When the twelve God Emperor Realm experts surrounded Song Xinian, Song Xinian’s advantage would also disappear!

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If there was only one God Emperor Realm expert, Song Xinian could rely on the armor he was wearing to maximize his divine power and focus all his strength on output.

With the enhancement of his divine soul and the sharpness of his attack, it was not difficult for him to kill a God Emperor Realm expert.

Now, when the twelve God Emperor Realm experts all began to attack Song Xinian, Song Xinian had no choice but to abandon a portion of his attacks to defend.

Otherwise, no matter how powerful his attack was, it would still be meaningless if he was killed in a single move.

At this moment, Song Xinian’s attack power had already been halved.
He mainly used the saber beam in his hand to break through the other party’s attack.
The other half of his strength was all used to defend against the explosion after destroying the other party’s attack.

After sensing the threat of Song Xinian, the twelve God Emperor Realm experts were determined to completely kill Song Xinian and did not plan on giving him any chance of survival.

Both sides had expanded their strength to the maximum.

However, just as the battle reached its peak, an accident suddenly happened.

More than a thousand sword beams suddenly shot over from outside the ball of light.

The strength of these thousand sword beams was actually not inferior to the saber beam Song Xinian had slashed out at this moment!

Although it was not enough to kill a God Emperor Realm expert on the spot, no one was confident in easily enduring it.

Therefore, everyone had no choice but to give up their advantage and retreat to defend against these sword beams.

The sword beams collided with everyone’s attack and formed another small ball of light around the originally extremely huge and dazzling golden ball of light.
Every ball was more than a few hundred meters in diameter.

The people from the Misty Sect hid on the ground and watched this battle.
Their hearts pounded and they were extremely frightened.

Was this the strength of Lu Xiaoran’s disciple?

If there was only one of them, they could still understand.

However, all three of them were all so powerful.
That was too unbelievable.

When everyone saw this scene, their eyes almost turned red with envy!

This was only Lu Xiaoran’s disciple.
How powerful was Lu Xiaoran himself?

All of them knew that Lu Xiaoran was at most in his thirties!

The age of the Divine World was not the same as the age of the mortal world.
In the Divine World, compared to ordinary people, it was not an exaggeration to say that Lu Xiaoran was a cell.

However, such a brat had actually nurtured three disciples who could fight two Supreme God Realm experts and thirteen God Emperor Realm experts!

Everyone no longer dared to imagine how powerful Lu Xiaoran was.
He was a godlike existence to them, just like how they were godlike existences to the people of the mortal world.
At this moment, Lu Xiaoran was already powerful enough to be called an immortal in their hearts!

Lu Xiaoran had already risen to another level in their hearts.

The Sect Master of the Misty Sect quietly arrived in front of Old Master Lu.

“Old Master Lu, is the engagement between Wan’er and Xiaoran still valid? If Xiaoran is willing, everyone in our Misty Sect is willing to be his disciple.”

Old Master Lu’s face could not help but twitch fiercely.

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He himself was still trying to get Lu Xiaoran to take him in as a disciple.
He didn’t even know if Xiaoran would agree to this!

On the other hand, the other party wanted to get everyone in his sect to become Lu Xiaoran’s disciples just because of a marriage!

“Sect Master, how can we go back on our word? Our Xiaoran doesn’t want to get married anyway.
Let’s just forget about this.
Don’t mention it again.”

The Misty Sect Master’s face darkened.

“Old Master Lu, leave some room for discussion.
You can raise your conditions.
It’s not like you can’t raise conditions, right?”

“This is not a matter of conditions.
The problem is that my grandson wants to cultivate wholeheartedly and doesn’t want to get married at all.”

“Then it’s fine if we don’t get married.
See if you can recruit us into your Lu family and then let us become Xiaoran’s disciples.
We don’t want our Misty Sect anymore.
Can we just follow Xiaoran?”

Old Master Lu was immediately speechless.

This guy was a little crazy.
In order to take Xiaoran as his master, he actually said such a thing!

He didn’t even care about the entire Misty Sect.

However, when he thought that this was his grandson and that he was so powerful and charming, he was indescribably happy.

“Then… I’ll help you ask him.
I’ll say this first.
You also know that our Xiaoran is very powerful.
If the other party’s talent is ordinary, he might not even fancy him.”

Therefore, I can’t guarantee that he’ll accept it.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.
I know what to expect.”

Seeing that there was no one around, the Sect Master of the Misty Sect secretly stuffed a storage ring to Old Master Lu.

“Old Master, there are 200 million top-grade divine crystals here.
They’re resources I’ve accumulated for many years.
I also know that it might not be realistic for everyone in the entire Misty Sect to be taken in as disciples.
However, is it possible for me to go in and take Xiaoran, oh no, Young Master Lu, as my master?”

“You’re Young Master Lu’s biological grandfather.
You can definitely make sure I get in, right?!”

Old Master Lu’s eyelids twitched.

“Sect Master Li, are you trying to lure me into making a mistake? Even if Xiaoran is my biological grandson, I can’t do this, right?”

“As his biological grandfather, I can’t help outsiders scam him! How can I do such an inhumane thing?”

“After this matter is done, I still have 500 million top-grade divine crystals to offer.”

The corner of Old Master Lu’s mouth twitched fiercely before he coughed lightly.

“It’s not impossible.
After all, you, my son, and Xiaoran’s father have been good friends for many years.
I think even if Xiaoran doesn’t give me face, he still has to give his dead father some face, right?”

“Thank you, Old Master Lu.”

“No problem.
Leave it to me.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled before continuing to watch the battle in the sky.

Actually, the Sect Master of the Misty Sect’s actions were not exaggerated.

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Although he was the sect master of the Misty Sect, the actual level of the Misty Sect was also limited.

Even if he cultivated to the death in his life, it was impossible for him to advance any further.

His cultivation level would at most be at the Supreme God Realm.
Moreover, this would only be possible if there were enough opportunities and coincidences!

Otherwise, the God Emperor Realm might be his final limit!

Of course, he wanted to go beyond that.

As a cultivator, who did not have dreams of becoming an immortal?

If he could not become an immortal, what was the point of cultivating?

In the past, he did not dare to think about it because since ancient times, only the founder of the Misty Sect had cultivated to the God Monarch Realm.
However, that founder still wasn’t an immortal.

Now, after seeing Lu Xiaoran’s disciple, he felt that he had hope!

Therefore, no matter what, he had to think of a way to become Lu Xiaoran’s disciple!

Looking at the battle in the sky, the Sect Master of the Misty Sect’s eyes revealed a deep desire.

In the sky, Li Changsheng used the Taiyi Sword Dao to undo the suppression and encirclement of the twelve God Emperor Realm experts on Song Xinian.
In the next second, he slashed out a shocking dark green sword beam.

That was the might of an immortal technique, the Azure Lotus Sword Art!

The sword fell, and the sword beam was shockingly fast.
It tore apart the deep clouds in the sky and landed on a God Emperor Realm expert.

On the spot, the God Emperor Realm expert and the divine soul behind him were directly shattered mercilessly, turning into dust.

At the moment of his death, he did not even have the chance to scream.

His companion let out a furious roar for him.

“Bastard! I’m going to kill you!”

Unexpectedly, just as he finished speaking, a cold voice sounded in his ear.

“You’re not qualified to kill him!”

“Elder Wang, behind you!”

His companion warned in time, but in his haste, he was already too late to defend.

In the next moment, he saw a saber beam faster than lightning flash between his eyes.

Before the pain could spread, his entire consciousness fell into darkness in the next second.

In an instant, Song Xinian had killed two God Emperor Realm experts in a row.
Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s performance shocked everyone.

It was not only the Misty Sect, the Lu family, and the people from the Wind Fire Sect!

Song Xinian forced back the two God Emperor Realm experts who wanted to rush forward to take revenge.
He used the Great Void Chaos Steps and arrived behind another God Emperor Realm expert, slashing three times in a row.

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A powerful golden saber beam erupted at close range, not giving the other party any chance to escape.
It tore the other party apart alive!

The divine soul was cruelly separated by Song Xinian’s saber beam.
It was as if it was not the divine soul of a God Emperor Realm expert but a painting on a piece of paper that was so weak that it could not withstand a single blow!

On the other side, Li Changsheng also killed another God Emperor Realm expert.

“Fourth Senior Brother, your sword technique is still faster.”

“No, your saber technique is better!”

“Hehe… When we both reach the peak, why don’t we duel?”

“Alright! If you want to, I’ll naturally play along.”

Their words were filled with dense battle intent.

This was not hostility.
It was their desire to duel!

Since one was good with a saber and the other was good with a sword, this desire to have a duel originated from their bones and bloodline!

As for the group of God Emperor Realm experts, they were like a group of trash in their eyes.

The two of them did not care about them at all.
They were like two hunters sweeping through a group of prey.

To be precise, they were sweeping their gaze over a group of small rats.

Under the two of them’s attacks, the number of God Emperor Realm experts in the Wind Fire Sect decreased.
In the blink of an eye, a majority of the dozen or so God Emperor Realm experts were killed.
Now, there were only five of them left.

At this moment, one of the God Emperor Realm experts could no longer withstand this huge pressure.
He screamed and turned to run.

“Lunatics! These are all a group of lunatics!”

Unfortunately, he had only escaped less than 50 kilometers when Li Changsheng’s shocking sword beam directly crossed 50 kilometers and pierced through his body and soul, making him fall in despair.

“Did you ask me for permission to escape?”

The number one priority of the Nameless Sect was to be ruthless.
Once the battle began, they should not let a single enemy escape and kill them all.

Therefore, be it Li Changsheng or Song Xinian, they all marked everyone the moment the battle began.

Once any God Emperor Realm expert wanted to escape, they would react immediately and kill them to ensure that no one escaped.

His master had said that all unstable factors had to be killed in the cradle.

The remaining four God Emperor Realm experts were already in extreme despair.
They could not even escape.
What hope did they have?

Looking at the sky again, their despair doubled!

One of the two Supreme God Realm experts was already covered in injuries, and the divine soul behind him was about to fall apart.

The other Supreme God Realm expert was also panting from the beating, and his body was dyed golden by golden blood.

Even a Supreme God Realm expert was about to be defeated.
What else could they do?

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“I’ll fight you to the death!”

The severely injured Supreme God Realm expert roared and directly released his small world!

The small world of the Supreme God Realm was already filled with birds and flowers.
Many lives surged out.

This small world was very powerful!

At the very least, in the Divine World, countless people would look up to such a small world.

However, the moment the small world appeared, Jun Bujian directly summoned his small world!

His small world was an indestructible dragon island!

There were mountains and seas above, and countless dragons were circling.

Although it was not as big as a Supreme God Realm expert’s small world, its might was countless times stronger than a Supreme God Realm expert’s small world.

It directly collided with it.

With a violent explosion, a crisp cracking sound sounded.

The Supreme God Realm expert immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and was in extreme despair.

His small world was mercilessly shattered and then detonated, completely turning into nothingness.

The destruction of a small world was different from the destruction of a divine soul.
The destruction of a divine soul might only cripple one’s cultivation.

However, the destruction of the small world would destroy the other party forever!

His soul would completely dissipate, and he would not even have the chance to reincarnate.

Therefore, unless there was no other choice, no one was willing to use their small worlds.

The Supreme God Realm expert’s small world exploded.
Before the violent explosion could erupt, Jun Bujian swung his divine dragon tail and slapped the Wind Fire Sect’s sect master into the small world.

In the next moment, the sect master of the Wind Fire Sect was also swept away by the explosion.

In the sky, the spatial power was stirred mercilessly.

This time, Jun Bujian could be said to have killed two birds with one stone!

With the help of the Wind Fire Sect grand elder’s small world, he had destroyed two Supreme God Realm experts at once.

At this moment, several even more powerful auras suddenly shot over from the distant horizon.

Everyone’s expressions immediately changed drastically, and the four God Emperor Realm experts of the Wind Fire Sect were overjoyed.

“It’s the experts of the Heaven Saber Pavilion! Hahahaha… the experts of the Heaven Saber Pavilion have come to save us.
Now, we don’t have to die!”

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