“That’s easy.
You can call me Grandpa in front of others, but I’ll call you Master in private.
It won’t be a hindrance at all.”

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“It’s better not to.
I only have nine disciples currently.
I can’t take in more.
The other Nameless Sect disciples are all second-generation disciples.
If you’re willing, you can take any one of them as your master, just like the Misty Sect’s sect master.”

“I’m your biological grandfather after all.
Isn’t there any special treatment for me? Can’t I become your direct disciple?”

“It’s precisely because you’re my biological grandfather that I’m not suitable to teach you.
I’ll feel uncomfortable.
Don’t blame me if I don’t teach you well.”

“Then forget it.
I’ll find one among your disciples.”

“Alright, go ahead.
I’m about to start cultivating.
Tell me if you need anything.”

Old Master Lu ran out and asked for information.

He did not have many acquaintances here, so he only found disciples he was somewhat familiar with.

“Old Master, you’ve asked the right person.”

Buttface lay at the entrance of the valley and picked its teeth as it said indifferently, “I don’t know everything about this Nameless Sect, but there aren’t many people who know more than me!”

“You might not believe me, but in fact, when our Nameless Sect came to the Divine World from the lower realm, I was the first to find Master.

“The others all have to be ranked behind me.

“That’s right.
Then which disciple of the Nameless Sect is most suitable for me to take in as a master?”

“If we’re talking about suitable disciples, the first to bear the brunt is our Nameless Sect’s chief senior brother, Eldest Senior Brother Yun.

“Eldest Senior Brother Yun is Master’s illegitimate son.

“What did you say? No way? Yun Lige is Xiaoran’s child?”

“Of course.
Why would I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, just casually ask a disciple from Nameless.
This is something everyone knows.
If I lie to you, my entire family will die in minutes.”

“Not really.
If I didn’t believe you, why would I ask you?”

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Old Master Lu smiled knowingly.
“I didn’t expect Xiaoran to have a secret son who’s all grown up.

“He is only in his thirties now.
Looking at Yun Lige, he seems to be an adult too.
Did this mean that Xiaoran had gotten the other party pregnant when he was in his teens?

“Tsk tsk, I originally thought that his father was already a playboy.
I didn’t expect him to have outdone his father!

“Back then, when his father married his mother, he was not young either.

“I’m getting sidetracked.
Let’s get down to business.
Chief Yun has the most resources in the entire sect.
We’ve estimated that Chief Yun’s resources are probably at a level that can’t be reached even if you multiply the resources of remaining disciples by several times.”

“Hiss ~! Is Xiaoran that biased?”

“Of course.
Everyone knows that Chief Disciple Yun is the sect master’s most beloved disciple.
He is like a delicate small pearl in sect master’s palm.

“However, Chief Yun is also the most filial among the many disciples.

“Although the other disciples are also extremely filial to the sect master and can risk their lives for him, Chief Disciple Yun is different.
Chief Disciple Yun dares to die for the sect master.

Hearing this, Old Master Lu nodded.
He already completely believed that Yun Lige was Lu Xiaoran’s biological son.

“However, Chief Yun also has the most disciples.
Therefore, if you take Chief Yun as your master, you might not get much resources.”

“That’s true.
What about the other disciples?”

“Second Senior Sister is also a good choice.
Her cultivation level is also not bad, but she’s a woman.
She usually takes in female disciples.
It’s very difficult for male disciples to enter.
Moreover, for someone like you… uh… Old Master, if your appearance is not very outstanding, even if she takes you in, she probably won’t teach you well.”

“Damn it! Don’t ugly people deserve to be treated properly? I’ll definitely get Xiaoran to teach her a good lesson later.”

“That’s fine.
I’ve long been displeased with her.
She looks noble and cold, as if everyone owes her a few hundred million.”

“As for Third Senior Brother, I don’t think you should take him as your master.
Third Senior Brother is a cultivation madman.
Basically, when he cultivates, he ignores everyone else.
He has once cultivated without eating or drinking for an entire year.
In the end, his disciples had no choice but to become disciples of other masters.
Now, he also doesn’t have a single disciple in the entire Nameless Sect except for Long Kuang.

“However, Long Kuang’s talent was not bad to begin with and he had even been recommended by the sect master.
His cultivation could be said to be the strongest among the second-generation disciples.
He is far from what ordinary people could easily compare to.

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“It’s not bad for you to pick Fourth Brother, Sixth Brother, and Seventh Brother since you’ve interacted with them before.
If you cultivate the Sword Dao, Fourth Master will definitely be more suitable.
If you cultivate the saber technique, Sixth Master will definitely be your best choice.

“As for Seventh Master, he is not bad and has more disciples.
He is also more protective.
However, the cultivation technique he cultivates, the Dragon God Art, mainly transforms people into demons.
Unlike other people’s cultivation techniques, it did not give much experience.

“Eighth Master’s tomb robbing skills are top-notch.
He digs graves all day.
If you like digging graves, you can also consider it.
I think his cultivation technique is more gloomy.

“Ninth Master had almost forgotten his proper cultivation technique.
He had been studying the Beast Control Divine Art all day and was probably about to figure out a way to turn humans into demon pets.
If you were not afraid that he would go crazy one day and take you in as his pet, you could also try taking him as your master.

“To put it simply, the best at the moment are one, four, and six.
After that are two, seven, and eight.
The worst are three, five, and nine.

“After talking for so long, why didn’t I hear you mention the fifth?”

“The fifth is a zombie! Moreover, Fifth Sister was previously imprisoned by the Buddhist Sect and delayed her cultivation opportunity.
Now, her cultivation is even inferior to some second-generation disciples.
Won’t your future be ruined if you go to her now?”

“From what you said, I think only Fourth Brother and Sixth Brother are more suitable.
However, I don’t like sabers or swords.
Don’t tell me Xiaoran doesn’t have any other disciples?”

“He also has an in-name disciple.
Her cultivation level is ranked tenth.
Her name is Ling Xinyue or something.
She’s probably also the sect master’s illegitimate daughter.
Many people have heard that she directly and openly calls the sect master father.
She’s even more arrogant than Chief Yun.”

Old Master Lu’s eyes lit up.

“That’s not bad! Since she’s Xiaoran’s biological daughter, she’s definitely not inferior to Chief Yun.
She will definitely obtain a lot of resources.”

“In addition, she’s a disciple Xiaoran just took in.
She shouldn’t have any disciples yet.
If I’m the first to go… wouldn’t I…”

Old Master Lu instantly had a direction.

He had already thought it through.
He would go and take Ling Xinyue as his master.
When the Sect Master of the Misty Sect came, he would let the other party find another master.

If Ling Xinyue only had one disciple, she could focus more on nurturing him.
All the resources would definitely be monopolized by him.

Old Master Lu seemed to have already seen himself rise as the strongest second-generation disciple of the Nameless Sect!

Becoming a God Emperor Realm expert and killing enemies at a higher level was not a dream!

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In the Misty Sect, the Sect Master of the Misty Sect called his disciple, Gong Wan’er, in front of him.

“Wan’er, I’m sorry.
It’s Master’s fault.
If Master had any ability, you wouldn’t have ended up being rejected.”

Gong Wan’er said with a calm expression, “It’s not Master’s fault.
I know that it’s because Lu Xiaoran is too powerful that he rejected my marriage.”

“Previously, I wondered why he kept rejecting me.
Was it really because he was ashamed and felt that he was not worthy of me? Now, I feel that I’ve always been the one thinking too much.
I’m really ridiculous.”

“Don’t say that.
You’re already very good.
It’s just that Lu Xiaoran is really too heaven-defying.
There’s nothing we can do.”

However, after being stimulated this time, I also want to work hard and prepare to go out to find an opportunity.

“What a coincidence.
I have the same thoughts.”

“That’s right.
As long as you and I work together and cultivate diligently, we will definitely be able to cultivate to the God Monarch Realm and not be bullied by others.”

The master and disciple bade farewell to each other.
Then, the Misty Sect Master immediately arrived at the foot of the mountain.

At the foot of the Misty Sect, a figure happened to be waiting.

“Li Shengshui, why are you so slow? It took you a long time to come down.”

Li Shengshui was the famous sect master of the Misty Sect.
In the past, the other party naturally did not dare to easily call him by his name.
However, now, he was no longer afraid.

“Old Master Lu, you have to let me handle some affairs!”

“It’s not like you’re dying.
What’s there to handle?”

“I have to tell my disciples and elders about the sect.
Is everything done?”

“It’s all done.
I’ve chosen three masters for you.
They’re all good masters.
There’s the Nameless Sect’s Third Master, Fifth Senior Sister, and Ninth Master.
They’re all famous figures.
I’ve already discussed it with them and they’re all willing to take in disciples.
Just say the word.”

Li Shengshui gave him a thumbs up.

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“As expected of Sect Master Lu’s biological grandfather, your words are indeed effective.
I, Li Shengshui, have cultivated for ten thousand years and have finally found an organization.
In the future, I can unleash my talent! Hahahaha!”

“Old Li, you said before that…”

Old Master Lu rubbed his thumb and index finger.
Li Shengshui immediately understood.

“I understand.
I’ve prepared everything for you.
It’s right here.”

He handed Old Master Lu another spatial ring that contained 500 million top-grade divine crystals.

However, just as he handed over the divine crystals and Old Master Lu was checking, an accident happened.

A voice suddenly sounded not far from the two of them.

“Master, what are you doing?”

Li Shengshui and Old Master Lu were stunned and turned around at the same time.

At some point, Gong Wan’er had actually stood behind the two of them.

Li Shengshui’s old face immediately turned red.

Damn, he had actually been discovered by his disciple.

He had just said that he wanted to travel the world and cultivate diligently.
In the end, he was caught red-handed by his precious disciple in the blink of an eye.
Now, his plan to go to the Nameless Sect had been exposed.

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