of humbleness.'


They say that walking gives you warmth but no matter how long I walked, my cold didn't decrease, and when I arrived at the door of the inner sanctuary the cold was etched deep into my bones.


The guards guarding the castle soon confirmed my identity and, like Sir Tyr, opened the door without saying anything, albeit coldly.


As they opened the gate and I entered, I saw the scenery of the neatly decorated garden.


Even in winter, the flowers that showed off their vitality were making the garden bright by just existing, and the faces of the attendants and maids who trimmed them had smiles regardless of the cold weather.


They must have been feeling quite proud just by working in this castle.

That also proves that the owner of the castle treats them very well.

The duke of the north, who is the sole lord of the castle city of Caltix and the entire Duchy of Rodenov


'I really want to know the character of Duke Johannes Rodenov now.'


The expression of the maids and attendants hardened in an instant when they discovered me.


The smile that I just caught a glimpse of, was now nowhere to be found and on top of that, they were looking at me with a sharp attitude, as if they were dealing with an enemy.


Among them, one maid who seem to be in charge of all maids bowed her head to me and said.


“I’ll take you to the drawing room.”


“All right.”

The head maid of a duchy usually belonged to one of the vassal families of that duchy, and in this case, Sarah Lorraine, the head maid of Rodenov, was an aristocrat serving Rodenov for more than 30 years.


It was a status that could not be ignored by the second son who was not even the heir to the count’s family.


So, if I treat her in a rude way it will be the same as ignoring Rodenov.


So I answered her politely.
Then the head maid widened her eyes, just like my family earlier.


I understood her reaction and smiled bitterly.
It happens unexpectedly often.


Following the maid’s guidance, I arrived at an antique-decorated room and sat down on the sofa to wait.


how much time has passed


The door opened, and a girl with dark blue hair, golden eyes, and blue-white scales appeared in front of me.


* * *

[Adilun's POV] 


I looked at the young man in front of me.


Only two days ago.
It was just two days ago, the same young man spoke terrible words to me and left.


I don’t know why he came here now, but he came to me again before the painful scars were healed.


I knew that my appearance was different from others.


The scales that have stuck to my body since I was born and my foreign skin that is different from other.


But people cared for me.
Mother and father, head maid, butler, and all the knights cared for me.


But I knew from the start that I was different from other.
unlike me, didn’t have scales.


When I asked why I have them, my father and mother told me, that you are a child born with the dragon’s blessing and you are our pride.


From that day on, these blue-white scales were my pride.


Every day I heard people’s blessings.


The precious people of Rodenov, The people I will one day rule over, honored me with one heart and one mind.


My blue-white skin seemed to be the color of winter, so I thought my body was harboring winter.


The snow falling lightly on the fort, the occasional sunbeam shining and melting the snow, the sound of footsteps stepping on the snow, the falling snow piled up on the trees, and the distant scenery of the snowy field, I thought all of those things were together inside me.


But my pride was shattered one day.


It was the day when there was a gathering of noble families.


I dressed up in beautiful clothes, like those of fairy tails, and entered the ballroom with proud steps.


At that time, I could not forget the sound I heard.


Monster!!, Gross thing…
a demon!.


Nobles were whispering like that.


My ears, which are much more sensitive than others, picked up the words they whispered, and I had no choice but to witness my own difference, which I had been proud of, becoming nothing but a mistake.


The funny thing is, those who whispered such things about my scales, called it brilliant and god's blessings in front of me.


Alas, from then on I couldn’t believe what people were saying.


On the outside, they will praise me, but behind the scenes, they will laugh at me and see me as a monster.


It’s just that I’m of Rodenov lineage, so they can’t openly say those things.


I believed that all sorts of reluctance, fear, and disgust would accompany their gaze at me.


I was ignorant of people and ignorant of their culture.


And that ignorance immediately became the blade that attacked me.


A space where young ladies gather and chat.
Being ignorant of their own laws and regulations, I was attacked countless times by them.


Faced with the malice in their every expression, I realized that I had been so foolish.


What is the blood of a dragon? What is the mark of a dragon?


Those things don’t give any help to the world I live in.


I studied.
About things, I don’t know, about their education, their culture, and things they do or like.


I didn’t have many opportunities to use them, but it was thrilling to see the contempt in their eyes suddenly changing and becoming alertness and fear.


Knowledge was power, and no one with power could ignore it.


I wanted to get even physical strength.


My slender body was not suited to martial arts, but my natural dragon bloodline and my superior intellect led me to the realm of magic.


From then on, I was completely immersed in magic.

The power to twist the logic of the world, the power to recreate the scenery of winter even in the middle of summer, I was fascinated by that unreal power, and I only delved into magic without going outside.


For five years I locked myself in the castle and concentrated only on magic.
In the meantime, I heard something new.


It was about Rodenov and Ortaire’s arranged marriage.


There had been stories about engagements before, but most of them were about engagements with northern nobles, so I couldn’t help but open my eyes wide at the story.


My first meeting with Physis Ortaire was, of course, terrifying.


As soon as he saw me, he openly put on an expression that He is looking at something terrible in his eyes.
Following his facial expression, my emotions became terrified.


It was a terrible meeting for each other in many ways.


I haven’t had any expectations from Physis since then.


Maybe he does too.
Who would like a gongnyeo who is reputed to be a monster?

[TL – Gongnyeo is the Korean word used for women who were dedicated to powerful countries by their vessels.]


But not expecting it didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt.


The gaze of disgust from the person with whom I had to spend the rest of my life was more scary.


The more I met him, the more my heart was covered with scars.


Cracks like scales on my skin began to carve into my heart.


And just two days ago, since he sowed a deep hatred towards me, I also hated him.


By the way, did he come here to apologize?


[Get out of my sight.
I don’t want to see that ugly face of yours again.]


I immediately remembered what he had said two days ago.
For the person who told me to go away and never want to see my hideous face again to come now?


'Under pressure.'


He must have been under pressure from the family.
The arrogant and rude Physis will apologize?


Unsurprisingly, the ferocious words came out of my mouth.


“Why did you come here? Do you not even remember what you said? I went away as you wished, but then why did you come to such a hideous place?”


Could I have a voice like this?


I spoke to him in a sharp tone like a thorn made of frost.

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