The next day—

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The artificial sun had been hanging in the sky for a long time.

The time displayed on the light brain was nearly eleven o’clock.

Sivir was fully dressed, and he touched the ground on one knee, half-kneeling before Tu Mianmian to button the last button on his shirt.

Tu Mianmian was drowsy.
His waist and legs were aching as he sat on the bed and allowed Sivir to dress him.

The Duke was serving someone for the first time.

From rusty at the beginning to handy at the end—after dressing up his little ‘madam’ neatly and delicately from start to finish, a sense of satisfaction rose in his heart.

He got up and placed a kiss on Tu Mianmian’s forehead, “Mianmian, you can have your favorite corn for lunch.”

Tu Mianmian raised his head and glanced at him resentfully, “Hmph.”

Dog man. (T/N: basically slang for ‘beast’)

Don’t think that I will forgive you easily.

“There are also cloud cakes, milk sachets, and sweet milk.”

Sivir’s emerald-green eyes were full of smiles and tenderness, “The carrots you tasted on the show yesterday are also on the table for lunch today.”

He bent down and stroked the corner of Tu Mianmian’s eyes, remembering how Mianmian’s eyes turned red last night.

Sivir taught himself without a teacher, adding a new skill—he coaxed his little husband tenderly, “It’s all your favorite food.”

He brushed his hand through Tu Mianmian’s hair, “Go down for lunch?”

Mianmian hummed.

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Sivir knew he had agreed.

Holding Tu Mianmian by the hand, he walked out of the bedroom.

The Duke had just pushed the door out when he saw Judy waiting in the corridor with another maid.

Facing the outsiders, Sivir’s smile receded and he returned to his usual expressionless and indifferent face, “What?”

Judy dared not look directly at His Royal Highness, took a step back, and said honestly, “Lunch is ready.
Butler Anderson asked us to inform His Royal Highness.
What time will you eat?”

Sivir uttered a “hmm” and said, “Let’s have the meal now.”

Behind the Duke, Tu Mianmian walked over.

Mianmian didn’t have a peaceful life last night, and even though the Duke slept in with him all morning, he was still so sleepy that he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

With his eyes closed shut, he followed Sivir’s footsteps.

But, he didn’t know that Sivir had suddenly stopped at the door, so he bumped into Sivir’s back.

Tu Mianmian was stunned, and a trace of confusion appeared on his sleepy face.

Then, he lowered his head, and rubbed his cheek plastered against Sivir’s back, like a coquettish and complaining little animal.

Sivir immediately turned around, reaching out to rub Tu Mianmian’s forehead.

The stern profile still had no extra expression, but the eyes and hands were gentle.

Seeing this, Judy quickly left and signaled the maid behind her with a wink.

They turned around at the corner of the corridor, and could vaguely hear the Duke coaxing the Duchess behind them: “Mianmian…”

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The maid who followed Judy clenched her fists in excitement.

Mother! I saw it for real!


Sivir and Tu Mianmian, who woke up too late, had a late brunch.

After the meal, Sivir took Tu Mianmian out.

The two sat on the airship, and after having a large meal, Tu Mianmian was no longer drowsy.

He leaned on the airship window and looked outside at the scenery.

“Mianmian.” Sivir called.

Tu Mianmian looked back at his call.

“Today we’ll go to the Zoological Garden.” Sivir announced their itinerary.

The Central Star’s Animal and Plant Expo was generally referred to as the Zoological and Botanical Garden.

“Oh.” Mianmian nodded, showing that he understood.

Then he leaned back towards the window to continue looking outside.

Seeing this, Sivir went silent.

The Duke swept his gaze across the rapidly passing scenery outside the airship with scrutiny, having no idea what attracted the attention of his little husband.

After a long while, the usually indifferent Lord Duke began to look for words to say because he was neglected, “Mianmian, I’ll have to work harder for you later.”

Tu Mianmian waved at Sivir without looking back, “Don’t be polite with me.”

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You give me unlimited credit with your star card Lord Duke, no, Lord Father!

According to the progress of the Duke’s plan, this afternoon, Tu Mianmian should cooperate with Sivir through the entire process in a public appearance.

Since yesterday afternoon, the news of His Royal Highness returning to the Central Star from the border had been widely circulated.

The purpose of this public appearance was to make unconfirmed information a fact.

…As for the real purpose of doing these things, Tu Mianmian knew nothing.

He just had to be cute.
He didn’t need to think deeply.

However, when the Duke first asked Tu Mianmian for help, he told him that it was a big deal, and that he couldn’t tell him everything until his plan was completed.

Therefore, Mianmian would just wait for the Duke to get everything done, and then come to tell him all the answers, one by one.

Tu Mianmian sighed as he looked out the airship window.

It was hard to tell what he was thinking about with a thoughtful face.


In order to ensure that there were enough witnesses that saw him and the Duke and for the information about their public appearance to be transmitted quickly enough, Tu Mianmian and Sivir chose the Zoological Garden, which was open and crowded enough.


Tu Mianmian had a sudden spark of inspiration: “I suddenly thought of an idea that will add a super buff to your plan.”

Sivir asked, “What?”

A while later—Tu Mianmian’s StarNet account was updated.

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Tu Mianmian: The weather is great! Out to enjoy the sun with His Royal Highness the Duke! (*^▽^*)

[Sunshine photo] [Photo of the entrance of the Zoological Garden] [Profile shot of His Royal Highness the Duke]

Since Tu Mianmian initiated a video communication with the Duke on the live broadcast of the show yesterday, he has received attention from a countless number of people on his StarNet account.

Seeing that a new update had suddenly appeared under Tu Mianmian’s blank account, the star network exploded.

[Huh?! Is marriage like this? Is this a show of affection? Don’t look down on us single dogs! Kick the dog food.jpg]

[I’ve finally got evidence! These pictures are proof! His Royal Highness is really in the Central Star! I said yesterday that a relative had seen His Royal Highness the Duke with their own eyes.
Why didn’t you believe me?]

[Your relative? Just the sister of your aunt’s son’s girlfriend… It’s hard to believe…]

[His Royal Highness: Thank you for your invitation.
I’m on the Central Star, just got off the spaceship…]

[His Royal Highness still looks so cold! Will Mianmian cutie be left out in the cold when he’s with His Royal Highness?]

[Oh my god! What a good day it is today! I’m walking with my robot in the Zoological Garden.
I’m going to go see His Royal Highness the Duke and Mianmian in person!]

[Mianmian baby! I am coming! Don’t be afraid that you’ll be left out in the cold by His Royal Highness! I’m here to warm you up!]


Enthusiastic netizens: Mianmian, little baby! Don’t be afraid that you’ll be left out in the cold by His Royal Highness! I’m here to warm you~

[Ding dong! Reminder: Your body is now cold!]

So the question is, whose murderous intentions locked on to the enthusiastic netizens?

Get the answer right and the reward is the Duke stabbing you with a sword.

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