9 – National Foundation Day (2)


Uncomfortable silence continued until we reached Enassa because, first of all, I didn’t know what Adilun was interested in, and if I tried to say anything, she immediately blocked me, so the conversation didn’t even start.


So in the end, we arrived at Enassa city without saying anything to each other, and when I saw Enassa, I automatically spat in admiration.




Recently, quite a lot of problems have arisen due to the violence of the central aristocrats backed by the emperor but despite that Enadeim empire was still strong.


On National Foundation Day, Enassa was crowded with many people and after a brief inspection, we were able to enter immediately. 

After entering the city, we immediately boarded a wagon and headed for the imperial castle.


This was because Ortaire and Rodenov had to stay in the palace provided by the imperial castle, as they did not have a separate mansion in the capital.


We were supposed to take a tour of the city first, but both families decided that there was no time to delay and headed straight to the imperial castle.


Outside the carriage, the sight of Enassa was passing by as fast as the wind.
Meanwhile, my eyes caught the faces of people trying hard to maintain their brightness even while living in the shadows.


As for National Foundation Day, they should reduce the burden of the hard life of the people who live here like this, so that they too can enjoy it.
Seeing them trying hard to live and smiling even in a condition like this, shows the work of the central noble.


The magnificence of seeing this place from the outside disappears due to the shadows cast by the people who living here.


Looking at that figure, I couldn’t help but think about the central nobles.
Apparently, the central nobles are running amok.


Central nobles are in fact parasites that eat away at this country, and they are the people who will interfere with Adilun in the future without any reason.


Of course, there is a division between the moderates and the radicals, but their feelings are the same.
A greedy temperament that wants to incorporate local power into one’s own.


If possible, I wanted to avoid friction with them as much as possible on this National Foundation Day.


They will definitely try to disparage Adilun in some way because for these people who want to cut down the power of the local nobility, Adilun will be a pretty tasty prey.




As I clicked my tongue and lowered the curtains attached to the wagon, Adilun, who was just looking at the scenery of Enassa, looked at me curiously and asked.


“What's wrong?”




Judging that it was not something she should find out about, I evaded her question altogether.


“Your expression says otherwise.”


She said to me with an expressionless face.


“It’s really none of your business.
And It's not about you either.
It's Just because I saw an unpleasant scene outside.”


“Whatever, but for now, let go of your expression.
It seems that we are getting closer to the imperial castle, so I think you need to pay attention to your each expression.”


“All right, I'll do that…”


Since I have seen something unpleasant, I should watch a scene that calms my mind.
So I stared blankly at Adilun.


“…What’s wrong?”


“No, since I saw an unpleasant scene, shouldn’t I watch the calming scene? That way, I will be able to manage my expression well.”


As I smiled and said that, Adilun suddenly shrank and said:


“Then why are you looking at me all of a sudden?”


“Yeah, just looking at you brings peace to my heart.”


“… …What nonsense are you even saying?.”


Adilun looked at me with a disgusted expression but it was somehow funny, and a smile bloomed on my lips.


Really, I am a person who has a taste for teasing.

* * *

[ Adilun's POV ]


I couldn’t believe what he was saying for a moment.


'I saw an unpleasant scene, so I should get peace of mind?'

…and see me?


I couldn’t understand it at all.
Why did he say that? Did he really go crazy?


Why did he come here now when he said he hated me and told me to stay out of sight?


If Physis had said something like that when we first met, I might have been much nicer to him.


But now is not then, and he has already come too far to treat him kindly.


Rather, his attitude made me even more suspicious of him.
What is the purpose of saying that now? Numerous questions lingered in my mind.


Why is he doing this?


At that moment, my father’s words came to mind.


Before departing for Enassa, he said that if Physis had an accident involving me one more time then, the marriage with Ortaire will be canceled and Physis would be expelled from the Ortaire family too.


If that’s true, I understand why he said that to me.
He is treating me kindly for his own good so that he doesn't get expelled from the Ortaire family.


But there was one more question in my mind…

If he’s really trying to change his attitude, how should I treat him?


I don’t know!

My mind was complicated.
Perhaps, this question would haunt me for a long time.


My relationship with my fiancé, whom I did not want, was terribly confusing to me.


* * *

[ Physis's POV ]


Upon arriving at the imperial castle, the two families were treated with utmost hospitality and were guided to an empty palace.


The first emperor of Enadeim had several mistresses including an empress.


As a result, there were quite a lot of empty palaces in the imperial castle, and because of that, all the nobles who did not have mansions in the capital were assigned to each room in the palace.


When I asked the ladies-in-waiting about the future schedule, she told me that there were three days left until the main events of National Foundation Day, including the ball, would start, and I was also told to take care of my actions until then.


She said that we would do an audience with the emperor at the beginning of the ball, so with nothing to do, we just stayed in our rooms and spent time.


Of course, I trained myself by accumulating mana, but Adilun, who was left alone, walked around the palace with an expression of boredom while mumbling a little each time whenever I saw her.


“Ah, I should have brought a magic book.”


She kept repeating what she was saying.
Certainly, she had never had soo much free time on her hand as a wizard.


One day we were like that and the next day, we were suddenly called by the princess.
I couldn’t figure out what the reason was, so I could not help but ask.


“Why did she call us?”


At my question, Adilun said with a very bored face.


“I don’t know either.
Oh, don’t forget what I said.”


“I’m fine, but are you okay? Your face is still full of dissatisfaction with me.”


“It’s okay.
I’ll take care of myself, so I'm good too.”


“All right then.”


As I was talking to her, Adilun suddenly raised one hand.


“What are you doing? catch it.”


“What is it all of a sudden?”


“Aren’t you supposed to escort me? Since we’re acting as a friendly relationship, shouldn’t we hold hands?”


“Is that so?”


“For now, let’s just say that.
To be honest, I’m really reluctant, but I can’t help it.
The person we will meet is the first princess.
She is more sensitive to political issues than anyone else, so we have to be as friendly as possible.”


As I held her hand, she spoke to me again.


I will do that too.”


As she said that, a subtle smile appeared on her face.
On the other hand, I looked at her with a smile on my face because it was somehow funny.


As soon as we were ready, we called the lady-in-waiting, and as she confirmed that we were ready, she started guiding us somewhere.


How long did it take? 

After about ten minutes of walking, we were guided to a fairly well-tended garden.


Seasonal flowers were showing off in the garden, and at the tea table in the center was a girl with brilliant golden hair looking at us with a surprised expression.


Because I remembered the faces of the members of the imperial family, I looked at before participating in the National Foundation Day, I was able to immediately recognize that the girl was the first princess, Lobelia Enadeim.


“Nice to meet you, Your Highness the Princess.
This is Physis Ortaire.”


“Nice to meet you, Your Highness the Princess.
This is Adilun Rodenov.”


We greeted the princess according to the etiquette as if drawn.


Prince Ortaire, Princess Rodenof.”


The princess, who had a surprised expression on her face from the movement we came in, greeted us with a smile as if she suddenly came to her senses when she saw us greeting.

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