34 – Ready (2).

[Physis's POV]


A month passed by very quickly.
So far I did only one thing and that was to push myself and improve my skills.


As promised, my father kept practicing with me, and because of that, my skills grew at a tremendous pace.
However, I didn't need to learn how to handle mana or skills ​​from my father.


But, practicing with someone stronger than me quickly showed me what I was lacking, and pointed me in the direction I needed to go.


I did not neglect the training of my body and mana and devoted my entire time to training except for sleeping time.
Even though in the past training I didn't really get tired from pretty much anything.
But now with my father, I too felt tired and usually fell asleep.
And when I woke up, I went straight to the gymnasium again.


And just like that, the time of one month had finally passed, and now none of Ortaire’s knights could beat me anymore.


So during today's training, my father seriously looked at me and took a pose.
Seeing him like that, I too, took a stand against him.


'It has already been a month.
I should be used to it now, but every time I confront him, it feels new.'


The development was always the same.
Seonsaeng used a wooden sword for training.
And I used a steel gauntlet. 


[TL: Seonsaeng is the Korean word for addressing someone like a teacher.


I kicked off my feet and ran to my father.


A speed that couldn't be compared to a month ago.


The results of my training were so noticeable that I could tell just by running on the ground.


Perhaps my father also realized that he couldn’t pass my blows carelessly anymore, so unlike before, when he swung roughly, he struck me with a firm yet stable attitude.




With the sound of wooden swords and steel gauntlets clashing, a strong shockwave came out and spread around my father.


A different aspect than a month ago.
I stretched out my fist and blocked my father’s outstretched sword.
The advantage of martial arts was that the range of techniques that could be applied expanded as long as the distance was safe.


I tried to grab my father’s sword with my hand, but my father didn’t take it easy either.
In the interval when he took two steps back, my father’s sword regained freedom and again began to encircle me.


I could clearly see the path of my father’s sword movements, but my body couldn’t keep up with it.
Even when I increased my speed with mana, I couldn’t keep up.


The slow flow of several movements finally completed the sword master's drawing.
I knew it was only a sword pointed at me, but at least that was felt to me.


That sword could be moved in any way and could change and adapt to any power.
Perhaps, if I were my father’s enemy, and had moved one step further, my neck would have immediately fallen off.
Realizing that fact, I immediately loosened my posture and said.


“I lost.”


“… …Yes.
Good work.”


As expected, the title of swordmaster was not a title that could be obtained in months or days.


The body and skills that my father perfected through decades of training were impossible for me to catch up with.


If I had the body of my previous life, I would have been able to overwhelm my father, but my current body was only trained for 4 months.
There was no way I could catch up with him right now.


Moreover, my father still has a lot of energy left.
The strength of the body, the total amount of mana, and purity were all far away from me now, so I couldn’t dare to look at them.


No matter how overwhelming talent was, even if it shortens the time, decades of equally talented people could not be easily surpassed.


But I didn’t regret it.
It was natural.
If I regret it, there won’t be any improvement.


One can only improve when one realised and accepted their shortcomings and flaws.


It was rather good.
Because now I had the conviction that I could become stronger than I was.


However, it won’t take long.


“You found the gap.
I can’t believe it.”


“Yes, I saw it.
But my body couldn’t keep up.”


“If your body had been at a little higher level, you could have grabbed the sword.
That’s enough.
Probably, no matter who comes out in the great duel, they won’t be able to surpass you.”


“But I am not going to let my guard down.
The world is wide, and there are many strong people.
There may be some variables.”


Aiden’s prestige has declined considerably, and it has become a merchant family, but in the past, it was a family that produced noble knights.
It’s a great mindset.”


“Then we will finish our preparations and depart for Rodenov tomorrow.
There are still three days until the great duel.”


Do as you please.”


“Thank you, father.
You really worked hard with me.”


My father nodded and went back to the office.
I started packing right away.


'Finally tomorrow.
I’m heading to Rodenov.'


* * *

[Adilun's POV]


It was a particularly cold day. 


Today was the day when Physis’ warrior qualifications were going to be verified.


But somehow, my mood continued to be bad.
Over the past months, everyone asked me what was going on with my bad mood, but I simply replied that it was nothing.


Everyone was puzzled at how I, who had been lively just before National Foundation Day, had become so gloomy, but when I shut my mouth without giving any reason, everyone just chose to leave me alone.


In fact, both of our choices were right.
My bad mood was all because of the dream and the insecurity that had settled in me.


Those things, no matter what other people said, weren't helpful at all.


It was something I needed to control myself and overcome, but I was just not able to do that.


What I had to do now was to control my emotions.
Hiding insecurities, I forced my bad mood to hide.


After I had prepared myself mentally, Sarah came to me and informed me that Physis had arrived.


“Then, let's go, Sarah.”


“Yes, miss.”


* * *

[Physis's POV]


“Long time no see.


“… …Yes.”


Adilun, whom I hadn’t seen in a month, somehow seemed to have no energy.
And that’s not all.
Not only did she have no energy, but she also looked depressed.


It seemed like she was trying hard not to show it, but it was clear that something bad had happened to her recently.


“Hey, Adilun?”




“Is there something wrong? You don’t look good.”


“… …It-it’s okay.”


She hesitated a little. 


It was clear that something had happened.


“I don’t think it’s okay.”


“It’s okay.”


Cool, yet determined eyes were directed at me.


Even so, golden eyes showed uneasiness that could not be hidden.
It was the eyes of a ruthless dragon that would not allow even a single question.


“… … If so.


'What happened?' My expression automatically darkened.


“Let's just go.
Because my father is waiting for you.”




Adilun led me to the gymnasium.
At the gymnasium, the knights of Rodenov, including His Excellency Duke Johannes, stood in line.


“Here you are.”




“Did you train hard?”


“I did the best I could.
My father helped a lot too.
And He is also sure that with my skills, there will be no problem in the great duel.”


At my seemingly bold words, His Excellency’s eyes lit up.


“Hoo! Giltheon said that.”




“Tha's good.
However, for Giltheon’s assurances to recognize you as the great warrior of Rodenov, the knights’ resistance will be considerable.”


At that moment, along with the pressure, the knight's bloody hostility turned toward me.


Although my relationship with Adilun had improved recently, from their point of view, I was still a disrespectful person who insulted the heir of the family.


“Are you ready to take the test, Physis Ortaire?”


I was prepared.
The resolution was already made a long time ago.
If I hadn’t been determined, I wouldn’t have worked so hard for a month.


'However, was it necessary to point out such a fact?'


If one was determined, just one word was enough.




From now on, I will test you to see if you are worthy to be selected as the Great warrior of Rodenov.”


I nodded at those words and put on my armament.


The test method was simple.


It was to compete with the strongest knight that Rodenov boasts of.


If my level did not reach the standard set by them, I will have to pack my bags and return to Ortaire, and if I reach the standard, I will become a warrior of Rodenov.


The simplest, most accurate way.


I didn't know how much of a reference point they had assigned to me, but if there was one thing that was certain; It was that I will far exceed the standard set by them.


I put on the gauntlet in the middle of the gymnasium and finished arming myself.


My opponent was a middle-aged man with a sharp look.


The strongest knight in Rodenov, Sir Lucas Wintes.


He was otherwise called the Knight of Winter, and of course, he was not as powerful as my father, but he was a knight with great skills.


He immediately looked at me and gave off quite a menacing spirit.


Eventually, he raised his sword and took a stance.


“Be ready!”


He rushed at me with elation.

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