Chapter 5: The Ugly Duckling

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Captain the Robot consumed the energy of the Magic Stone and worked hard to make it.

Jun-woo was next to him and helped with the finishing work.

When an item is made, Jun-woo puts the item on his mobile phone at the local market and goes into his room at the hunting go and checks the comments left by the people who entered.

As the sun went down, there were no words left.

As he was contemplating whether to accept the proposal of Tanker 40, whom he had registered as a friend, his phone rang.

When he checked my phone, it looked like it was ringing.

[Cleric 30 has entered.]

-Clergyman 30: Hey, can I go with you? It's my first time hunting…
… .
[10 minutes ago]

– Clergyman 30: Can't we? ㅠㅠ [8 minutes ago]

-Cleric 30: My skill has healing and a buff that increases attack power! [6 minutes ago]

-Clergyman 30: There…
Can't I too? ㅠㅠ [4 minutes ago]

-Blacksmith 31: Let's go together, it's my first time…
Let's wait for more people.

Clergyman 30: Yes! Let's go together.
The reply came so quickly.

When the roles are broadly divided, they can be divided into three categories: tank, dealer, and healer.
The healer group has overwhelmingly fewer people than the other two.

Because of that, a healer is always a welcome position, but Jun-woo wondered why he came into this room.

-Blacksmith 31: I'm thinking about 7 or 8 people to be safe, but it's my first time…
It might take a while, okay?

– Clergyman 30: It's okay, it's okay!

-Blacksmith 31: Then…
Let's take it slow, shall we?

– Clergyman 30: Yes!

Well, for Jun-woo, it was something to be thankful for.

Occupation: Clergy 30

Item: Rare

Star Rating[None] Hunting Reviews[0]

Thanks to the joining of the clergy, people showed interest.

-Swordsman 33: Is the clergy at this party too?

-Clergyman 30: Yes, it's my first time…

-Swordsman 33: Then you two are beginners.
Can I join?

-Blacksmith 31: Let's go together; we're thinking of 7 or 8 people safely.

-Swordsman 33: Thank you, I'll take a look at it from time to time while I do business.

The number of people in the room increased to three, and the number of people looking into the room increased.

Because of the clergy, the number of people wishing to join increased.

-Tank 38: Do you have an extra one?

-Clergyman 30: Welcome! Be our tank!

-Tank 38: Nice to meet you.
Is Blacksmith 31 here?

-Clergyman 30: Probably doing his production

Just as Clergyman 30 said, Jun-woo was in the process of doing a production.

Because of that, he couldn't check his phone, which was ringing like crazy.

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-Tank 38: You two are new to each other, don't have any reviews, and you're clergy, right? Occasionally, some children open new accounts and joke around.

-Clergy 30: That's right, Clergyman! Hang on a minute, let me verify.

-Clergyman 30: [Photo]

Clergyman 30 wrote on a post-it note on his weapon, the Bible, “You are a clergy,” and posted it as a photo.

It was a bible with shiny gold wings embedded in a silver frame, and it looked good at first glance.

Tank 38: You are a clergy.

Swordsman 33: Wow, you look good with weapons.

Tank 38: Minimum Epic.

Clergyman 30: I’m rare.

Swordsman 33: Sweet!

They exchanged their conversations.

Then, Tank 38 whispered to Clergyman 30.

[whisper] Tanker 38: Do you know the blacksmith in the first place?

[Whisper] Clergyman 30: We don't know each other.

[whisper] Tank 38: Then, would you like to go out with me and have a new party? If the blacksmith is not here, it will take a long time, and I can't hunt properly because I'm not good at hunting, so I'll only use up the clergy's mana.

[Whisper] Clergyman 30: Still, we promised to go together, so that's a little…
I don't think so.

[Whisper] Tanker 38: I really need to filter out production jobs that don't have reviews.

[Whisper] Clergyman 30: I'm sorry, I promised…

[whisper] Tank 38: I see.
I'll wait and see.

While Tank 38 was betting on Clergyman 30, Jun-woo, who had completed one sword, picked up his smartphone.

When I checked the message of hunting go, I saw the weapon of Clergy30.

A sparkling bible, as the tanker said, it was at least Epic.

'Is it an epic weapon? … .'

Although he was a clergy, his weapons were much better than his own.

I felt like I was stabbed by something.

Jun-woo's gaze turned to the Captain’s hammer for a moment.

If he simply calculated it, its attack power was 123, and his weapon was 92.

It was an effect that could reduce health by 31 more when hitting with only the weapon changed.

Perhaps Captain noticed Jun-woo's intentions.
He put the hammer into the item window, turned his back, and melted the ore.

Blacksmith 31: Come with me.

Tank 38: Yeah, it looks like the melee dealer is done, we're going to get two or three more rangers, and we'll start, change the control, Captain, get a ranged dealer.

Blacksmith 31: Yes, I will.

Jun-woo hastily changed the control as requested by Tank 38.

Tank 38: First of all, it's too late, so I'll go to bed first.
If we get the rest of the party members quickly, we'll start tomorrow or the day after; how’s that, everyone?

Blacksmith 31:I agree,

Clergyman 30: Yes! Me too, I agree.
Good night, Tank.

Jun-woo quickly posted the things he made that day to the local market.

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'I hope I can make an epic weapon…
… .'

Jun-woo received messages from buyers while looking for good recipes and weapons.

It was only after turning of the notifications on the phone that the phone went silent, and only then did Jun-woo go to sleep.

The next day, as soon as he opened his eyes, Jun-woo received the item Captain had made and headed to Yongsan with it.

At a café in Yongsan, the transactions were carried out steadily.

[Sharp Long Sword Recipe]

-Rank: Epic

-Classification: One-Handed Sword

-Material: 30 Adamantium Ore

Two red pieces

1 Lesser Magic Stone

One hardwood

-Estimated attack power when crafting: 122

-Options are attached to the production.

*Increase attack power

*Bleed damage per second as % when attacking

Recipe value: 20,154,310 gold

Item value at crafting: 199,421,210 gold

The value of the rest of the ingredients added to the value of the recipe was the item's value at the time of production.

The producer's profit was applied only when the expected damage specified in the recipe was higher than that.

The recipe was an item made by hunting monsters or inspired by a blacksmith.

The blacksmith's inspiration was not, but the recipe obtained through the monster was, as a rule, a necessary option for the person who picked it up.

Moreover, when wearing a recipe that he had picked up through hunting, he could enjoy the effect of adding ten attack power, so the people who picked up the recipe asked the blacksmith to make it.

However, this person chose to sell whether it was an option that did not suit him or did not have the capital to make it.

The options weren't bad either.

A damage increase was a welcome option, and the bleeding damage wasn't bad either.

[I have all the recipes and materials.
I'm trying to make another sword, so I'm selling it.
We sell all the ingredients.]

'Will it be on time?'

It depends on the strength, but because it takes a lot more time to make adamantium than titanium, if he makes it, he can't go hunting today.

Currently, one remote dealer wanted to participate, so five people were waiting.

Usually, departure is early in the morning, so Jun-woo decided quickly.

The speed of touching the smartphone has increased.

He contacted him to buy the recipe and put the sword he wanted to carry on the sale page.

Jun-woo, who bought the recipe and materials in bulk, quickly sold his sword.

Then, after buying charcoal and a grindstone to process adamantium, he spent all his fortune on Walker to buy magic crystals and hurriedly returned to his workshop.

First, I asked Captain the Robot whether to use the recipe.

“Captain, can you make this?”

After reading it like a scan, he tapped what he was making with a hammer and said.

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“Item value preservation probability 98%, item value loss probability 2%, jackpot probability 5%.”

He wondered why the blacksmith machine could say these words.

“Can you tell me how long it will take?”

“Around 17 hours and 30 minutes.”

“Then, just make it and make this.”

“Okay, ingredients.”

Jun-woo put the items he had prepared into the item window of Captain.

Then he opened the recipe on the table.

[Do you want to use [Sharp Long-Sword Recipe]?]


A clear light permeated the unfolded scroll.

Jun-woo closed his eyes to the bright light, and in the meantime, the method of making a sharp longsword permeated his mind.

“Then take good care of it, Captain.”


With the ringing smartphone, Jun-woo carefully checked it.

Mage 40: Do you have a seat?

Tank 38: Are you a ranged dealer type?

Wizard 40: Yes.

Tank 38: Then let's go together.
I think we can get together tomorrow morning, then, shall we?

Blacksmith 31: Okay.
Hello wizard.

Wizard 40: Yes, hello.
I will leave it up to you.

The departure is set for tomorrow morning, so Jun-woo, waiting for an hour, felt hungry and opened the kitchen drawer.

It used to be a place with various kinds of ramen, but the drawer was empty.

'Shall I take a look…'

After locking the warehouse door, Jun-woo ran down the mountain to the adjacent mart.

Jun-woo, who bought all kinds of ramen and put it in a plastic bag, left the mart.

Since he couldn't put anything other than the system-applied item into the item window, Jun-woo walked with a plastic bag in his hand.

While walking briskly to a wide road that could be accelerated, Jun-woo stopped and looked at the pork cutlet restaurant.

'Pork cutlets… Shall I go and eat?'

The pork cutlet made from the meat of the pig monsters cost a little more, but it tasted good.

“Hey, who is this?”

Jun-woo's head turned to the voice he heard in front of him.

He doesn't know the other one, but the man on the right wearing a sheet metal type was in the same class in middle school.

“It’s iron powder.”

“Iron powder?”

“Ah, when I hit that bastard, it was that iron powder.”

“What the! Was it that iron powder? Are you a blacksmith?”

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“What is a blacksmith, a normal blacksmith? It’s like being unemployed.”

“If you are a normal blacksmith, what can you make?”

Kim Chang-Seok, Jun-woo's classmate, approached Jun-woo and looked up and down.

“Aren’t you making daggers these days? Can't you see the iron powder? Seriously, it’s better to work part-time at a convenience store than make things like that.”

Jun-woo looked at him without saying a word and tried to pass by.

“Come on; you’re still silent.
If you see a classmate in your class, why don’t you pretend to know?”

In an instant, Kim Chang-seok's legs were lifted.

Jun-woo lowered his head towards that in amazement, and the instep of Kim Chang-seok's lifted sheet metal boots hit Jun-woo's plastic bag as it was.

The plastic ripped open, the ramen bag inside burst, and the noodles became powder and scattered on the floor.

“Uh-huh, earth for you? That’s a whole lot of ramen.”


“Poor little bastard, pay for the ramen.”

A 10,000 gold coin was scattered over the crumbled ramen powder.

Three pieces, 30,000 gold.

“Stop harassing your neighbors who are in need.”

“When did I harass you? You told me not to eat ramen.
I don't know what the hell you are thinking.
I know that bastard has made money since middle school, so why does he buy it like a beggar?”

“It’s like a normal crafting job.
What you’re wearing are titanium supplies.”

“Ugh, why are you so pitiful looking at me like a hungry dog in front of a pork cutlet restaurant?”

“Give me another penny if you’re sorry.”


Another 20,000 gold fell.

“Good bastard, you do.”

“You’re pitiful.
You don’t even know each other.”

“By the way, are you dumb?”

“I can speak.”

“What? What a bit of a bummer; let's go; we'll be late.”

“I’m not a boring bastard~.”

The two of them went away, and Jun-woo looked at the pork cutlet restaurant after looking at the 50,000 gold on the foor.

[Highest grade Honey Pig Tonkatsu 5.0]

'I'm a poor neighbor…
Maybe I was.'

Jun-woo went into the pork cutlet shop without picking up 50,000 gold.

“Give me a honey pig pork cutlet, please.”

“Okay then, please wait for a moment.”

The shiny sauce was sprinkled on the deep-fried honey pig pork cutlet steaming up and down.

Jun-woo put one piece in his mouth.

The taste of the meat item, which he had tasted for the first time in many years, was excellent.

He wants to taste something like this often.

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