Chapter 63 So Your Name Is Lu Xiaoran

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After consuming the second Martial Monarch Blood Pill, boundless spirit energy immediately erupted.

Lu Xiaoran’s body began to absorb crazily again.
The cultivation in his body soared again, but the speed of the increase was far inferior to before.
Many spirit energy scattered by themselves.

However, in the end, it still forced Lu Xiaoran to break through to the seventh level of the Essence Realm.

“It turns out that the Martial Monarch Blood Pill is not something a person can only consume once in their life.
Instead, it’s because if one continues to consume it, the effect will gradually decrease.
After consuming a few, it becomes no different from consuming ordinary medicinal pills.”

“This is probably because the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill has already transformed a person’s body.
Eating more Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills will only be a waste.”

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his eyebrows.

If he had known earlier, he would have been more obedient and not eaten a second medicinal pill.
If he had found a disciple and let him eat it, the other party would definitely be able to perfectly refine the medicinal strength of the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill.

Then, as the other party increased his cultivation, his cultivation would rise as well.


He had suffered a loss.

“Wang Cai, can you put more Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills in the gift bag next time? Or medicinal pills like the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill that can increase one’s cultivation?”

“No, Master.
Everything is random.
I can pick and choose what goes in there.
This is my rule.”

“I’ll help you kill another hot shot.” “Master, you’re making things very difficult for me.”

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“Forget it, it’s useless to count on you.
If you really have the ability, you can directly promote me to a peak invincible big shot.”

Lu Xiaoran stopped thinking about the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill and began to cultivate by himself.

In the next few days, his basic schedule was to go out and participate in a competition to get a fixed ranking of 30.
Then, he would return to his room to cultivate.
This cycle repeated again and again.
Ten days later, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation increased again, reaching the eighth level of the Essence Realm.

It should be because his disciples had worked hard to cultivate again.

However, Lu Xiaoran did not have any arrogance and still remained calm.

In these ten days, the array formation meeting finally came to a perfect end.

As expected, it was naturally Xiao Bei who obtained the first place in the array formation competition.

Lu Xiaoran did not have any feelings about this.

It was mainly because he did not want to be famous.
Otherwise, even if Xiao Bei won a few rounds first, Lu Xiaoran’s total score would still be higher.

This was true strength.

After participating in the array formation competition, the only thing left was the award ceremony.
Lu Xiaoran was even less in the mood to watch this thing.
He continued to cultivate in the Heaven Demon Sect’s residence.

At the same time, this morning, a beautiful figure also welcomed the Black Tortoise True Sect.

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Her status seemed to be very noble.
No one dared to stop her from entering.

Everyone bowed.

Soon, she arrived at the hall of the Black Tortoise True Sect, and she was still not being stopped by anyone.

When she arrived at the hall, an extremely dignified figure also teleported out at the same time.

He had a square face and was eight feet tall.
He was dressed in a black robe with golden threads.
He looked extremely noble.

Seeing this person, his solemn face also relaxed a lot and he revealed a smile.

“Zimo, you’re finally back.”

Qin Zimo cupped her hands and said,

“Master, I’m useless.
I was ambushed by the survivors of the Demon Sect and was severely injured.
I’ve been healing and was unable to return to the sect in time.
Please forgive me, Master.”

“A few days ago, I sensed that the protective array formation I gave you had been detonated by you.
I already expected that you must have been attacked by the Demon Sect since you were unable to return to the sect in time.
However, I didn’t expect it to be so serious.”

“Actually, I almost couldn’t come back alive to see Master this time.
However, I was relatively lucky and encountered a kind fellow Dao friend who helped me.
Therefore, I was lucky to survive and recover from my injuries before returning to see Master.” “Oh? Which sect is he from? Do you know his name? My Black Tortoise Sect has to thank him for saving your life.”

Qin Zimo thought of that handsome face and her face could not help but burn slightly.

“Disciple… Disciple doesn’t know who he is.
He never said his name or his background.
In fact, after I detonated the defensive formation, I’ve been in a coma the entire time.
The moment I woke up, I knew that he had left.
Presumably, he saved me and never left me.
He took care of me until the spirit energy in my body circulated normally.”

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“I see.
Then if you have the chance to encounter him in the future, thank him again.
You’ve also returned just in time.
The array formation meeting has already ended and the award ceremony is about to begin.
Take a look at the name list.
In a while, go and hold the award ceremony with me.”


Qin Zimo answered and took the name list from her master’s hand.
She began to scan it gradually.
She had not been here for the past few days and did not know many people.
If she got the wrong person at the awards ceremony, it would be awkward.

Therefore, she had to look at the name list in advance.

The Black Tortoise Sect Master said with interest,

“The array formation this time is much more exciting than in the previous years.
An array formation genius has actually appeared.
His talent in array formations is extremely powerful, and his attainments are rather deep.
His array formation strength can almost be said to be not inferior to yours.
If he is given some more time to cultivate, he might even have a chance to catch up to my level.”


Qin Zimo raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise.

She knew her master’s array formation strength the best.
Since her master had given the other party such a high evaluation, he must have true talent.

She swept her gaze over Xiao Bei.

However, she only swept her gaze over it before flipping through it.

If he had not met Lu Xiaoran and did not see the Spirit Convergence Formation he had set up, Qin Zimo might have really taken a second look at him.

Unfortunately, Qin Zimo had already seen Lu Xiaoran’s array formation and would naturally not look at him again.

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As Qin Zimo flipped the page, she swept her gaze over and quickly remembered the names and appearances of these people.


When she flipped to page 32, her breathing instantly froze, and her heart gradually began to beat faster.

“It’s him! It’s really him!”

“Lu Xiaoran, Heaven Demon Sect.
So your name is Lu Xiaoran.
What a good name.
Your name is just as carefree and natural as you


Qin Zimo pursed her lips and smiled.
Then, she was somewhat puzzled.
“But how can you be ranked 32? With your strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get first place!”

In fact, Lu Xiaoran was originally supposed to be ranked 30th.
However, in the previous two rounds, Elder Tie had competed.
He had lost miserably in those two rounds, so on average, Lu Xiaoran’s total score fell to 32nd.

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