Chapter 13 – Prom (3)


“It wasn’t too bad, though.”


After Adilun finished dancing, she looked at me and said as if she was mocking me. 

Someone might find her sudden snapping attitude strange, but I could understand that she was happy


It was clear that she had successfully completed the dance and the reactions around her had changed accordingly.
Now all of a sudden talking to me in a rather ticklish or mocking tone would mean that she was back to normal.


A smile came to my face, and I told her.


“I’m glad.”


“Yes? What?”


“The way you look at me and talk to me now, it’s like the way you usually treat me.
And It seems that the trembling of your hands has also stopped.”




Perhaps she too belatedly realized that fact, and a smile spread across her lips for an instant.
But that smile disappeared in the blink of an eye, and she talked to me like nothing happened. 

It must be because she doesn’t want to show me her happy face.  

I laugh internally


“I know, right!.
Oh, and….”




Thank you for this time.”




After all of this, she did not hesitate to express her gratitude to me.
It must be because of her sincere nature of expressing gratitude to others.


Now that I had nothing more to say, I just laughed awkwardly.


* * *


“Both of you danced well.”


It was Lobelia who greeted us when we were taking a breath.


“Oh Thank you for your kind words, Your Highness.”


“You seemed like you had a lot of talent, but I never imagined that you would have a knack for dancing.”


As she was talking to us, her eyes gleamed with admiration and envy.


“I'm jealous! because I don't have people to dance with.”


I was confused because, Lobelia, who said that, was the princess, hence she would be the first to dance as soon as the ball started.
so I asked in confusion.


“Didn’t Your Highness dance before we danced?”


“Oh my gosh.
I don’t even want to call dancing with my brother a dance.”


There was deep disgust in her eyes.
It seemed that she don’t like her brother very much.
Well, it’s rare for siblings to get along well, especially given the characteristics of the imperial family, where siblings are rivals.
So it was quite natural.


People around us were buzzing as they watched Lobelia approaching us.
But in a way, it was expected, because it was the first time we met Lobelia on this National Foundation Day.


The sound of the nobles’ heads spinning could be heard.
The fact that she was friendly with us makes it look like she wants to gain support from the local nobles.
However, even so, no one was able to point it out directly.
They just whispered behind our backs.


“It seems that Her Highness, the 1st princess, is trying to attract local nobles, right?”


“Will His Majesty wait and see?”


“Why is she so close to these local villagers?”


The problem was that I could hear all their voices in my ears.
And on top of that, I started to hear a lot of annoying and bad-mouthing about Adilun too.


“Oh my gosh.
I’m seeing the face of Princess Rodenov for the first time today, but it’s completely according to rumors.
She really is a monster.”


“Look at those scales and the horns on her head? Doesn’t they look no different from a monster?”


“Only Prince Ortaire is pitiful.
He looks so handsome, but he has to marry such a monster because of an arranged marriage.
Did you see the forced smile on his face earlier? I feel very sad for him…”


“I feel the same…
She really looks like a monster!”


Even though I expected such a reaction for a long time, it doesn't mean that I wasn’t angry.
Meanwhile, what annoyed me, even more, was perhaps the attitude of associating me with Adilun and talking about me as if I were the victim of some tragedy.


The most absurd thing to say was, of course, that I was forcing myself to smile.


My expression hardened because I was secretly furious, but I quickly changed my expression before anyone could see.


Let’s not forget that I have to laugh all day today.


My behavior towards Adilun is honest, but everyone present here probably doesn't think the same.

According to popular rumors and belief, I was an unhappy young nobleman betrothed to a monster.


Maybe Adilun's reaction would be the same too, because she doesn’t believe me, and thinks that I’m really acting.


“Anyway, what I mean is that, Prince Ortaire, would you like to dance with me?”




What was that again, Of course, just because I'm engaged doesn’t mean I have to dance only with my fiancee, and since I’ve already danced the first dance at the ball with Adilun, it was normal to dance with others too.
But I thought of turning down all requests.
However, I didn’t know or expected that the opponent would be Lobelia.


Lobelia must have sensed my bewilderment, so she told me.


“Ah, originally I was thinking of requesting a dance from Princess Rodenov.
I can’t dance the male part at all.
Oh, by any chance, Princess Rodenov.”




At Lobelia’s sudden question, Adilun, who was in a state of perplexity, answered in surprise.


“Do you know how to play the male part?”


“Oh, no.”




Lobelia let out a long sigh as if she was truly sorry.


I can’t help it.
I also have a bit of confidence in dancing, so I want to dance with someone who dances well.
But when Princess Rodenov's option doesn’t work, the only person left is Prince Ortaire.”


If it was another girl, I could just refuse but the problem is that this girl is the princess.


Even if I wanted to refuse, I could not help but nod my head since no matter how friendly Lobelia is, she is the princess in the end. 

Ortaire and Rodenov could not offend to get into the bad side of the Lobelia for now.


* * *


Instead of the upbeat music from before, calm, static music filled the ballroom.
Lobelia spoke to me in the midst of this melody that sounds soggy at first glance.


“I’m sorry for forcing you.”


“What are you talking about? You are not forcing me at all.”


“Actually, I wanted to talk to you separately.”


“To me?”




With an innocent smile on her face, she asked me with a confident look. 

As expected, when she met us in the garden she was just acting.


“Now, you know that the stares at you and your fiancé aren’t all that good.”



“You know what people do after dancing at the ball.”


“Male aristocrats eat and talk to male aristocrats and female aristocrats with female aristocrats.
Isn’t it?”


That will force Adilun to face an even harsher environment.
Especially since more and more girls are getting jealous of her, because of you.”


“I just felt that too.
They gave me quite a soggy and pitiful stare.”


“I’m glad you know…
Anyway, that’s why when there are female nobles around, there would be a lot of people who gossip about Adilun.”


“I know…
That's why I want to stay by Adilun’s side…”


“Even though you said it and you were engaged, but the realm of women and men is clearly different.
So anyway, what I want to say is that..
I’ll make sure to stop the various attacks on Adilun.”


I couldn’t understand.
Why the hell is she doing this? So I asked.


“Why are you even doing this?”


“Do you remember when I first met you I said that there is no political purpose? Actually, that was a lie.
I’m sure you’ve heard it already.
Instead, let’s be honest.
I need your strength.
To be precise, the power of the local nobles.”


If she, the first princess is aiming for the throne, she will need the nobles' support to empower her.
And the faces of the people I saw when I first arrived in Enassa… She must be worried about her people as well.


“It seems that the tyranny of the central nobles is not the only thing.
When I first arrived in Enassa, people’s expressions didn’t look very good.”


“Your eyesight is also good.
It's for the people of Enassa… Furthermore, I don’t want the people of this country to suffer anymore.
So I need your strength.
Because the central nobles are already supporting my younger brother.”


Saying that Lobelia took my hand and turned around.
And I said, holding her back.


“I understand.
Then, are you saying that Your Highness will look after Adilun while I’m staying in the capital?”


“It is not limited to staying in the capital.
I have the power to continuously improve the perception of the North and the East, Adilun and you.”


“It seems a little lacking with just that.”


“Of course not.
Since you are obviously in a position to ask, I have prepared a number of items that you will be satisfied with.”


“I won’t ask now what they really are.
And to say one thing, in the alliance between Ortaire and Rodenov, my opinion is not really that important.
I wonder if the thoughts of my brother, father, and Adilun are different.”


“Did you think I wouldn’t know that much? I already know everything.
Also, I was planning to speak to Prince Huian and Count Giltheon separately, and I prepared everything to satisfy them.”


“Then there is no reason to refuse.”


“That's true.”


I can not clearly see the transaction items, but I am in a position to know the future of this world to some extent through my previous life.


It was a pretty big harvest just to be able to get her help whenever there was a crisis of great damage in the future.


As soon as Lobelia and I put smiles on our lips, the music stopped and the dance ended.


I turned my head to find Adilun waiting at the seat and saw it at that moment.
A bitter smile appeared on her face for a moment.

Why Is she making that face?

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