Chapter 51 Better To Run First

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Lu Xiaoran’s face darkened.
Indeed, he was right.
There was something wrong about this place.

In the next moment, many cultivators in black clothes with skull marks embroidered on their chests crawled out from all over the inn.

Extremely dense evil aura was emitted from their bodies.

It was formed from various negative factors such as foul aura and killing intent.
Unlike ordinary cultivators, people who possessed this evil aura were completely unrestrained in everything they did, including killing.

Ordinary cultivators would also kill people, including Lu Xiaoran and his disciple.
However, they could control themselves and only kill when they wanted to.
As for people who were infected with evil aura, killing was already not something they could control.

They would gradually lose their humanity and fall on the path to the evil path.
In the end, they would completely become machines that only knew how to kill and did not have their own thoughts.

However, even so, there were still many people who wanted to step into the evil path.

This was because the cultivation speed of the evil path was extremely fast, far exceeding the cultivation speed of the righteous path.
Moreover, the cultivation of the evil path was very simple.
By killing and absorbing other people’s cultivation… they could quickly increase their own.

Many people without talent and had no hope of cultivating martial arts were easily bewitched.

Previously, if Yun Lige had not met Lu Xiaoran, he would probably have also chosen to fall into this path.

The inn owner no longer hid his sinister and devilish appearance.

“Hahahaha… Dear guests, the Heaven Silkworm Blood Poison of our Ten Thousand Poisons Sect doesn’t taste bad, right?”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

“Ten Thousand Poisons Sect? One of the three major sects under the Demon Master of the Great Zhou? Didn’t you guys die 300 years


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The manager smiled coldly.

“Fool! Our holy Demon Sect has peerless divine might that will last for thousands of years.
How could it be destroyed? 300 years ago, your Great Zhou Empire suppressed our supreme Demon Master and imprisoned him in the Demon Suppression Tower.
Now, 300 years have passed and the Demon Suppression Tower is already on the verge of collapse.
Does the Black Tortoise True Sect think it can still gather the array masters of the Great Zhou Empire and refine the Demon Suppression Formation? It’s simply a fool’s dream.”

The Heaven Demon Sect Master spat as he healed.

“Pfft! Even if you guys attack the Heaven Demon Sect and the Heaven Sword Sect, it’s impossible for you to stop that demon from being sealed.
Other than our two sects, there are still hundreds and thousands of other sects in the Great Zhou.”

It would have been fine if he hadn’t said that.
However, as soon as he said this, the other party roared with laughter and became even more arrogant.

“Hahahaha… I’ll tell you the truth.
We’re not the only ones who attacked this time.
The ones we’re dealing with aren’t just your two sects either.
This time, our holy Demon Sect and the three great sects have attacked at the same time.
It’s already not bad if 20 to 30% of you can reach the Black Tortoise True Sect.”

Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard this.

If it was really as he said, the Black Tortoise True Sect would be in danger.
“Alright, the effects of the Heaven Silkworm Blood Poison should have been unleashed by now.
Your cultivation has been suppressed a lot.
We’ll send you on your way now.

With a command, the subordinates of the Ten Thousand Poisons Sect surrounded and attacked.

The expressions of the Heaven Demon Sect’s sect master and the others were solemn to the extreme, but they still knew the principle of capturing the leader before capturing the thief.
They rushed towards the inn owner.

At this moment, the Heaven Sword Sect’s sect master had also put down the grudge between the two sides and surrounded the other party with him.

After all, the two of them had been infected by the Heaven Silkworm Blood Poison and their strength had been injured for a while.
If they did not work together, they might really die here.

How violent was a battle between Shattering Void Realm experts?

The moment the two sides fought, the entire inn was directly shattered by the shock wave.

Then, the experts from both sides jumped up and fought in the air.
The battle was intense and intense.

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The First Elder threw a Dharma treasure to Lu Xiaoran and said, “Xiaoran, this is a Dharma treasure I’ve kept for many years.
The Saint Spirit Robe is a low-grade Heaven Realm defensive treasure.
The situation is urgent now, and everyone doesn’t have the time to protect you.
You have to be careful and not die.
If necessary, you can escape first.
We’ll find you later.”

“Thank you, First Elder.”

Then, the First Elder also joined the battle.

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and looked at the arrogant figure of the Demon Sect in the air.
He flicked his finger and shot out a hidden force.

“I’ll add some condiments for you.” This hidden force would speed up the consumption of spirit energy without the other party knowing.
In a few moves, the other party’s spirit energy would dry up.

It was simply impossible for them to defeat the sect master and the others.

After all, the sect master was very good to him.
He could not leave him in the lurch.

The small fries who had already fainted were not so lucky.
They were directly stabbed in the heart.

At this moment, only Lu Xiaoran and the three Spirit Realm elders of the Heaven Sword Sect were left in the ‘ruins’ of the inn.

At this moment, the Heaven Demon Sect was rather tragic.
This was because the sect master, the First Elder, Elder Wang, and Elder Tie, who were experts in array formations, were the only experts who came.
The others were all small fries below the Spirit Realm.

The Heaven Sword Sect had relatively few small fries, so they also had fewer sacrifices.

The three of them circulated the spirit energy in their bodies crazily.
As they cleansed the poison, they shouted to Lu Xiaoran,

“My friends from the Heaven Demon Sect, we’re all being ambushed by the Demon Sect and are in a critical situation.
Let’s put aside our differences and attack together to resist these Demon Sect evil cultivators first.
How about that?”

Lu Xiaoran did not answer.

The few of them could not help but be somewhat dumbfounded.
They had just seen Lu Xiaoran standing there.
Why was he silent?

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Could he have been killed?

Out of curiosity, the three of them turned around and swept their gaze over, but they were instantly petrified on the spot.

It turned out that Lu Xiaoran had long turned into a stream of light and quickly escaped.

Judging from the distance, Lu Xiaoran had probably already started to run before they could even speak.

“Damn you! How dare you say that our Heaven Sword Sect is shameless? I think your Heaven Demon Sect is the most shameless.”

Lu Xiaoran, who had already escaped far away, could not help but roll his eyes.

“Idiots, you’re the ones who didn’t run and now you’re blaming me.
If you’re not smart enough, then don’t come out to roam the martial arts world, alright? It’s better for you to run home and eat your last meal.”

Actually, with Lu Xiaoran’s strength, there was definitely no need for him to run.

However, he had announced to the public that he was only at the Spirit Realm.
If he exposed his cultivation in front of everyone, he would definitely be in big trouble.

Previously, he had only exposed 50% of his array formation engraving ability before being brought here by the sect master to participate in the Black Tortoise True Sect’s array formation meeting.
If he revealed his strength again, who knew how much more trouble he would have to face?

Therefore, he definitely had to run.

Moreover, in order to match his cultivation, Lu Xiaoran did not even use the Great Void Chaos Steps.
He only used the speed of an ordinary Spirit Realm expert to escape.

In any case, he had already used his hidden force to secretly consume the strength of the Demon Sect Elder.

Moreover, the sect master himself was at the Shattering Void Realm.
Even if he was suppressed by the poison, he could still unleash a cultivation at the tenth level of the Creation Realm.

There was also the Heaven Sword Sect’s sect master, the Heaven Demon Sect’s First Elder, Elder Wang, Elder Tie, and the other elders from the other sects.
There was not much of a problem.

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He did not need to worry about the safety of the sect master and the others at all.

As long as he escaped a little further and used the Great Void Chaos Steps to instantly teleport to a safe place, all the problems would be resolved.


However, at this moment, a sharp light suddenly shot from behind Lu Xiaoran.

This beam of light had an extraordinary aura, speed, and strength! Even a Spirit Realm expert would lose when caught off guard.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoran was already at the Essence Realm.
To him, this was like a child’s water gun.

Lu Xiaoran turned his body slightly and dodged the attack.


In the next second, a violent explosion sounded in front of him.

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes slightly and stopped.
Behind him, five figures with auras that were not inferior to the Spirit Realm rushed towards him under the night sky.

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