10 – National Foundation Day (3)


“I did not call you for any static cause, but simply because of my personal curiosity and fellowship.
So there is no need to be nervous.”


Princess Lobelia, who was surprised earlier, looked at Adilun with a kind smile and said.


“What do you mean by personal curiosity and fellowship, Princess?”


“That’s…, I need a friend.
Oh, I know it would be burdensome to say this out of the blue, right? But it's because I’ve never had anyone who I could call a friend.
So it’s always just people who come for political purposes every time.”


At her words, Adilun and I couldn’t hide our bewilderment. 

She suddenly wants friends? 

To Lobelia, who says she needs a friend before getting to know each other properly, the answer we can give is ‘It’s difficult.’


“How can we dare be friends with Your Highness the Princess?”


When Adilun replied to her in a rather cold tone, Lobelia laughed, saying she knew it.


“Ah, it was just as I expected.
Princess Rodenov, you really felt like someone from cold north, but I really like you because you matched my expectations.”




“I had a longing for the North from the beginning.
The cold snowfield and the people who live against it.
And the legend of Altair, the ancestor who protects the North… In short, the more I heard the legend about the ancestral dragon Altair and North, the more mysterious and beautiful it becomes, so I really wanted to go to the North at least once.”


“Ah, you should definitely came, and thank you for your kind words…”


“So, can I touch that horn? I know it’s really rude, but I really wanted to meet you and tuch it.
A princess who inherited dragon blood.
What a cool title you have, and those horns are really cool too.
It is round, round like a goat, but the color is a mysterious bluish-white.
My God, how cool would it be if someone like you were my friend.”


To Lobelia, who spoke with her eyes shining, Adilun only expressed her embarrassment.
Even without looking at it, it was obvious why Adilun reacted like that.


It was because until now, no one had approached her without hesitation like Princess Lobelia. 

It was the first time when I saw Adilun so flustered.


“Yes Yes? My…


Those horns.
That’s what sets you apart from the average person.
You know they are really cool?”


“But I don't feel the same…”


“Oh my God, really?, what a shame.”


At the words of Princess Lobelia, who was sincerely sorry and surpried, Adilun, who was next to me, asked.


“Your Highness, are you not offended by my appearance?”


“Am I offended? No, not at all! Why would I?”


She exclaims proudly.


“I am facing a legend.
Who in the world can see a legend right in front of them? A lot of legends are usually out of my sight.
But you are different.
You are real and right in front of my eyes! The master of dragon blood! Isn’t that right, Prince Physis?”


Lobelia suddenly turns a finger at me.
But that statement had enough validity, so I nodded.
If it were me before, I would have asked if she was crazy, or hit her head but I have already become a completely different person from before by becoming aware of my previous life.


“I completely agree.”




Adilun, who momentarily turned her head to me, asked in a puzzled way. 

To think that she would act and be swayed by embarrassment.
She still has a long way off, 


“Adilun, I'm sure that you heard enough of those words and are already used to them, but why are you so embarrassed?”

I said it to remind her of our act.


Yes It is true, but when Her Highness said so, I was so embarrassed that I don’t know what to do.” And Adilun then turn to Lobelia and said, “I apologize for showing this disorganized side of mine.”


Adilun instantly understood my meaning and regained her composure.
Seeing the two of us like this, Lobelia said curiously.


“You two seem to be on good terms, hahaha, ‘I'm sure that you heard enough of those words and are already used to them.’ Oh my goodness! It can not be just a simple arranged marriage!”


She smiled broadly and said to us.


“You guys looks good.
After watching only the young aristocrats involved in arranged marriages at the center fighting each other every day for infidelity or what, seeing you two gave me a really new feeling.”


At those words, we looked at Lobelia with puzzled faces.


“Anyway, like I said before, my wish is to become friends with you two.
Originally, good friendships are made between people who have experience and advancered together, but there are quite a few cases where even the feeling of meeting for the first time can develop into good friendships.”


Seeing Lobelia’s somewhat earnest attitude, Adilun and I looked at each other and nodded.


“I hope we get along in the future, You Highness the Princess.”


“Me too… Please take care of me, You Highness the Princess.”


“Really? I am so happy!”


Even so, when I saw Lobelia smiling broadly, I thought it would be better to accept her frendship, but I was wondering internally how much she was hungry for being a friend.


“Then, let’s redefine the title.
From now on, the two of you, please call me ‘Lea’ in private.
When it comes to friends, there is not need for honorifics.”


“But wouldn’t that be too much?”


At my question, Lobelia firmly shook her head.


Nicknames are mandatory, and it's not an optional.”


“Me too, Your Highness.
I guess it’s a bit too…”


When even Adilun refused, Princess Lobelia pouted and said,


“Tell me honestly.
You two don’t want to be friends with me, do you? It’s not a vacant seat, all I’m asking you to call me Lea, when there are only three of us in private.”


“Even if it’s okay to say a nickname, it’s a bit too much…”


At my words, Adilun quickly nodded.




Lobelia sighed at the sight, seemed to think for a moment, then spoke to us.


“I see.
Then there was no half-talk.
Instead, please call Princess Lea or Highness Lobelia.


“If that’s okay with you… Princess Lea.”


“Yes like this.
Now as memorial for our first friendship, can I request something from you?”


“As a memorial? Yes”


“Can I touch the horn just once?”


“Do whatever you want, Princess Lea.”


To Lobelia, who spoke innocently, Adilun nodded as if she couldn’t help it.


* * *

[Princess Lobelia's POV]


As soon as the two of them went out of the garden, I withdrew my innocence.


“Both of you are bad at acting.”


Unbeknownst to me, self-talk came out.
Maybe it’s because it’s a place where no one is around, so it seems that my mind has been relieved. 

The two people I saw were awkward.
To be precise, Adilun was the most awkward one.
Whereas that Physis still acts quite well, Adilun's expression was revealed on her face.
Perhaps it was a lie to agree with me when they said that we were good friends.


While talking, when I look at Adilun, who was immediately surprised by Physis’ story, a feeling comes to mind.
A feeling of embarrassment which only comes out when an enemy suddenly acts friendly.
But I am perplexed as to why this person is doing this.


Judging from what I saw and understand, it seems clear at a glance that Adilun hates Physis.


However, it was fortunate that they clearly understood the meaning of their arranged marriage.


The engagement of these two people should not be broken for any reason.
Only then I will be able to subdue them and increase my power.


The fortunate thing is that I made a reason to approach the two even if it was forced one.


The presumptuous word of being a friend, and the words of praising her.
Of course, they weren't empty words made to lower Adilun gard.
It was true that I was attracted to the story related to the ancestors of the dragons, and it was also true that I was curious about the girl who inherited that blood.


How can I hate a girl who even looks mysterious at first glance?


Even though it was a fairly rude request to touch her horn, seeing that she was not very offended and readily agreed to it, it was clear that she was a pretty good girl with a basic temperament.


I laughed self-deprecatingly.


Am I not just like His Majesty, who lives only with the thought of using people like this?


But I couldn’t help it.
The tyranny of the central nobles was getting worse day by day, so I had to make friends with the local nobles in order to keep it in check, and I had no choice but to hope that their power would only grow stronger.


In order to become stronger, a firm union was needed so that the two would not be shaken by any external pressure.


Then… I should bring the two closer together.




As soon as I thought of bringing the two closer together, the self-deprecating laugh changed to a joyful one.


This is because it reminded me of a romantic love story that I enjoyed watching as a child.


Two people on bad terms who were betrothed out of necessity.
However, as they act out things they are close to for political purposes, they develop a good feeling little by little, but they get confused and wander around without being able to express their feelings.


Then the villain appears.
Clinging to a person who has a fiancée and making her fiancée jealous…
A common yet enjoyable story.


If I put the two of them in the flow of the story, they’ll get closer in no time.
And top of that Physis seemed to have a crush on Adilun.


Then… Is my role of a villain to make her fiancee jealous?


Not bad.


Since I’m of an age that only has thoughts of using people’s minds, wouldn’t I be perfect for a villain?


Feeling the joy I felt after a long time, I smiled as I looked up at the sky with an inelegant appearance half-lying on my chair.


To begin with, a prom would be nice.

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