[Hot! Duke Sivir led his army to the frontier, and His Majesty the Emperor saw off the army!]

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[Eye-opening! With an overwhelming number of warships, where will the enemy army go?]


[Be shocked! The mech appearing at a low altitude during the day was because of this! Is this the degeneration of morality or the annihilation of humanity?]


Tu Mianmian browsed the hot news on his light brain, clicked on the last headline to have a look, and found that the owner of the headline was being sprayed bloody.


He absentmindedly exited the post.


Butler Anderson told him that the mecha passing over the Duke’s mansion was the royal mech of His Royal Highness-Daylight.


Although it’s unclear if the action was meant as a farewell to those residing in the Duke’s mansion, compared with this question, Tu Mianmian was more curious about the mecha after directly facing the machine and its impactful presence.




That was a mecha!


Tu Mianmian was stunned silly.


Daylight, it was a well-deserved name.
And this thing has only been seen by him in science fiction movies before!


“Is Madam troubled by something?” The maid who brought a plate of fruit observed Mianmian who blankly gazed at the sky outside, and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you missing His Royal Highness who just left?”


The maid was a bit excited.
If so, that would be so sweet!


Tu Mianmian shook his head and didn’t answer.
But, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up, “Is there any other mecha here? I want to see it!”


With a longing expression on his face, he muttered to himself: “It would be better if you could personally try it!”


The maid was surprised, he wasn’t thinking about His Royal Highness, but about mechas.


She nodded: “Yes.
The Duke’s Mansion also has a mecha button, which contains the mecha the previous Duchess piloted.”


Butler Anderson heard the news of his wishes and took Tu Mianmian to the collection room to have a look and try to operate the mecha Long Night.


Ten minutes later, Tu Mianmian left that sad place expressionlessly.


It didn’t move.


The maid watched the cute and soft Duchess lying on the soft fabric sofa after he came out of the collection room.
His cheeks puffed up like an angry little animal, causing her motherly love to overflow.


Although the mecha couldn’t be operated, there were still many things that could be done!


The maid suggested, “Madam, why don’t you take a rest at home for a few days, then do some other things to pass the time?”


Mianmian’s heart was struck a blow by the fact that he couldn’t operate the mecha.

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Turning his body on the fabric sofa, he ask inexplicably, “Why would I want to rest?”


The maid blushed and lowered her head.
In a voice soft as a mosquito, she said, “After all, Madam worked hard last night.
His Royal Highness ordered us to watch over you and to remind you to take more rest and not be overworked.”


Only then did Tu Mianmian react: “…”


How, how…shameful!


After all, he’s a lop-eared rabbit who has been cultivating for many years.
How could he be tired from a mere night in bed?!


Mianmian straightened his waist aggressively, but suddenly felt pain in his waist.
He stiffened for a moment, and his momentum disappeared.


Slowly, he retracted himself into the soft sofa.
With a sullen expression, he surrendered to reality and said softly, “Okay.”


Tu Mianmian asked, “What fun things are there?”


The maid listed them one by one: “For example, watching the latest movie, visiting the newly opened commercial street in the Ancient City, or playing the latest Star Wars game.”


After mentioning the game, the maid began to introduce it more: “This game has virtual mechas that you can operate.
Do you want to try it? Virtual mechas are much easier to manipulate than physical mechas, as long as you have enough mental power that is.”


Tu Mianmian: !


Then, after fighting for seven days and seven nights, Tu Mianmian Krypton ranked first on the Fortune List of the Star Wars game.


His invincible golden hands could be found all over the server.


Success is so boring.
Reaching the peak and ranking first is so cold and lonely.


Tu Mianmian lay in a familiar position on the sofa, exuding a decadent and weary atmosphere.


In the huge Duke’s Mansion, there was no longer anything that could raise his interest.


The empty home is lonely…


Mianmian sighed quietly.


Judy, the maid sent by the Butler to focus on caring for Tu Mianmian’s daily life and playing with him, looked over at the bored Tu Mianmian and then looked at the group wailing on the Game World Channel, crying and begging to form a team with Mianmian.


The netizens who were blown away in rejection burst into tears.


Ow! Madam is such a violent cutie! Small cutie punches all over your mechas!


“Is Madam not going to play anymore?” Judy asked, holding a light brain.


“How lonely it is to be invincible.” Tu Mianmian dismissively said, “I’m not interested for the time being.”

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Judy lowered her head and looked at the group of rookie netizens who’s comments swiped crossed the screen shouting “overwhelm with money for the group”, feeling a bit of pity for them.


“The plot of the game just came to a critical point when the Alliance and the Star Thieves are fighting each other.
You left suddenly, and the Alliance camp will suffer a lot.” Judy commented.


“I announced I’d join the Star Thief camp.” Tu Mianmian’s mouth curled up, smiling like a little devil: “They’re too bad.
They don’t deserve to have me.”


Dark Tu Mianmian said: “Anyway, we’re imperial citizens.
The Alliance? Not interested.”




Judy thought the Madam was right.


She turned off the game on her light brain, thought for a bit, then said: “Madam, you have been in the Duke’s mansion for several days.
I also saw the message sent to you by His Royal Highness last night.
His Highness said that you can go out for a walk outside and not stay bored at home.”


“Would you like to go out and see the scenery, Madam?” Judy couldn’t hide her confident tone saying, “Our Central Star’s green landscape is very well done!”


Tu Mianmian ruthlessly refused: “I don’t want to move.”


Judy made persistent efforts: “The hottest restaurant on the commercial street of the Ancient City has developed a special snack, which is especially delicious!”


What does the Ancient City of the Interstellar Era look like?


Mianmian was puzzled by this question for a moment, then took his thoughts back and continued to refuse: “You can buy it directly on the Starnet, and it will be delivered to the door within an hour.”


He wants to be a house rabbit.


Judy burst into tears at the refusal again.


Madam is too squeamish! Like a cute little animal that refuses to move from its nest.
Even his act of refusing is so cute!


She has already thought about the name of tonight’s post.
She’ll call it the squeamish little sweetheart’s 360-degree invincible swirling punch!


Although Mianmian repeatedly rejected the suggestions to go out, Judy still did not give up.
She shouldered the high expectations of His Royal Highness the Duke and Butler Anderson!


I heard that the Duchess was new to the Chaoyang Empire.
According to him, his family was gone, so he received government assistance when he first arrived at the Central Star.


The Duchess must have had a very tragic life!


Judy thought she must let the Madam forget his tragic past and fall in love with his new living environment in the Chaoyang Empire!


So, Judy summoned her courage and continued to persuade: “How about Madam watch how the stars shoot entertainment shows? Many of my friends have gone to observe at the shooting site.
Recently, several reality shows have been filmed in the Central Star.”


Judy looked at Tu Mianmian’s face carefully and sighed, “Actually, Madam can be a guest directly and enter the show.
There will definitely be many people who will like Madam.”


“Why would they like me?” Tu Mianmian wondered.
Is it because he has a star balance with a string of zeros behind his small tail?


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“Because in the Central Star, and even in the entire Chaoyang Empire…” Judy glanced at Tu Mianmian’s expression and smiled secretly: “There are very few people who are as delicate and lovely as Madam.”


Don’t even mention Madam’s overall temperament.


It looks very much like the extinct soft and cute animals that can only be seen in history books-fluffy, soft, cute, and adorable.


One couldn’t help but want to hold him in their hands and take a deep breath.


“And our country advocates war and force.
Most men yearn to join the army and look forward to the glory of fighting for the Empire, so…they are very strong, powerful and domineering.”


Judy added, “It’s almost the same for women.”


For example, she herself, who has worked as a civilian in the military, had participated in practical training every day.
So she even possessed some noticeable muscle.


Tu Mianmian listened to her explanation and understood.


Oh, in this place, they’re all tough guys and girls with eight pack abs.


Then he…


Tu Mianmian lowered his head, pinched the soft flesh on his arm, and touched his slightly bulging belly from eating too much lunch.


His cheeks were puffed up again, “Am I not powerful and domineering?!”


“…” Judy with tears in her eyes, flattered against her will: “Madam is also very powerful and domineering!”


In the end, compared to watching the show, Mianmian preferred to appear as a guest himself.


He was once spotted by a scout, but unfortunately it was a small studio with insufficient resources.


It was also a pity that Tu Mianmian couldn’t sing or dance, having no skills that would let him do well in entertainment.


In the end, he could only regretfully say bye to stardom.


But is this dream about to come true?


Become a star! A big star! After earning for a year, there will be countless more zeros behind his small tail!


Tu Mianmian is full of beautiful thoughts.


“Madam, look at the flow of these programs and just inform me once you find a program you like.
I’ll arrange it for you.”


After hearing the news that the Madam wanted to experience being on an entertainment program, Butler Anderson took action immediately.


With just an order from the Duke’s Mansion, countless variety reality shows sent detailed plans and scripts to the door to choose from.


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“Okay.” Mianmian nodded.
His light brain received countless program materials sent over by Butler Anderson.


Maybe because the times are really different, so there’s a generation gap in his thinking.


Tu Mianmian watched the shooting process for many programs in a row, and felt that the content of these programs were very inexplicable.


He couldn’t understand it at all.


Feeling a little disappointed, Tu Mianmian was no longer excited and as expectant as in the beginning.


His fingers slowly poked the light brain screen and clicked on the next program.


It was a propaganda video, and the enthusiastic and high-pitched voice immediately and domineeringly occupied Tu Mianmian’s ears: “You are my heart! You are my liver! You are my sweet love!”


“?” Mianmian sat straight up and became interested.


In the video, a man dressed in fancy clothes was dancing happily, and his voice continued: “Multiple friends, multiple encounters! Multiple husbands, multiple homes!”


Tu Mianmian: “???”


“I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.
The guests who will come, let’s make friends! I also look forward to a lucky guest to become my old husband…”


The following video was cut off by the program team and stopped abruptly.


Tu Mianmian: “…”


Good, good…


Good sand sculpture!!! (T/N: slang for stupid but funny behavior)


He likes it!!


“This is it!” Tu Mianmian settled with this program.



-Theater 1-


Butler Anderson: Please let your wife go out to inspect the industry, so as to facilitate its future takeover.


Duke Sivir: I’m not at home, let little Mianmian go out to play.


Judy (brain supplement +1): Madam’s life is so miserable! I must make him forget the past and walk out of the house to gain new hopes and passions!


-Theater 2-


Heard that Mianmian wanted to operate the mecha, so the Duke personally went to the field to teach: You ride the mecha, I’ll ride you.

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