Chapter 76 Demon Aura Soars into the Sky

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“You don’t need to know.”

Yun Lige’s gaze was cold.
The current him only wanted to avenge his family.
He only wanted to kill that unreasonable bastard, Xiao Bei.

Jiang Luoyu gritted her teeth.
Because the mask Lu Xiaoran made had a change in sound, she did not recognize that it was Yun Lige’s voice.

“Senior, no matter how the Xiao Family offends you, our Jiang City City Lord Manor is willing to compensate you.
We only hope that Senior will be magnanimous and spare the people of the Xiao Family.”

At this moment, Yun Lige sneered in his heart.

In the past, he might have been deceived by her.
However, now, he would no longer be deceived by her.

She was only stalling for time.
She was stalling for time until Xiao Bei returned and turned the tide.

His master had long told him this.

“You’re too long-winded… You even have the leisure to plead for leniency for the Xiao Family.
You should worry about yourself first.”

With a cold smile, Yun Lige took a step and directly walked towards Jiang Luoyu.

Jiang Luoyu’s expression changed.
The martial artists from the City Lord Manor also rushed forward to protect her.

“Stop, don’t injure our Miss.” “Get lost!”

Yun Lige did not show any mercy.
He circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture and punched out.
His fist light was like a long dragon as it swept through the house more than a hundred meters in front of him.
In the range of the fist light, all the martial artists in the City Lord Manor vomited blood and were sent flying, seriously injured, and unconscious.

Just as Yun Lige was about to arrive in front of Jiang Luoyu and reach out to grab her, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from behind Jiang Luoyu.

His cultivation was actually not inferior to the second level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

“Senior, although your cultivation is powerful, this is the Great Zhou City.
Senior, you’re acting arrogantly here and wantonly killing people.
You even want to harm my daughter.
Aren’t you afraid that I will report you to the Great Zhou Imperial City?”

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Jiang Luoyu was overjoyed when she saw this.


Unfortunately, her happiness did not last long.
This was because just as City Lord Jiang appeared, another figure had already flown out of the Xiao Manor and punched him into the wall.



Jiang Luoyu’s expression changed drastically.
Before she could think about it, she was already grabbed by Yun Lige like an eagle grabbing a chick.
No matter how she struggled, she was unable to break free.

Fang Tianyuan retracted his fist and blew out a breath before glancing at City Lord Jiang in extreme disdain.

“A mere City Lord wants to threaten my eldest… wants to threaten Number One, you’re courting death!”

Then, Ji Wuxia also flew out of the Xiao Manor.

“Number One, the members of the Xiao Family have all been killed by us.
None of them were spared.”

Yun Lige nodded.
Then, he engraved a mark in Jiang Luoyu’s body and threw her to the ground.

Then, he took a deep breath and summoned the Dragon Burial Spear.
He used the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture with all his strength and condensed all his strength at the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm to fiercely attack the Xiao Manor.

This was his previous home.
However, now, Zhishui Peak was his home!

He could not let the Xiao Manor have any chance of survival.
Therefore, he could only be at ease if the entire Xiao Manor was blasted into the sky.

He had learned all of this from his master.

It was always good to be certain.

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After doing all of this, he looked at City Lord Jiang and said coldly,

“Get your lackey to go out and inform Xiao Bei.
Tell him that I’m waiting for him by the river.”

“Don’t play any tricks on me.
I’ve already set up a mark in your daughter’s body.
My spirit energy will constantly destroy her meridians.
Other than making her suffer so much that she wants to die, it will also constantly corrode her life force.
She only has three days to live at most.
Take care.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Lige and the other two immediately retreated.

City Lord Jiang immediately struggled and arrived beside his daughter.

“Luoyu, how are you?”


Jiang Luoyu coughed violently and said, “Father, I’m so cold.
My entire body hurts.”

City Lord Jiang clenched his fists.

“Don’t worry.
Father will send people to find Xiao Bei now.
Xiao Bei will definitely be able to save you.”

At the same time, far away from the Black Tortoise True Sect, under the Demon Suppression Tower, a figure in a luxurious white robe quietly arrived.

“First Elder.”

The disciple in charge of guarding the Demon Suppression Tower immediately bowed when he saw the other party.
The First Elder nodded.
A strange blood-colored light quietly flashed in his eyes.

“The sect master asked me to take a look and see if there’s anything wrong with the new array formation.
Get lost, I want to check.”


The disciples immediately made way for the First Elder to enter.

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The First Elder arrived in front of the Demon Suppression Tower, the blood-colored light in his eyes jumping faster and faster.
It was as if a voice in his mind was constantly reminding him something.

“Open the formation and follow me.
I will give you even stronger strength.”



The First Elder swallowed hard.
After an intense struggle, his eyes finally became especially firm.

He took a deep breath and made a hand seal.


In the next second, light shone everywhere on the Demon Suppression Tower, revealing countless lights.
Every light represented a formation.

Bang! One of the array formations was the first to explode.
As it exploded, it was as if a chain reaction had been activated.
The other array formations also began to quickly explode.

Demon aura soared into the sky, expanded rapidly from the Demon Suppression Tower, causing countless cracks to appear on the walls,

The demon aura did not lose its momentum and rushed into the sky.
It actually connected to the clouds in the sky and assimilated into a black and red demon cloud.

A bloodthirsty and ecstatic voice suddenly sounded from the bottom of the Demon Suppression Tower.

“Hahaha… It’s been a thousand years, a full thousand years! I’m finally out!”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.
“First Elder, what are you doing?”

The First Elder suddenly attacked.

The strength of an Essence Realm expert was simply not something the disciples of the Black Tortoise True Sect could compare to.
In an instant, they were all killed by the First Elder with a single move.
“What am I doing? I want to obtain strength.
I want to become stronger! I want to step into the King Realm! Hahahaha… I want to be in control of my own lifespan.
I want to obtain more lifespan.
Only in this way can I walk further in the world of martial arts!”

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This soaring demon aura basically made countless people in the surrounding hundreds of thousands of kilometers sense it.

After all, it was too powerful!

The bloodthirsty killing intent contained in it was extremely evil.
Even though they were thousands of miles away, it still made people shudder.

Lu Xiaoran, who was setting up the array formation outside Jiang City, suddenly stopped what he was doing and frowned as he looked in the direction of the Black Tortoise True Sect.

“Strange, what’s going on? Why is there such a powerful demon aura erupting from the Black Tortoise True Sect’s side? Could it be that the Demon Sect is gathering? No, this aura doesn’t seem to be an ordinary Demon Sect expert.
Could it be that guy coming out?”

Although Lu Xiaoran had never seen the other party before.
However, he was very smart and almost instantly thought of the other party’s identity.

However, he quickly shook his head.

“What does that have to do with me? Even if the sky collapses, there will be someone stronger to hold it up.
I just need to kill my hot


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