puzzled expression.


“Now, go in.
Aren’t you busy tomorrow too?”


“I see.
Oh, and Physis…”




“Be careful in tomorrow’s tournament.”


“It’s okay.
You don’t need to worry.”


“As I said before, I'm-”


“-You said it because I have to go to a great duel, nothing else…
I am well aware of it.”


Anyway, get some rest.
You had a hard day today.”


Even though she put on a slightly dissatisfied expression because she was deprived of her words, she did not forget to tell me to be careful.


* * *

[Omniscient pov]


Alan Aiden raised his lance and looked at his opponent before him.


Physis, a knight in black armor.


Not long ago, he was the one who made all the things he was aiming for in vain.


Alan's expression crumpled.


Of course, he didn’t like all the compliments about Physis that came out of the servant’s mouth, and his stomach was twisted when he saw the princesses he usually courted with reddish faces looking at Physis.


Furthermore, Physis was the person who provided the decisive reason for the battle between Rodenov and Aiden, so Alan had no choice but to hate Physis from bottom of his heart.


But In reality, it was Alan’s own careless mouth that provided the excuse for the Battle of the Territory.


Ignoring all of that, Alan stared at Physis with overflowing hatred and murderous intent, but Physis just stared at him with nonchalant eyes without any change in expression.


However, even those nonchalant eyes felt as if they were ignoring him, so Alan burned with even more rage and gripped the lance in his hand.


His goal was to shove this lance into Physis’ unlucky smooth face, flattening that proud nose.


Knocking Physis off the horse? Alan had no intention of aiming for such trivial things.


What motivated him to participate in this tournament in the first place? Wasn’t it to woo the princess he liked?


However, he was greatly disgraced at the ball, and his family was in great danger, so he was ignored by other nobles.
The only thing he wanted to do was to bring down the person, who made him like this, to the same level as himself.


‘Today, I’ll definitely put this lance at your proud nose.’


Thinking so, Alan lowered the helmet to protect his face and sprinted towards Physis.


* * *

[Physis's POV]


Alan Aiden; It was not hard to see that the guy was full of hatred toward me.


'A guy who knew nothing but still treated others with contempt,' that was the only evaluation I would give him.
Even if a guy like that came running to destroy me with hatred, it just seemed ridiculous to me.


The National Day ball, the hunting competition, and even this tourney, in many ways, I thought it was fate that I had no choice but to collide with him.


But today, it was rather good.


Previously, he had plotted a rather dangerous trick in the hunting competition, but I couldn’t prove it, so I thought to pay it back before the Great duel somehow.
But an opportunity to pay it back came sooner than I expected.


However, I had no intention of being careless.
Judging from the way he fought in the tourney, he must have been pretty good at Jousting.


There was a risk of getting caught on his side if I was careless. 

I can’t lose to a man like him.


“Let’s go.”


I said softly to the horse.
The horse stared at the front with a rough grunt, as if it understood the meaning of my words.
Finally, the flag was raised, and he and I started galloping at each other at the same time.


The moment he and I finally face each other, the surroundings slow down as if time has stopped, and my eyes catch everything about him.


Where and how to move? Where to stab the lance? All of those paths began to become clear to my eyes.


The guy was aiming for my face.
Rather than thinking of winning, would he rather smash my face?


Then I will aim at your face too.


As soon as my horse and his horse crossed, He tried to thrust his lance into my face.


'Absolutely neat technique.'


He handled the lance in the cleanest way than all the knights I had met before this match.
So much so that it was understandable to remain in the final round of the tournament.


Even though his talent for mana was low, it seemed that he had at least one talent to show off.


But no matter how good he is… … If the blow containing so much skill is seen through by my eyes, it will be nothing but a fuss in the end.




I turned my face and avoided his lance.


The heavy sound of the wind could be heard from the lance that passed by the side of the helmet, near the ear.

On the other hand…




There was the sound of something breaking; my lance lodged in his teeth shattered.


The guy was half-lying on the horse, perhaps because he had been struck in the face or because he was momentarily unconscious.


Soon, his squire came to wake him, and then they prepared for the match again.
Rather, the crowd began to cheer at the hot game aiming for each other’s faces.


'2 points for this.'


Since he didn’t fall off the horse fall, the match hadn't been announced yet.


'That means I can still hit him in the face one more time.'


I glared at him with a somewhat evil smile.


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