Chapter 16 – Certain Accidents (2)


“I'm just going to say it, but remember the moment you hear it, there will be no turning back.”


“It doesn’t matter! If you did it over something trivial, you better be prepared!”


I already warned that old nobleman, but even so, that old aristocrat seemed to have too much faith in his son, so he replied to me in a determined tone.


“All right.
If that's the case, then I will tell you everything that I heard.”


It was unavoidable, either that old man or his son seemed to know me before because they both talked recklessly and tried to pick up the words easily.


Fortunately, Adilun was not here.  It was a relief for me to know that she didn’t have to hear these insults from them that I'm about to tell.
But the one thing I was worried about was His Excellency, Duke Johannes Rodenov.
If he hears this, he probably won’t take it lightly.


He has to live with the monster for the rest of his life, so it would be okay if we could see him dreaming at least once in the center.”

It started with these words and I even laughed at the way he mocked me as if sympathizing with me and threw it in the old man's face.
And on hearing these words, expressions of bewilderment appeared on his face.


“I’ve only heard of it, but who would have known she would look so terrifying? If it were me, I would have bitten my tongue and killed myself.”


And as more words continued, His Highness Duke Johannes' face became stern.


“The horns on the top of her head were very attractive.
It would be really cool if they were cut and polished.
Oh, come to think of it, did I mention that Princess Esteban pays high prices for high-end handicrafts?”


And when I said the third line, ghat the old man's face turned white.


“She is gathering all kinds of precious handicrafts and if it’s the horn of Princess Rodenov…which is the only one in the world, so their value must be very high.”


And As I finished my last word, the old nobleman finally shouted at me.


“You made all this up! There’s no way my son would say something like this! wasn't it all made up by you to drive us into a corner!”


At that old man's words, those who were next to him began to sympathize.
It seemed that they were probably from the same faction.


Is there any evidence? It could simply be a lie you made up to perpetrate violence and cover it up.”


One noble from that old nobleman's side said it to me and people nodded at his remark and looked at me.
And seeing that Sir Johannes Rodenov also looked at me and asked.


“Is there any evidence?”


But come to think of it, there was no evidence.
I just acted out of my anger, I should have something as evidence for a situation like this, but I did it too hastily.
At the very least I should have had a magic tool for recording.


Now, it was a situation that would put me in a corner.
I should prepare a little more.
I only trusted my older brother’s words and did it openly, but that will only pass justification to him and my family.


Even if their voices were a bit low, there would have been people around them who would have heard them, but in the end, they were all central nobles.
They will take the side of those who have been beaten by me, and will not intend to take my side.


Because of a moment of anger, I forgot the basic issue that I had to address.
That this is their territory and to speak out in their domain, proper preparation was required.



I didn’t think too much about the situation that I said was unavoidable.


'I'm so stupid


Just as I was about to shake my head in no, saying that there is no evidence to His Excellency, Sir Johannes, there was a sudden voice that came to us.


“There is.”


It was my brother’s voice.


Huian Ortaire.
do you really have proof? Are you sure?”




My older brother answered with a firm attitude, and suddenly took out a small marble from his bosom and said.


“This bead is a magic tool with a recording function.
You’re familiar with it, right?.
Everyone uses it very often.”


As soon as my brother said those words, he activated the magic tool, and at that moment, the words they said began to flow out of the beads.


He has..” “I’ve only heard…” “The horns on..”


“There is a possibility that the magic tool was manipulated!”


“If you wish, I can also confirm whether this magic tool has been tampered with or not.
It’s the imperial palace, and Dehanat-nim, the court mage, is also here.”

No one expressed objection to my dignified older brother’s words.
Only that old man and some aristocrats were pathetically asking for proof.


At the request of the old nobleman, my brother went to the court wizard Dehanat Itra in the venue and proved that the magic tool was not tampered with, and at that moment that old nobleman’s face turned white as snow.


I see.”


His Excellency Duke Johannes looked at the old nobleman with an expressionless face.


“What the hell did you teach or son, He should be kind.”


A noble from behind said that. 


For the central nobles and the local nobles, undoubtedly, Rodenov was a territory with the strongest military force outside of the capital city.


The moment they engage in a war with a Rodenov, his territory will become a mess.
So that old nobleman clung to his Excellency Duke Johannes as if he had realized the fact that his word was about to end, but His Excellency declared with a firm attitude.


“Let everything go according to the procedure.
You have insulted the noble ancestors of Rodenov and my daughter…”


The old nobleman closed his eyes.


* * *


“You Excellency,  How do you plan to proceed?”


“Well, I’ll have to think about it.
In my heart, I want to destroy the territories of those rude people with an all-out war, but I can't do that, these bastards…”


Brother and His Excellency started discussing the way to handle this situation.


“How about doing it in a duel? Instead of playing casually, the losing side bet everything.”


“Hmm, a duel between the great warriors…  that’s not bad either.
You can reap the benefits without shedding pointless blood.”


They both decided to go with an informal duel between warriors.
It was a duel that have a total of five knights competing in a winner-take-all match, we have the justification, so no matter which way we proceed, saying no or changing conditions was far away, they will not even be able to speak anything about it.


“Your Excellency…”


“What is it? Prince Physis.”


“If it’s possible, can I participate too in this duel?”




I want to personally condemn those who insulted Adilun.”


It was regrettable that I couldn’t beat them more, so I asked His Excellency a favor.


“Are you sure?”


His Excellency looked at me with unreliable eyes.
It was understandable because he didn't know about what kind of growth I had achieved.


“He is reliable, I assure you, Your Excellency.
This guy, after three months of training, didn’t lose at all even after sparring with the knights of our family.”


“If that's the case, then first, I will give you a test, and if you pass it.
Then I will allow you to participate.”


His Excellency only said that to me because of my older brother's assistance.


“What kind of test?”


“You will compete directly against the knight of Rodenov.
And if  you win, I can trust you.”


“All right.”


Then I’ll tell His Majesty about the great duel and come back.
he has been showing interest in this side since earlier, so I have to tell him something first.”


His Excellency immediately approached the emperor who was seated on the throne and asked for permission for the great duel.


While all the procedures were going on, the old nobleman, whose name I did not want to know, sat there in despair.


* * *


“Hey, how do you know that something like this could happen?”


“Do you think I instigated you without any preparation? I expected something to happen and moved it in advance.”


“Have you figured out all of this?”


“Unlike you, I have some work, so I come to the center many times, so I have already figured out their habits.
Those who insulted the princess had a strong contempt for the local nobles from before.
Moreover, among the young men belonging to the central nobles, there are few young men who do not harbor feelings of longing for Her Highness, Princess Lobelia, so of course I thought this was the case.”


“Thank you for helping me.
I did it without thinking and almost got into trouble.”


“This is why I did it in the first place, believing in your ability to act and knowing that if it's you, you would grab someone and beat them up.
And at least one guy needed an example, so that’s good.
Well done anyway.
With this, we can completely steal the territory of that central nobleman.”


After saying that, my brother laughed evilly.


“That's harsh.”


“Hahaha, that is true.”


“Hey I want to ask something, do you believe I can win?”


“Win? No…
Of course, you will win.
You will probably be stronger than me by the time the great duel begins.
You crazy guy It was a waste of such talent that you didn't practice”


“What… Aren’t you glad I'm doing it now?”


“It’s not like that either.
Anyway, from now on, even if you have an accident, I won’t be able to help you every time.”


“I won’t do it without thinking, so don’t worry.”


“I guess so.
Anyway, during the duel between the great warriors, it’s a splendid mess.
You’ve been putting shit on the family’s name, so now try to raise the family’s status.”


“Alright, brother.”

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